Zalto Universal Wine Glass Review

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Score By Feature Based on 29 ratings

Easy to hold 5.0 
Giftable 4.6 
Flavor 4.5 
Value for money 3.9 
Sturdiness 3.3 
Durability 2.4 
  • Elegant and classy.
  • Universal for both white and red wine.
  • Lightweight.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • They are fragile.
  • Expensive.

Zalto Universal Wine Glass Product Description

Zalto wine glasses are well-balanced and graceful, and they are made of high quality materials. There is no denying that these wine glasses are top of the line, which is why they cost more than $60 each. This is an extremely elegant, lightweight, and thin quality. You will feel more connected to the wine than the physical glass when you smell, when you taste, and when you drink, and it will work with every style of wine.

Your favorite glass of wine would be this one if you had to choose just one to taste every single wine available. Specifically tailored to each variety of wine, the bowl’s shape brings out and enhances its characteristics. Because the lip on these glasses is so thin, it feels as if nothing is between you and your wine. These glasses are universal and ideal for both reds and whites.

  • This hand-blown crystal is the finest you'll find in Europe. You can purchase a single stem from this page.
  • There are nine inches of glass on top of the table. The length is 3 inches and the circumference is 3 inches. There is a volume of 530 ml in the widest part, and 6 inches at its narrowest part.
  • Keeping in mind that every type of grape must be given the best expression, the bowl is designed meticulously. When you take a sip from your wine, it's as if nothing is between you and the liquid.
  • You can use it for both white and red wine respectively, which makes it an ideal product to begin your Zalto collection.
  • Despite being feather-light, this dishwashing safe fabric is durable. No lead is present in this product.

Questions & Answers

It might be fitting to give ownership of the glass of wine to an individual who correctly guesses the type of wine in the glass during the double guess Taste test under blind conditions.
In short, yes. I continue to be frustrated by the decanter image. There is an additional seller who makes the same mistakes. The code has been changed by A glass is ten times bigger than any other.
I find it strange that it doesn't look like a decanter at all! These were ordered from Google, and they're the official ones zalto universal glass is able to be customized according to your needs.
In fact, I paid half that amount at the time of purchase.

Selected User Reviews For Zalto Universal Wine Glass

I found this glass to be very elegant, but after 5 months, it broke (2/5)

As soon as I read that it was completely worth the price and that it would be substantially stronger and less likely to break than I ever imagined, I decided to try it. A glass I ordered from Amazon in November arrived in a few days. A few weeks ago (April), while hand-washing it with soap water and a sponge, it cracked in my hand. There was nothing in the sink to replace it. Obviously, I am not Popeye. It literally collapsed in my hand. I didn't try to break it by squeezing The only reason I had it in my hand was The glass I drank wine from was not broken when I used it while my boyfriend enjoyed his too. However, I was reluctant to spend that much money if the glass would be so easily broken.

Atreus Howe - 12/07/2021
Until the end of time, hold with care (5/5)

I think this is an elegant and beautiful It is so sheer and so exquisitely built. Prepare to handle it with My second favorite glass is also the prettiest because of its thinness, which helps maintain the temperature of the wine while not interfering with your appreciation of its color and viscosity. Having a good glass is an important part of the enjoyment of a good wine. I found this to be the perfect one for the job. Thanks for reading!.

Jamie Valencia - 03/07/2021
This is a delicate but stunningly gorgeous design (5/5)

Despite the thin stems, the flowers are quite large. To hold these by the stem, you'll have to get used to it. The bottom of the glass forms a beautiful pattern when it is empty and light is reflecting from the bottom. Having washed these under our Paykel Fisher dish drawer, we can now use them in the dishwasher. In my opinion, this is a safer method of cleaning the glass than hand-washing with a sponge and possibly breaking it. These are shaped so as to enhance the look I am going for with a red glass. I wouldn't recommend filling it to the top, as you might end up with nearly a full bottle of wine inside. I am surprised at the size of the volume!.

Callum Gibbs - 05/08/2021
I love this gift for my anniversary (5/5)

The glass of wine that came with this glass would feel so much smoother when I sipped it at a restaurant in Switzerland that I told my husband about how great it was for wine since it was so light and very smooth. This was a gift for his anniversary that he did not forget. Having them every day is now my favorite part of the day. Glasses like these are extremely elegant, delicate, light, and just a little bit delicate. Recommend it without hesitation!.

Tru Calderon - 02/01/2021
With these glasses, you can enjoy wine to the fullest (5/5)

These glasses are a huge hit with us. You can enjoy wine better with them as they're designed to make it more enjoyable. You can never go back to "regular" wine glasses once you own a Zalto. There is something quite special about them. A glass carrying case was even bought so I could bring them with me to restaurants that allow BYOB (that usually serve wine out of clunky As far as I am concerned, I do put mine in the dishwasher & I only broke one of them It was my fault, I apologize It didn't load correctly because I did not load the right file. Quite a few people have commented on these wine glasses They're a real treat for those who enjoy a nice glass of wine! They're also great gifts.

Emily McIntosh - 29/04/2021
Glasses of excellent quality (5/5)

The wedding of my best friend inspired me to buy a set. A series of blind taste tests was then conducted using different wines and different As we were surprised to discover that we enjoyed the wine more in The hype is really worth it! I would recommend this gift as a splurge, but it's a great option for any wine enthusiast.

Justice SHARPE - 14/02/2021
It is worth its weight in gold You should use it at your own risk (5/5)

In order to replace a broken Zalto frame, I wanted to buy a new one. After checking out the previous business I went to, I realized they charged shipping and it wasn't worth the cost for just one pair of glasses. Having just done a quick search, I quickly came across this site and found free shipping, so I obtained the item and was pleasantly surprised to receive it sooner than I A thin, elegant wine glass helps bring out the full flavor of the wine, so Zalto must be handled with care since it is delicate.

Avery PARKIN - 08/01/2021
This is not a price you need to pay but an experience that is worth it (4/5)

Drinking wine out of a glass that costs more than most wine you drink is definitely taking it to another The bottom line is that it's nice knowing you're drinking from the best. Worth the price? Hell no! It makes sense.

Malakai Roberts - 26/03/2021