Zeppoli Classic Dish/Kitchen Towels  Review

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Fácil mantenimiento 4.5 
Durabilidad 4.3 
Absorbencia 4.3 
Fácil de limpiar 4.3 
Ideal para regalar 4.1 
Libre de arrugas 4.0 
  • Easy to wash.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Cannot absorb moisture well.

Zeppoli Classic Dish/Kitchen Towels  Product Description

You can store a lot of towels in your drawer since the towels dry quickly and since they are on the thinner side, it’s easy to store them. Unlike colored towels, the white towel has a distinct color that makes it easy to tell if it is already dirty.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Durable and strong material The 100% natural cotton kitchen towels are built to last for a long time thanks to their strong and durable fibers that will not scratch your thin silverware, plates, pans or pots. We have put Zeppoli's classic tea towel sets through an endless amount of testing, and there are no cleaning challenges that they cannot handle.
  • Herringbone weave gives these kitchen towels maximum absorbency and minimal bacteria build-up. These towels are lightweight and absorbent with a quick drying time to minimize the risk of mold growth. Zeppoli's classic kitchen towels are lint-free, unlike other kitchen towels on the market. They absorb liquids quickly and efficiently, so they are perfect for any task.
  • The 15-pack is the best choice when it comes to having plenty of towels at your disposal to cook and clean in restaurants, kitchens, dinner tables, or just about anywhere in the house that a spill may occur. These towels come in a convenient size of 14 x 25 inches, and their white colored fabric makes them ideal for anyone who enjoys cleaning. The Zeppoli Classic Dishcloths come packaged in a plastic bag.
  • No fumbling with this garment - machine washable and tumble dryable. These garments are made from lint-free material and are resistant to shrinkage. Paper towels are expensive to buy and thrown away, but these towels can be reused endlessly.
  • Get the most for your money We believe you will love our kitchen towels just as much as we do. There are no better dish towels available for such a low price.

Selected User Reviews For Zeppoli Classic Dish/Kitchen Towels 

Believe me, I'm a devoted follower! I am in love with These are so much nicer to use and take up very little space compared to the old Terry cloth version

I just loaded them all up and donated them. Among a number of things, I noticed they don't string after washing and don't shrink much as well. I did not experience any funny puckering after washing, which was a nice surprise. To be honest, I would have cursed. *br>*br>Even though I was not very careful with how the stain got there. In light of the fact that these are simply dishcloths, they should serve their intended purposes. My skin does not appear discolored in any significant way. Although they do stain with active use, most of the stain washes cleanly out and the bit that remains is just a sign that the kitchen has been well used and is happy. My friend recommended these to me, and I am glad that she did. Terry is not someone I would want to associate myself with again. Thank you for your help. If I was of any help, please click below. I appreciate your time and wish you the best! They are fun to read.

Avah Cardenas - 01/07/2021
You won't believe the towels are so great

Reduce the amount of paper used. I bought these paper towel back up for my cloth kitchen towels because the cloth ones are almost impossible to get your hands on right now. Since I'm lazy and don't do laundry as often as I should, I usually have a lot of dirty kitchen towels and not enough clean ones, forcing us to use paper towels too much. Additionally, I am not native to Earth If you are a mom hippie or anything, cutting down on paper usage is always a good thing. My only complaint is that I haven't gotten any complaints from These are just for drying my dishes and hands. I am not trying to embroider or transform them in any way. It seemed like they were fine in terms of absorbency, and although I have only given them a quick wash and dry (lazy), they have held up just fine. I would definitely buy again.

Emmy Stephenson - 03/01/2021
It's amazing how absorbent it is for the price

Do you believe these to be the most absorbent, durable, high quality kitchen towels in the world? Not at all. Are they able to accomplish their mission for such an unbelieveably low price? You bet. I frequently use these to clean my countertops, dry dishes, cover my dough, etc. , sometimes using as many as 3 pieces at the same time The number of days in a day is 4. I just can't say enough good things about them mainly because of THEIR VALUE. They are quite absorbent (so that they catch a half cup of water spill) and they are the perfect size. *Unless you have a very specific concern or intend to use these specifically for something that might require more absorbency, these should be fine for most general kitchen toweling needs.

Anders Ritter - 29/01/2021
It's the real deal It has excellent absorption properties and is lint-free

Because the Amazon Marketplace is so huge, it can sometimes be difficult to locate things you're looking for unless you know the name of them or find them on accident. The towels were in a store selling other kitchen necessities when I came across them. My own kitchen tends to use a lot of paper towels because I spend a lot of time in there. I've got a lot to say. A great alternative to paper towels for wiping counters, drying pots and pans, and wiping dishes - These lint-free kitchen towels have excellent absorbency and are economical too For use as a trivet or as a quick cover. The system I used in my early career in restaurants used exactly the same approach. If you want to get the most out of the towels' absorbency, I suggest you wash them before using them.

Aila Berry - 06/06/2021
A great price for a towel of great quality

These towels are durable, have a good tight weave, and stand up to frequent This is one of my favorite products! As a result, I use them to cover my Kombucha jars (rubber band them over the tops), which allows the brew to "breathe" and prevents fruit flies from getting into it.

Azalea Simpson - 14/05/2021
I recommend you don't buy these! The towels I received are a complete disappointment

First, I counted the rags as I was placing them into the washing machine, and there were only 14 left. According to the product page, the product is In order to make sure I hadn't missed any, I recited the list again. Not at all. The rags used in the study comprise 14. I washed them anyway, and I was like eh. It didn't seem like they did a good job of washing up. A child in a foreign country obviously sewed them. Several of the shirts are poorly constructed, the fabric pilled up after just one wash, and the fabric isn't bright white. Some are sewn crooked and some of them have blue stripes that aren't straight. The rag bag holds these so that we can clean the bathroom with them. This is terrible. Stay away from it.

Malakai Bradshaw - 30/01/2021
This is a lint-free material, but it is not It is surprising how absorbent these are according to the reviews

The reason I purchased these towels was they were lint-free AND absorbent, and so I thought they'd make for a great multi-use product The kitchen towel serves a variety of purposes. It is not possible to absorb anything with these towels. There are actually beads of liquid at the surface of the liquid. Fabric softeners are not used with whites when I wash them. I use bleach and normal detergent instead. However, despite using bleach, I have never been able to get these towels clean. These towels do not absorb much moisture. I am not sure what is wrong with them. For cleaning and drying your hands, get fluffier terry cloth towels or something similar. We keep them around due to their ability to cover things, lay things out to dry, etc.

Maxwell Espinoza - 18/06/2021
The classic look of these towels and how well they are made is so impressive

What I love about these towels is how classic they look and how well they work. are initially starchy because they are new, but after using them once they become For the quality you get, these are an excellent buy. The amount of work I'm doing has increased.

Aaron PEACOCK - 15/02/2021