Shark Attack Jello Shots

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Shark Attack Jello Shots

What better way to find out if sharks bite than to enjoy some Shark Attack Jello Shots before you go out? There’s nothing funkier than drinking a cocktail that looks like ocean water with blood on top. Shark Week viewing parties will be a hit with this. You’ll enjoy making these tasty meals. They’re a great shark week treat, and they’re simple to make.

Shot Strength

The strength of Shark Attack Jello Shots is 4 out of 10.



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Shot Nutrition

The estimated calories of Shark Attack Jello Shots is 232 per serving.

Preparation Time

The time it takes to create Shark Attack Jello Shots is 60 minutes.

Required Bar Tools

  • Bar spoon

Required Glass

  • Plastic shot glasses

Shot Ingredients (ML/OZ)

  • One package of blue Jello
  • One cup of boiling water
  • One cup of light rum
  • Twelve gummy sharks
  • Food color (Red)

Steps to Make Shark Attack Jello Shots

  • Pour the blue Jello into boiling water, stir and allow to settle. Add rum and mix with a bar spoon.
  • Place the gummy sharks in the plastic shot glasses. Fill with the Jello mixture.
  • Place the glasses on a loaf pan and put in the refrigerator for twenty minutes.
  • Drop some red food coloring on top of each blend. Swirl gently using a toothpick. Then, refrigerate for another forty minutes.

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