Orange Bomb Shot

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Orange Bomb Shot

To make this recipe version, you will need the following The alcohol is orange vodka and the energy drink is Red Bull. It is also important to keep in mind that, even if you mix a drink in any ratio, if your shot equals more than an ounce, it likely will have trouble being shot. Try not to use more than 1 ounce of Orange Bomb #2! The Shooter Rule is what we call this.

Shot Strength

The strength of Orange Bomb Shot is 5 out of 10.



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Shot Nutrition

The estimated calories of Orange Bomb Shot is 120 per serving.

Preparation Time

The time it takes to create Orange Bomb Shot is 5 minutes.

Required Glass

  • Shot Glass

Shot Ingredients (ML/OZ)

  • 1 oz of Orange Vodka
  • 8 oz of can red bull energy drink

Steps to Make Orange Bomb Shot

  • In a beer cup, pour Red Bull.
  • Pour the orange vodka into a shot glass separately, then into the beer mug and gulp.

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