You Earned It Bottle Opener Review

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  • Strong build-up.
  • Great Gift option for beer lover.
  • Not for every beer bottle.

You Earned It Bottle Opener Product Description

Don’t feel guilty again about having a few beers with your bros. As the message on this beer bottle opener reminds you, you achieved it and you will find it easy to use because I made it out of solid brass. When inferior bottle openers don’t work, you can reach for this sand-cast, tumbled, and hand-finished beauty. It’s thick yet flexible but fits easily into your pocket when you need something fast. Put the tops on your drinks – you deserve them.

  • A height of 0 is appropriate. 75 inches / 2 centimeters.
  • The width of the board is 4 in / 10 cm.

Selected User Reviews For You Earned It Bottle Opener

Although the opener looks great, it is almost useless as a bottle opener (2/5)

Although the opener looks great, it is almost useless as a bottle opener. Because it has too shallow a groove, it slides when you try to angle it to open the bottle. As a result of failing to do that, the product can't serve its basic purpose. The paper weight has become more or less a glorified paper weight.

Kaleb Carey - 09/03/2021
It is the perfect gift for anyone, and you too! The design is great, the weight is nice, and it seems durable enough to last a long time (5/5)


Elianna Turner - 02/06/2021
The top of the beer bottle is better for the counter top than the top of the beer bottle (2/5)

Although it seems like it actually is a novelty and huge bauble, I love it only for the sheer heft and weight. The novelty of it. Conversation begins. Looks like you've got it together. Then you try to assert your dominance with your bottle opener, only for it to fall off. I'm sorry to say that the design is poor.

Cyrus McCoy - 20/06/2021