ZOEMO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser Review

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Sabor 4.2 
Calidad del material 4.2 
Fácil de limpiar 4.1 
Fácil de usar 4.0 
Excelente inversión 3.8 
Robustez 3.7 
  • Affordable.
  • With piping tips included.
  • Small capacity.

ZOEMO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser Product Description

Smaller than larger models, but still made to create adequate amounts of whipped cream, this half-pint whipper requires less storage space than larger models. With this, you can decorate cocktails in different ways. Made from aluminum, it includes three decorating tips. Aluminum is lightweight and since this is a half-pint dispenser, it’s easier to handle than a heavier whipper. The item should be washed with warm, soapy water by hand.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Everyday Cream Dispenser - Whether you're making dessert for a special occasion or the perfect coffee drink, the ZOEMO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser will simplify your prep in the kitchen. There are 3 different decoration tips to help you create the perfect work of art.
  • We start with the top-quality material for long-term durability and safe construction. Unlike some of our competitors, our whisk has both a head and body made of very durable aluminum, making it more safe for work and easier to use.
  • Care and Cleaning Are Easy - Carrying out regular maintenance on your whipped cream dispenser is extremely easy. The ideal way to clean the head, body and decorating tips is with lukewarm water.
  • Our dispenser is the ideal gift for everyone - either you're a professional chef or a baker or even if you want to make something at home. Two reasons why it makes the perfect gift for the chef or baker in your life are how easy to use it is and how sturdy it is.
  • The best product to offer 100% satisfaction to our customers - At ACS we know that we are a company that values its customers. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about our product, so don't hesitate to connect with our friendly customer service team.

Questions & Answers

Thanks for reaching out, the 8g cartridges can be purchased in the market right now. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.
I am a metal worker. You have to consider that they've recently been using nitrogen canisters that stick in a few cases due to the cold, but after the freezing is gone it's easy to remove.
In case you have any doubts about the authenticity of the product, please send us a picture of the product, along with a picture of its packaging, through the order contact box, and we will confirm it.

Selected User Reviews For ZOEMO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

I enjoyed working with this I replaced a damaged item without a hassle (5/5)

Now that I've used the product twice, I'd like to recommend it to others. There was a problem with the first one, however, since it leaked from During the writing of this review, I triple-checked my facts. There's a gasket, a charger holder, where you attach the decorating nozzle without pushing it to the bottom, and it's intentionally designed with a precise hole where the charger attaches. The photo shows this (see below). Ten times of trying did not result in success until it finally did. tell you that it worked 10% of the time. Just look at the punctures. It is incredible that the pressure cannot be maintained As a result of the return process, the company was very friendly and shipped me another free of charge because they believed in the craftsmanship and quality of the item. As you can see, it works exactly as it should. The company knows how to deal with their customers, so don't be discouraged even though this is definitely the cheapest one around. I am quite aware of the chargers I used because I use this product quite frequently. It is obvious that I did not purchase the same brand this time. If you notice, there are all green ones to the side in my picture.

Damien STOREY - 03/06/2021
This is a great product (5/5)

Not a single cartridge was wasted. I am satisfied with the quality of the threads. The other printer I tried loss so many cartridges that I was about to give up and bought this one instead. This is a fantastic article. I never lost a cartridge, and I probably won't need to buy another one in the future.

Julissa CHARLTON - 05/07/2021
The following items are a must have The idea of whipped cream is appealing to me (5/5)

Dessert like cookies, cupcakes, pies, ice cream, and more are made with it. When I was a child, I bought canned food at However, I thought this would be a healthier and more economical option. In addition, the food tastes much I really like the way it works. If you are planning to use the bottle, make sure you put it in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours beforehand. Once you have followed the instructions, you are free to have the whipped cream of your choice.

Marisol Lowery - 20/02/2021
The dispenser is worth buying, it is of good quality (5/5)

My excitement at being able to use this whipped cream dispenser knows no bounds! I've seen people using this type of dispenser in the store that sells desserts it looks convenient and amazing. As a result, I searched online to find And this one is great, too. I love it so much that it comes with 3 different nozzles that are so useful, I can design different desserts or have different toppings. It is also super convenient and fast. I just need to turn on n2o gas, shake, and my whipped cream is ready. I would save a lot of time this way.

Julie Byers - 21/03/2021
The purchase was a good buy for me (5/5)

One of the other whip cream whippers I've owned did not feel as solid as this Zoemo whipper does. I was disappointed by the previous whipper, which was extremely expensive and could not hold enough pressure to keep my whipped cream intact. The Zoemo whipper has exceeded my expectations because it remains pressurized much longer and the cream gets out very easily. This purchase has been a great experience for me.

Mitchell PARKIN - 05/02/2021
It is great to have a This is something I would buy again, but I won't need another one for a long time (5/5)

This is why I waited to write this There is a lot of room for 250 ml. If the cream is left sitting too long, it will get stale. The one cartridge is large and holds a lot of gas, but the unit seals perfectly, so we have to discharge the rest of the N2O before cleaning. br>The gasket is removable, so we wash ours in the dishwasher about twice every There is no better price on Amazon for this product. *br>*br>I could not possibly ask for a better one.

Austin Dominguez - 15/03/2021
You're looking at the real deal! I love the whipped cream (5/5)

You get what you pay for!.

Misael Shea - 04/07/2021
This is a solid Whipped cream dispensers like this are very nice (5/5)

The entire device is metal, with the exception of the plastic backup charger holder. The metal body feels very sturdy. The tool is easy to use, though I always get a little nervous while using it. Once I am more familiar with it, it will be easier to use. My family and I watched the TV series "Chopped" every week and I've always thought the whipped cream dispensers were neat.

Kehlani Crosby - 04/03/2021