YETI Tank 45 Bucket Cooler Review

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  • Suitable for travelling.
  • Great capacity.
  • Handle used are flimsy.

YETI Tank 45 Bucket Cooler Product Description

It is located out on the terrace of the office. Despite its indestructibility and elegance, it looks great. Our office party cooler might not be the best for transporting beer, but it is perfect for storing beer. Tank is always open and inviting, keep beer cold for hours, and come with a lid that doubles as a lime cutting station and an impromptu seats. The best BBQ for anyone who does it regularly is this one.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Your favorite beer will remain cold for longer with the Yeti Tank 45 when you keep 52 cans or a slim keg of your favorite beer.
  • As a result of its Permafrost insulation, all your drinks stay cold for a longer period of time.
  • It is easy to transport, load and drain thanks to double handles and Vortex drainage system.
  • BBQs, tailgates, family reunions and whatever else you throw at the YETI TANK 45 will be a success.
  • There are 21 inches of length, 21 inches of width, and 16 1/4 inches of height with an empty weight of 13 pounds for the Yeti 45 tank. There is no yeti tank top included in the purchase.

Selected User Reviews For YETI Tank 45 Bucket Cooler

This ice bucket isn't even a real ice bucket it even has a My yeti lid was a bit too big for this product to act as an airtight bucket

I wanted an ice bucket, but found that the lid would never hold up to seal My original intent with this bucket was to keep ice on a long camping trip, not to use it to keep ice for parties. However, it is still a great product. An ice bucket like this would be perfect if you were hosting an outdoor party.

Guillermo Kelley - 01/08/2021
A good party favor is a good gift

Buying a party favor from us is an excellent idea! I use this for the boat and for the backyard. It keeps fish cold, but it also keeps beverages cold when I want guests to spend time outdoors, rather than coming and going into the There is plenty of room for beverages in it! This is perfect for us! The price was well worth it. We have always found Yeti products to be sturdy and reliable, as each and every one of them goes above and beyond what is promised.

Ashley Waller - 26/04/2021
This is the best party cooler I've ever seen! It's great to have a bucket cooler like this

Is able to hold a lot of drinks and ice and keep the drinks cold for so long without sweating or condensing. This size is perfect for us as the larger one would have been way too big. If this cooler is full of ice and drinks, it can only be moved by two people.

Avi HOWARTH - 12/05/2021
We had ice for days, and it was cold in the Rocky Mountains

I can keep ice for more than three days in this thing with the lid on. It's tough to knock it when it's above average in price but I can save a lot of money on ice since 85 is very hard to move alone if it's full of drinks and ice. Invest in.

Azrael Krueger - 03/05/2021
We give this review five stars

It's the love that you're looking for! Three days later, ice was still in it (uncovered) after three cases of beer had been stored in it.

Jenesis Fuentes - 04/03/2021
This is incredible

This was a gift for my dad. Before he actually got to use it, he wasn't that excited about They said it lived up to the hype, and that the water stayed ice cold There is no lid on this tub. Quality is one of the hallmarks of Yeti products.

Violet Giles - 29/03/2021
That sounds good to me

It speaks for itself when it comes to Yeti construction This is an indestructible material. Maybe the labeling should be made incognito since the box arrived completely beat up. I don't see any damage, however.

Alicia Serrano - 19/03/2021
This item is like new despite its use

I was very happy to find this. There were no scratches on it, even though it had been used. I am very pleased with this purchase. I am able to keep a keg ice cold all day long.

Maia Patel - 06/06/2021