ZYLISS Paring Knife Review

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Versatility 4.9 
Easy to clean 4.9 
Durability 4.9 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Ergonomic 4.8 
Maneuverability 4.8 
  • Extremly sharp.
  • Handle's color easily chip-off.
  • Very short blade.

ZYLISS Paring Knife Product Description

A paring knife with this budget price comes with its own sheath, so it’s perfect for throwing into a bar drawer, keeping in your tackle box with stirrers, or taking it with you. Despite being a worthy knife for its price level, it’s inexpensive enough that if you lose it, you can simply replace it without having to spend quite a bit.

  • This knife is perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables and for slicing them and peeling them.
  • The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel that keeps an edge that is razor sharp for longer periods of time.
  • Using an ergonomic grip with a soft touch rubber finish can significantly reduce hand fatigue, provide precision and allow for better.
  • A knife safety guard protects it so it can be transported and stored safely.
  • Zyliss guarantees its products for 5 years and is dishwasher safe - hand wash is recommended.

Questions & Answers

The length of the jar is about 3".
A perfect edge is maintained with this product. Even if you don't sharpen your knives every now and then, all knives eventually need to be sharpened. If you don't, I am the person who keeps a fine razor edge on her knives. If you use a dull knife, you are more likely to cut yourself than if you use a sharp knife. Be sure to keep a nice edge and lightly press. In comparison to my more expensive sets, I love these knives more.
It's probably 3 inches but I don't know the exact measurement. I cannot have very large hands, but I can have a good hold on it if I am 5 to 4 inches tall.
"Yes" is the answer I would give. A heavy plastic sheath surrounds the gun.

Selected User Reviews For ZYLISS Paring Knife

I like this knife because no matter how cheap it is, it's great (5/5)

As I have an expensive knife set at home, I wanted a cover for one of them to take on vacation. I made sure that I have a Pure Komachi chef's knife, a paring knife, and a smaller cutting board for traveling and staying at rental properties. Every time we go on a picnic, my wife always has our paring knife with her for making lunch for the kids. It is much easier to hold this Zyliss since it has a much better handle. There is a difference between the Komachi, which is slippery plastic, and this, which is In the afternoons, when I'm out with the kids, or to peel and slice fruit for lunch at work, I use it mostly.

Griffin Parker - 23/02/2021
The Italian Cooking Association has approved this cookbook (5/5)

Although I bought this knife to use as a camping utility knife, because I am an avid backpacker and camper, it quickly became part of In the end, it became my favorite I'd like to, for a variety of I sharpened it when I got it (it had an impressive edge when I got it). Buying a knife is never a good time to get one that is sharp. stood up against my Italian mother's cooking, picking up a few cucumbers for pickles, and the side pocket of my pack when it rained. My dishwasher has never rusted, and I have never had a problem with rust. This small knife is a bit heavy for how small it is, but the handle retains its grip even when wet, and the blade feels well balanced. In relation to the cost, I was pleasantly surprised. I will certainly buy from this retailer.

Olivia Hurley - 16/04/2021
Are you looking for an easy way to cut items? This is a good buy (5/5)

The book will be a hit with you. It is awesome that this knife exists. It is affectionately known as my Ginsu by my husband. It was necessary for me to have a good knife for cutting My Calphalon knife set is nice, but I was unable to chop through the steak I got easily with the steak knives. A cheap picnic set of paring knives was cheap, but the handles were too short for me. So, I found this one, but I only bought one. This means it gets passed around my family at My next step is to find more information. Each of us is entitled to one. A paring knife that is better than any other Thanks for your kind words!.

Alicia Burnett - 04/05/2021
I got three of these for Christmas from one of our children a couple of years ago (5/5)

They are nice and sharp. The three we bought recently are well liked to the point that I purchased Sharp and holding their edge well, these knives appear to be well made. These dishes have durable plastic handles, so they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. I was unsure of how well the plastic candles would hold up when I saw they came with them. In fact, they have held up well. *br>*br>I certainly never would have thought about the blade cover being a worthwhile purchase. The only time my wife takes one is when she expects to be helping in the kitchen when she is visiting one of our adult children. As long as she wraps the blade cover around it, she can throw it in a bag with whatever else she is taking with her without worrying about it sticking through anything. The knife she uses to prepare meals is always a favorite of hers.

Cesar Bautista - 18/03/2021
A good level of sharpness and ease of sharpening (5/5)

In my first experience with Zyliss, there was a cheap package of one diamond paring and one diamond My Wusthoffs and Katsuri knives got blunt a lot, so I started taking them seriously once I became tired of having to sharpen them frequently. These two are most often used for cutting chicken, which causes them to lose sharpness. Knives seem to suffer more damage when eating chicken, at least when I'm cooking it. got the Zyliss paring knife and found that it held the factory edge much longer than my other knives. The system was also simple to reinstall I sharpened it with my 1000/6000 low-speed file This stone is wet at the end. The reason I got two more Zyliss inexpensive paring knives is that I had a hard time using my serrated one (though I do still occasionally use it). I have found that the initial edge lasts a good while and apparently, Zyliss uses a type of carbon steel that makes it work Besides being inexpensive, it's also convenient. In the absence of There has not been any use of Zyliss knives since that time. For me, this was a great find. Keep in mind I think so! After washing your knives, do not put them in the dishwasher, and make sure the knives are dry, while I must admit, I almost never dry these Zyliss knives. When I do dry them, I often simply give a good shake. As far as I'm concerned, there hasn't been any staining.

Whitney Owen - 02/07/2021
The sheath may cause a severe cut if it is poorly designed (3/5)

My lunch bag would not be complete without a utility knife like this one. There is no question that this knife is extremely sharp, the blade is smooth, and it is packaged My problem is that the handle is narrow, as if it were designed for people with small hands. The sheath is poorly constructed as well. You might get cut if you slide your pinky into an opening in the sheath when you're putting it away. The blade is sharp, so be careful not to damage it. Despite its shortcomings, I would have given it 4 stars if it had a more carefully made sheath. Three stars are all I can give because of the great danger every time you put it away. If you want a knife with smaller sheath openings, look for another one.

Allison Peterson - 05/07/2021
I use this small knife all over the place for things like cutting up food and cutting up cardboard boxes (5/5)

It's very handy. It's a work horse for its size. Their edges are kept in good condition, and they can be sharpened easily if needed. Sheaths are great for keeping knives safe and you don't have to dig through drawers looking for knives. I keep one in my purse for those times when I am in need of a knife, much more secure and easier to use than a standard.

Mckenna Compton - 15/02/2021
Fits comfortably and is easy to operate! The pairing knife I use at work for fruit has been lost (4/5)

I tried to replace it with another one, but it was so uncomfortable to use. This one looked like it had a bigger handle, so I thought I'd give it a go. I had trouble ordering one, but I somehow ordered two and it turned out to be wonderful! With this new machine, I now have a machine to use at home as well as at The dish is the one I turn to when I'm at home To use a knife for cutting small fruits The apple is one of the fruits). With the cover and quite decent cutting abilities, it fits nicely in my hand. I am extremely happy with it. There is no reason to complain to me. For the price it is a great knife. Now I just have to see how long it will last.

Braelynn Monroe - 10/06/2021