XL Cinco De Mayo Margarita Glass Review

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Ideal para regalar 4.0 
Robustez 3.8 
Excelente inversión 3.6 
  • High quality.
  • Large size.
  • Suitable for themed parties.
  • Beautiful.
  • Expensive for a single glass.
  • Not dishwasher friendly.

XL Cinco De Mayo Margarita Glass Product Description

The glass we’ve chosen is perfect for your needs as it can hold a full quarter gallon (or 33 ounces) of mixed drink (e.g. Margaritas in three regular sized glasses). If you prefer, simply prepare your favorite cocktail for a theme party and put enough straws in the glass for your group. However, they are still made of high-quality hand-blown glass, and will need to be hand washed even if they’re more novelty items.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • This quart (33 oz) margarita glass has a wide opening.
  • It is made from hand blown glass.
  • The gift is great for Cinco de Mayo, bridal showers, theme parties, college student gifts, or to use as a prank gift.
  • It is seven measurements in length. This bowl has a height of 9 inches, and a diameter of 7 inches. The packaging measures 5 inches in diameter and is drop-safe.
  • It is recommended that you wash your hands.

Selected User Reviews For XL Cinco De Mayo Margarita Glass

Generally disappointed with the outcome

Generally disappointed with the outcome. As you can see, they It was really uncomfortable to drink from the large glasses I got from the restaurant! As a result, I only charge the cost of the return shipping instead of the price of the goods. Compared to the other, the other is The cost of this item can be equaled by purchasing a giant glass. Take a look at the size description! In my opinion, this product is not recommended.

Mohammad Clarke - 30/01/2021
For 3 for 1, this is the deal

With this product, almost three drinks can be held in one *br>*br>Around new years, I accidentally broke one of my aunt's little glasses, so I bought it for her and replaced it with this. When she asked me how I could break more, I said, "I can accidently break more and it is still good because it holds almost 3," I find this item to be.

Kai Lewis - 26/01/2021
Taking a big drink of margaritas

Among the large Margarita glasses I could find, I was trying to find the largest one. Though I have seen a lot, it has not been as big as I had hoped. I only found one large enough to work well for my kitchen decor so I chose these. My lemon tree is stocked with lemons and limes You can taste the lime Stems with this shape tend to be 'dainty' and thin and can The package was packed well and shipped quickly.

Saige Rowland - 14/03/2021
The product is very thin and would easily break

I was expecting a little bigger product that was heavier and more durable, but it is not worth the price. I still think it's quite pretty.

Randy Estrada - 24/04/2021
I didn't expect it to be like that

Miniscule size compared to what was.

Lukas Garrett - 11/04/2021
The shrimp cocktail recipe that I bought calls for this

we've got it. The shrimp cocktail recipe that I bought calls for this. There was a large scratch on it when I received it so I will be returning it. Because it was too late to exchange by the time I got it, I used it. A thin sheet of glass covers the entire surface.

Shepard Stokes - 23/03/2021
Thanks for reading

As expected, it was just what I was expecting. I packed it in a margarita Patron gift basket and it looked great there. In my opinion the product was great, but I had to take it out of the box and scrub it thoroughly to make it look clean and white again.

Princess McPherson - 16/06/2021
There are times when a regular margarita just isn't enough

If there's a week that's just pushing you over the edge, this is the perfect size for a margarita. A girls night out can be a lot of fun! There have been some minor imperfections in the glass, but nothing major like cracks or chips. The dishwashing machine works well with it. This does not feel flimsy in any way.

Louie Adkins - 29/03/2021