Fruit Loop Shot Recipe

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Fruit Loop Shot Recipe

Right here you will find the best Fruit Loop #2 recipe along with every other drink you can imagine. We have exactly what you should know about Fruit Loop #2, how to make it, how to mix, and how to mix it. So whether you are a bartender, mixologist, or just having fun at home, blacktailnyc has you covered. Here is the version of the recipe using the following It’s created from amaretto almond liqueur, blue curacao liqueur, grenadine syrup, and A note to keep in mind is that, even if you mix drinks in any proportion, if your shot is bigger than an ounce, people tend to have trouble Make sure not to consume more than 1 ounce of Fruit Loop #2! Shooter rule, as we call it! There is an unwritten rule to it.

Cocktail strength (from 1 to 10 scale)

The strength of Fruit Loop Shot Recipe is 7 out of 10.



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Nutrition (calories per serving)

The estimated calories of Fruit Loop Shot Recipe is 125 per serving.

Preparation time (minutes)

The time it takes to create Fruit Loop Shot Recipe is 3 minutes.

Tools needed

  • Shaker


  • Shot Glass

Ingredients (ML/OZ)

  • 1/2oz. of amaretto almond liqueur
  • 1/2oz. of Blue Curacao liqueur
  • 1/2oz. of grenadine syrup
  • 1/2oz. of milk

Steps to Make It

  • Put all ingredients in a mixing tin with ice cubes, and shake well.
  • Fill a shot glass with the strained liquid.
  • Serve.

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