Zcaukya, 100 Shot Glasses, 1oz Clear Plastic Disposable Hard Cups Review

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Excelente inversión 3.7 
Robustez 3.7 
Durabilidad 3.4 
  • Crystal-clear look.
  • Elegant and charming design.
  • The top is wide.

Zcaukya, 100 Shot Glasses, 1oz Clear Plastic Disposable Hard Cups Product Description

These Zcaukya plastic shot cups are sturdy and thick, and are made of premium PC plastic. Glass is very clear, but they are much lighter and have a luster similar to that of glass. Material is food grade without BPA and biodegradable. Neither the plastic cups nor the lids are cracked on Zcaukay 1oz. The edge of this knife is smooth, so it won’t cut your mouth or hand. Therefore, you can freely use it with no fear of harm. In order to avoid the unnecessary effort of cleaning after a party, the cups should be thrown away immediately after use. Because the cups are disposable, you can throw them away immediately after using them for one time. This is a clean and safe alternative that meets your need of not cleaning.

  • Make sure you enter the correct model number when entering your information.
  • Set of 100 - There are 100 cups in the package. A single 1 oz bottle can be filled with each. 1 is the diameter of the top of the container. A diameter of one inch is the bottom diameter of 57 inches. There is one inch of width and one inch of height. It is 57 inches in length.
  • Using high quality polycarbonate material, Zcaukya Small Plastic Shot Cups are made from a thick, durable, and premium material. These glasses are very clear and have a glassy sheen, but they are lighter than you would expect. This is a food grade product without BPA. It is recyclable and not easily broken.
  • Plastic cups made by Zcaukay are 100% safe to use. Neither 9 fl oz nor 5 fl oz are cracked. As it has a very smooth edge, it does not hurt your mouth or hand. You can use it freely without worrying about getting hurt.
  • There is no need to clean the cups after each use, they're disposable and should be disposed of right away. Taking care of no-cleaning needs after a party is clean, safe, and saves your time at the end of a party.
  • Zcaukya mini shot glasses can be used not only for party games, but they can also be used to hold a variety of drinks, and they are ideal for use as sauce cups, sample cups, supermarket tasting cups, etc. as well as containers for gelatin or pudding.

Selected User Reviews For Zcaukya, 100 Shot Glasses, 1oz Clear Plastic Disposable Hard Cups

The broken 7 came as a result

I purchased these disposable shot glasses as I had a custom order and wanted to make a decent profit. The broken 7 came as a result. Scratches covered the entire surface of the board. Some of them don't seem to be as clear as they could be. The vast majority of them were in good to decent condition, only 7% of them were broken and 33% of them Strange stuff is going on. It looked as if there were pieces of plastic falling from the bottom of these cups. I'm not sure how they were made. If you will, think of it as melted plastic. If the purpose of the cup is not critical, then I would just pay the extra $2 for.

Bentley Huang - 08/01/2021
The frozen items should be put into the freezer as soon as they are received

Stacking and packaging them as hot items or pounding them down too closely during packaging results in these being mashed together. The problem was that many of the cups were stuck together in groups of three or four, and they simply would not separate. I decided to freeze them, and they were able to be removed.

Rosalie O’NEILL - 28/02/2021
Make sure you do your research before purchasing anything

I can't believe these cups are so It looks more like a medicine cup than a shot since they are stuck together, break and look like they are glued. At least half of the boxes had to be thrown away, so it was a good thing there were so many in the package.

Isabela Miles - 24/07/2021
This is flimsy

The quality of the images is not impressive. You might break these cups if you hold them the wrong way. There were even a few cups that broke straight away after they were unpacked.

Savannah Roy - 30/07/2021
The product is exactly what it claims to be

It is a shot glass made of plastic. What's important to know is that work was great, the price was great, and everything went smoothly!.

Jensen Hancock - 12/07/2021
There is a poor quality to this

It's made of cheap The plastic cracked when I barely squeezed just to pick it up. I almost cut my lip when I touched the top rim, which is trimmed and has rough edges. I will not purchase them.

Caden Robertson - 10/03/2021
Good to hear

We used them for shots and they did a great job.

Baylee Mason - 06/05/2021
A great product that does what it should for what you


Danielle Garrison - 06/02/2021