Zelite Infinity Paring Knife Review

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Durability 4.8 
Versatility 4.8 
Giftable 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Maneuverability 4.8 
Value for money 4.7 
  • Fine cut stainless steel built.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Very expensive.

Zelite Infinity Paring Knife Product Description

This knife has plain edge blade that’s perfect for peeling, skinning, or cutting, as well as small or intricate tasks (such as de-veining shrimp or removing seeds from tomatoes).

  • This Premier Paring - Small Utility Knife is a great gift for any cook. It is razor sharp, visually stunning, minimal slicing resistance, satisfying thickness, and an ideal gift for any home or professional chef. Specifically designed for peeling and small or intricate work (like de-veining a shrimp, removing the seeds from a jalape*o, skinning or cutting small garnishes), this 4-inch knife with a plain edge is ideal. A chef's knife in a hand-held size, it is a multipurpose knife that can be used for many tasks.
  • With high carbon stainless steel from ThyssenKrupp, lasting performance is assured. Additionally, the steel is nonstick, rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant and stain-resistant, so low maintenance is possible. A 56 Rockwell Hardness means that the Paring Utility Blade is extremely durable, hard, and maintains its edge accurately. Top rated cutlery with straight spines, fine edges, and spear points! With this superior strength food grade short multifunctional cook's tool you can shape, chop, pair, garnish, so any task you need to handle can be accomplished.
  • With the Chefs Pro Classic, which features the following features Full Tang, Ergonomic, Forged Rounded Black Handle, Rare Tapered Bolster Ideal for use with the preferred pinch grip cutting method, Perfect Balance Offering Robustness and Total Control, 4 inch Non Stick Blade. The two things you have been waiting for - performance and comfort! It's no longer a chore to prepare! The world's first High-Carbon Razor-Sharp, Full-Tang German Steel Blades of 4" length - the best knives for cooking.
  • This Perfect Cook's Slicer - Skinner Knife has an extended blade edge that has a 15-18 degree/side cutting angle for Maximum Sharpness and Edge Retention with Maximum Sharpness. The knife comes in an Ultra Premium Packaging Box's making it Perfect for Gift Giving.
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee or we will refund your money! Zelite Infinity offers lifetime warranty (only if sold by them). You can buy the Zelite Infinity Knives with total confidence today! The perfect gift for any occasion (Christmas, weddings, birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day), for home chefs, chefs, culinary students, gourmet cooks from around the world, and more!

Questions & Answers

I believe the blade can easily be sharpened and it sharpens well. ThyssenKrupp X50 Cr MoV 15 has a 56HRC Rockwell Hardness after heat treatment and is made of ThyssenKrupp X50 Cr MoV 15. A little over 8 hours worth of use) so the blade stays We use ceramic honing rods (10 inches or longer) with fine grit to get the best results.
Thank you for contacting me, Kevin M. The Comfort-Pro Carving knife weighs approximately 11 pounds A quarter of an ounce (312 grams). This may be of use to you.
X50 Cr MoV 15 German made Stainless Steel (the same steel as Wusthof and Zwilling Henckels) is used in this blade, the blade is pressed and the material is X50 Cr MoV 15. We are able to add a very sharp edge because of its very high Rockwell Hardness of HRC56. Furthermore, because of its hardness, the edge retains very well* I hope this helps*.
There is a chef knife in our Comfort-Pro series that measures 8". See the link below for more information Here's the link Go to http//www. The Amazon website. Website Zelite-Infinity-com Chef de cuisine Comfort Knife.

Selected User Reviews For Zelite Infinity Paring Knife

I love it! Knives like these are my favorite! The first thing I want to mention is that I am Reviews are so important to me before I make a purchase (5/5)

My comparisons are based on my experiences. When it comes to shopping, I look for value and I look for My passion for cooking and food is what makes me Since I am not a chef, I cannot offer cooking advice. The kitchen in my house has rubber takeout containers. I also have French handcrafted buy things I love and that will last. Two years ago when I got married, my husband bought a set of affordable knives in a block for me. Initially, I was indifferent about their cutting, but over time I grew to hate The kitchen is heaven to me, but I'm not having as much fun as I should be because I have bad knives. As I have 2 kitties at home, I have chosen to make homemade food for them, which involves chopping a lot of meat A bone is a body part. Because of my crappy knives, I must spend a lot of time cleaning. did my research on Amazon (because I love Amazon) and learned there are fantastic reviews for Zelite. I ordered the cleaver, the chef's knife and 2 5 mm blades. For steak night, there is a serrated 5-inch blade. My crynomore gloves will come in handy when I chop the meat for the kittens - Due to their reputation as being a very SHARP knife, I figured I would check. Yes, I strongly agree with you. Moreover, the reviews state that they come in a box that can be used to store them if you aren't going to use them all the time. In one article I read that you can hang knives with a magnet. We have a backsplash and rent, so I went to Target today to buy one. It has to be installed with screws, and we have a backsplash at home. The other option was to buy one of the big in-drawer knife holders. The knife holder holds 6 big knives and 4 small knives for 12 dollars, so I chose that one 14 dollars will be charged for each magnet strip. Target had both of them. We will be able to use them for a lifetime. As soon as company comes over, I'm definitely going to buy the serrated steak knife and more steak knives. These knives are amazing! I cannot say enough great things about them! To be honest, I was originally going to buy the most expensive ones from this same company, but I decided to go with the lower price tags I want to see if I like them in the 60$ range instead. I will never have to buy the 200$ versions for what I do because they're such a great product.

