Cherry Coke Jello Shot Recipe

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Cherry Coke Jello Shot Recipe

These easy and fun treats are made with Jell-O. It is always fun and delicious to enjoy these colorful and delicious little treats. A variety of gelatin flavors and your favorite liquor are mixed together to create these popular shooters, sometimes referred to as “jelly” shots. There are a number of options for liquors, but it’s very likely to be vodka or rum.

As the gelatin and coke will balance out the flavors of the rum, you don’t need a fine rum for this recipe. Just a good-enough bottle from a budget-friendly bottle will do. An 8-ounce box of gelatin is the most commonly available commercial size, and this recipe makes 16 1-ounce shots from a box of 8-ounces.


  • It would be easier to make a tray of spiked gelatin, even though shots are easier since they have little cleanup difficulty.
  • If you would like to leave the portions in the dish for your guests to grab as they wish, simply divide the set gelatin into portions and place them on a serving tray or lay them out on it.
  • It’s best to provide miniature spoons so guests can ease the gelatin out of the glasses if you serve the shots in small glasses.

Shot Strength

The strength of Cherry Coke Jello Shot Recipe is 3 out of 10.



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Shot Nutrition

The estimated calories of Cherry Coke Jello Shot Recipe is 21 per serving.

Preparation Time

The time it takes to create Cherry Coke Jello Shot Recipe is 20 minutes.

Required Bar Tools

  • saucepan
  • bowl

Required Glass

  • plastic shot glass

Shot Ingredients (ML/OZ)

  • 4 oz rum
  • 8 oz cola
  • 6 oz cherry liqueur
  • 4 oz maraschino cherry juice
  • 1 pack gelatin (plain)
  • cherry (for garnish)

Steps to Make Cherry Coke Jello Shot Recipe

  • Combine the rum and cherry juice in a bowl for the maraschino layer.
  • Heat water in a saucepan then add the gelatin, stir until dissolved.
  • Place the gelatin into the cherry mixture, stir until combined. Let it sit for 2 minutes.
  • Combine cola and cherry liqueur in a bowl, set aside.
  • Microwave the cherry mixture for about 10 seconds then pour it in the cola mixture (this will cause the cola to foam).
  • Immediately pour the mixture into the shot glasses and put a cherry on top.
  • Chill for about 10-15 minutes then serve. Enjoy.

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