ZYLISS 2-in-1 Zester Review

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Robustez 4.8 
Fácil de sostener 4.3 
Fácil de limpiar 4.1 
Fácil de usar 3.7 
  • It's small-sized and easy to carry.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Durably made.
  • Produces consistent zest.
  • It's not versatile.

ZYLISS 2-in-1 Zester Product Description

The next product is the Zyliss easy grip citrus zester to see how it works. As opposed to the traditional grating plane, the citrus zester has a stainless steel blade with five holes for zesting. Founded in Switzerland over 60 years ago, Zyliss is known for creating high-quality kitchen tools. Zesters are no exception to this rule, either. In addition to its durability and design, it is also very clean and is designed and manufactured with safety in mind. You can take this zester with you anywhere you go because it’s so handy.

The backpack can even be thrown into your picnic basket or put in your backpack. Moreover, the dishwashing machine or hand brush can be used to clean it. Zester has a comfortable handle designed to absorb pressure from your hands so you don’t have to touch the rind. By this means, the bitter pith would be left behind while you would be left with a flavorful zest. In addition to the channel knife, the Zyliss zester features a built-in citrus peeler as well. You can use either to peel citrus or for garnishing food products. The most important feature of this kitchen tool is that it is guaranteed for five years. Should anything go wrong or be defective, simply inform the company, and they will replace it automatically.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Peels citrus pieces, such as lemons, limes and oranges.
  • Citrus peels are made easy with this blade's five teeth made of stainless steel.
  • With the built-in channel cutter, you can create garnishes for drinks and desserts.
  • Pressure is evenly distributed on the handle thanks to a comfortable design.
  • This product comes with a 5-year warranty that is dishwasher safe.

Selected User Reviews For ZYLISS 2-in-1 Zester

Makes a good cocktail garnish when used on a tip

In my search for a good "channel knife" that can produce festive garnish strips for cocktails, I have come across several options. Although I tried other zesters, the knife always didn't work The items have been returned to me. With good results, I have used the ZYLISS (the new model) on an orange (hard peel), a lemon (medium peel), and a lime (thick peel). In any case, I can only hope it will keep its sharpness for a long time. *BR>*BR>I was really hoping for a channel knife that I could pull Others I've used have the cutter on the side, but I haven't been happy with them. Even after trying various methods, it is a challenge to cut through the skin of citrus and, in my experience, a side channel knife is more difficult to handle. With this ZYLISS design featuring the large, comfortable handle (and the hole for hanging it up), I have greater control to cut a nice long, thin, uniform garnish that is wonderful to use on the glass rim as well as inside a It looks as though the zester will work for me, if (And thanks too to the people who answered all my questions before I purchased the book. That was right on the money.

Jose Hood - 02/03/2021
It is unusable

As this is a brand name product, I was very hopeful. Imagine my disappointment when upon opening the package I found that the product could not be used at all. It has five little holes on top, which I think are for zesting, but they are totally useless because they are not sharp. It was impossible to control the channel cutter because it cut too deep. The microplane will be returned, and I will continue to use it.

Ben Vaughan - 28/05/2021
That was dumb! There is no zest in this zester, but I won't return it since I have a channel knife that works, and a microplane as well

The tool drawer would otherwise take up a lot of space. As happened when I replaced my peeler, I thought replacing my lost zester would produce a sharp product. Not at all. A good product used to be made by this company. This is not a product I recommend.

Judah NORTH - 05/01/2021
This is junk

A butterfat so dull that not even zest will zest it. As with other items from this brand I've tried, I was expecting that this would be good as well. But unfortunately, I got an absolute dud. I want my money back and want it back now. I tried a stick of butter when the zester wouldn't chew on the lemons and limes I was trying to zester. No way. I won't even bother with It could be sharper if you gave me butter knives with sharper spines off your hands. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY, DO NOT WASTE IT.

Mohamed Tran - 25/07/2021
This works as a zester, but not In addition to the other reviews that note this product is not the best zester, mine also agrees

It's always been a pleasure to own many of these devices and cut nice strings of rind with each one -as shown in the pictures of the item As I learned on my first try, this one is very easy to use. I couldn't get half a teaspoon of zest from a lemon in ten minutes. There is nothing new about this. It is as effective as using a butter knife. I am not sure how you can put a product like this on the market that hasn't been It is a real disappointment.

Emir Guerrero - 20/04/2021
I find this product very useful for making lemon and lime twists for martinis

My previous one came from Amazon, and it wasn't what I ordered. This one made an amazing lemon twist right out of the box while it couldn't even begin to make one. This book is highly I like lemon twists, but I've only used it for that. A high-quality product.

Alec PARKES - 24/01/2021
Easily set up your zesting account Although I already owned an OXO zester, I never used it since the blade was dull as soon as it was purchased, making zesting citrus fruit almost We eventually decided to find a better alternative and chose the Zyliss model, as it seemed to have the best reviews in general

It's hard to believe how great the Zyliss Easy Grip Zester is! As a result, the knife is sharp on both ends, making it easy to zest or peel garnishments. I am not particularly fond of this design because it does not lie flat on flat surfaces If you roll it off your counter, it will fall right off. If the side of the tablet could be flattened, it would solve this problem, however it would be Very pleased with this purchase since it has been so well received.

Elise Conner - 16/06/2021
I can't think of a better way to describe it

It has been a great help to me several times. I like that it fits well into my hand and palm. I also like how sharp it is and how well it works. A minor bit of damage was present on the handle (thus the 4), but I did not return it as it was a minor defect and it works fine as is. This is one to keep.

Dahlia Hickman - 11/01/2021