Scooby Snack Jello Shot Recipe

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Scooby Snack Jello Shot Recipe

This tropical cocktail is made up of equal parts Malibu Coconut Rum, melon liqueur, banana liqueur, pineapple juice, and whipped cream, the flavors of coconut rum, bananas, and melon liqueurs, pineapple juice, and whipped In case you are wondering how to mix the whipped cream, simply put it into a shaker WITH the alcohol and shake vigorously. It has a milky taste because of the whipped cream. Added to this, you can also top your finished shots with extra whipped cream (as shown in the photo) if you’re feeling extra This component was not part of the Mexico party because it was not how we were served in Mexico, and we wanted to keep

Scooby snack Tips + Tricks

Alternatively, if you want to make this tropical shot recipe in bulk, you can use an empty gallon milk jug and add equal parts of all ingredients (including the whipped cream) to it, then shake it up thoroughly to mix everything Topping of extra whipped cream, if desired, can be put in shot glasses. The mixture should be kept in the refrigerator until and between uses. If you serve the whipped cream in bulk (and not immediately) it will separate from the rest of the ingredients. Just shake your jug/container and everything will mix again. Keep an eye on your drinking!

Cocktail strength (from 1 to 10 scale)

The strength of Scooby Snack Jello Shot Recipe is 6 out of 10.



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Nutrition (calories per serving)

The estimated calories of Scooby Snack Jello Shot Recipe is 115 per serving.

Preparation time (minutes)

The time it takes to create Scooby Snack Jello Shot Recipe is 6 minutes.

Tools needed

  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Strainer


  • Shot Glass

Ingredients (ML/OZ)

  • 1 part of Malibu Coconut Rum
  • 1 oz. of melon liqueur
  • 1 oz. banana liqueur
  • 1 oz. part pineapple juice
  • whipped cream for garnish

Steps to Make It

  • All ingredients should be placed into a cocktail shaker with ice and shaken thoroughly.
  • Strain the drink into a shot glass once it is mixed thoroughly. You can also add some whipped cream to make it more fun.
  • The whipped cream goes into the mix and is shaken together with the other ingredients.
  • Addition to topping the shot with whipped cream, you can also add a garnish of fresh fruit.
  • Take a drink and enjoy it.

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