XQXC Handheld Beer Can Opener Review

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Fácil de usar 5.0 
Excelente inversión 3.3 
  • In-demand for 8-19 oz. content beer cans.
  • Portable and suitable for travelling.
  • Short-life.

XQXC Handheld Beer Can Opener Product Description

Make sure to remove the top safely so that sharp edges aren’t left behind. It is possible to smell the aroma of the drink with your nose if you remove the entire top. Furthermore, you can add citrus fruits, lemons, ice cubes, or any other things that you desire to the fruit jar so that you can take longer enjoyment of the fruit. Beer and soda are good for you. With this product, you can use it for almost 8 to 19-ounce beverage cans. It works well for domestic, imported, and craft beer, spiked Seltzer beer, canned wine, canned cocktails, energy drinks, coffee, water, and soda water.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Ensure that no sharp edges are left after you remove the top. By removing the entire top, you can experience the drink's aroma with your nose. At the same time, you can easily add some citrus fruits, lemons, ice cubes or whatever else you want so you can have even more pleasure. Beverages such as beer and soda are popular.
  • The needle is able to be used for most 8-19 ounce beverage cans, and can be used for domestic, imported, and craft beer, Selze beer with paint, canned wine, canned cocktails, energy drinks, iced coffee, beer seltzer, and other products.
  • Because the can opener incision is smooth and not cut from the inside, there is no chance of aluminum chips sticking to your drink. With its small and lightweight size, you can slip it into your pocket and use it anywhere and anytime.
  • This new bar tool allows you to safely remove the top without leaving sharp edges, it has an innovative design that allows it to do so. One of the most important features to ensure your health and safety is that the new can opener does not have any aluminum wires that can fall off during the opening process.
  • Feel free to contact me at any point during use if you have any questions. With the beer can opener, you can open a variety of cans, it is durable, and it is small enough to be carried easily. The lids and can openers our family members need for outdoor activities such as fishing, beach barbecues, and family get-togethers. Beer games are also an ideal option for those who want to try them out.

Selected User Reviews For XQXC Handheld Beer Can Opener

The edges of the leaves are sharp (1/5)

For sure, it's very easy to use. In any case, it typically leaves sharp edges. I've used it three times so far and every single time, it did so. You need to spend the extra money on this one, so I recommend you do it. You won't be able to drink from the can without cutting yourself.

Nathalia Huffman - 16/04/2021
This is incredible (5/5)

It's awesome that this can opener works so well!.

Barrett Beck - 28/05/2021
The lies they told were false (1/5)

Neither a safety can opener nor a security can The user interface is easy to use, but the product isn't safe, so it can't be given as a gift. The description and photos both described a safe can opener when I read the title and read the description again after I had analyzed the pictures. The edge of a safe can opener has rolled sides, so the adhesive that holds the lid in place doesn't get cut off. Can openers such as this one cut through the top of the can effortlessly, leaving a very sharp edge behind. It's not a good idea to drink out of a can that you've used this for. There's a good chance you'll cut your lip. My recommendation is definitely to not do so.

Hayden Snyder - 13/04/2021
I love how easy it is Opening the top of a soda can is easy with this can opener! Simple and easy to use, it doesn't leave a sharp or ridged edge on cans after use (4/5)

You may not be able to get it to cleanly cut out the top of the can and it cut about a cm under the brim of the can if you are planning to use it for crafts.

Destiny Davis - 13/06/2021