David Welch - 28/07/2021
It is a Flop to have a knife It's a win for customers to receive elite service (2/5)

Zelite, I'm sorry, but this one just doesn't work. There is one thing that this knife has going for it its very affordable price. I absolutely LOVE my other two Zelite knives (both Alpha Royal series), and this one does not live up to those I will try to keep it short There are some cons in it. 1) It isn't It is evident from the serration profile they have chosen that it is nothing sharp. If I run my finger along the edge with pressure, I won't be in any danger. cannot do this with any of my other Zelite knives*br>2) The picture you see here presents an inaccurate representation of the blade and handle measurements. The picture makes it appear like the knife is much larger than it actually The handle feels extremely thin and diminutive in the hand, even though the image shows it as thick. If the handle were as thick as it appears in the picture, it would be a decent grasp. ****3) When you cut, the cut is pushed to one side. I believe this is because of the single bevel many serrated blades have, so perhaps I can forgive them for this, but it is still 4) The transition between the handle scales and the tang is more abrupt than I am accustomed There are no sharp edges, but the transition is not smooth. There are many benefits of using it. 1) The product is very well made. 2) I expected something rubbery and plasticky in the handle, but it is made of a solid, smooth material. 3) It is affordable, especially when compared to something like a Henkels or Wuesthoff that uses It is a blade that is not very useful in the end. I have a better utility knife, the Alpha Royal, that can handle just about anything better. It's good for cutting soft fruits, and makes a decent (albeit short) bread knife. I think "sandwich knife" is a good name for it - it cuts well on soft fruits and bread. Cut cheese and deli meat into slices, or cut your sandwich in half using a knife. The rest of the world doesn't benefit much from it, either. Zelite could make such a much better blade if the handle were a bit bigger and the serration profile was changed. There is nothing wrong with the concept it just needs to be refined. I must say that the customer service at Zelite is outstanding. Whenever there is a problem, they are always responsive and try to fix it promptly.

Jacob Hardy - 18/07/2021
The new way I do things My favorite filleting knife (5/5)

I really like the shape of the The blade of your knife is so easy to use when cutting along the spine of a fish because of its sweeping curve. This weekend I plan to use my knife on some ribs after filleting fish. Additionally, I have carved up a chicken with my knife and plan to fillet fish. A comfortable handle and a very stiff blade (which I really like) makes it a very sharp and durable knife. The hollows on the sides may or may not add anything to the blade's overall aesthetic, but they certainly add to its overall appearance. This boning knife has been on my shopping list for quite some time. So far, I've only purchased 2 other knives, and the one I'm reaching for the most is this one. For the price, you'd be surprised how well it performs. This is a 5 out of 5 We give this product a 5 star rating and will buy it.

Denise Hull - 18/05/2021
My search for the perfect knife is finally over (5/5)

After locating several small (bagel) knives on Amazon, I finally purchased this Zelite knife for just a few dollars. I had been searching for both full bread knives and cheap knives, as they were all either very expensive or very poorly made. Despite my expectations, I am quite pleased with the quality, weight, balance, and edge of the knife. I was really happy with the product. It has been several months since I got it and it still looks fantastic. Hand washing our kitchen knives is a must, although we do it regularly. There is only one improvement that I could recommend removing the name from the handle (it's also on the blade). There's just something about it that looks.

Kadence Haynes - 02/06/2021
What are the benefits of serrated blades? The one you've been looking for (5/5)

The knives from Zelite are impressive, and they are all great values. However, even though their prices are super competitive, their quality would still not matter, if it weren't for the product. Because I did not have a serrated knife and all kinds of situations require a serrated blade, I used my ordinary knife instead. It comes razor-sharp, like the rest of their product line. Lines such as this one have a great handle and are balanced perfectly. Despite the fact that my wife and I have different hand sizes, both of us find it comfortable for prolonged There is a considerable weight on the body, but it never gets tiresome. Regardless of what knife or line you choose from Zelite, they'll never let you down. Many of the people I know are satisfied with Zelite, and I have referred it to several friends.

Zane Casey - 14/04/2021