X-cosrack Gold Cocktail Shaker Set Review

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Excelente inversión 5.0 
Ideal para regalar 4.5 
Fácil de limpiar 4.4 
Durabilidad 4.3 
  • Great value for money.
  • Different accessories included.
  • hard to remove cap at times.

X-cosrack Gold Cocktail Shaker Set Product Description

Whether you’re having a party or anniversaries, this bar set is perfect for home, bars, and graduations. Additionally, it is a great gift for your family or friends during special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and weddings. Our shaker set is manufactured from food-grade 304 stainless steel to ensure it will not break, bend, warp, or contain any harmful chemicals. It also contains no BPA or chemical compounds to make sure no harmful substances leak into the drinks. With its modern colored finish, this gold bartender kit is sure to remain beautiful for years to come.

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  • Turn this stand in 360 degrees to use the waiter's tools and present it as a precious gift to your loved one for any occasion - home, party, anniversary, graduation. Additionally, it can be a great gift / present for your family or friends at Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday, or Wedding. Ideal gifts for those who like to prepare drinks, mix wine, decorate their homes, or store tool storage. It's an extremely useful tool.
  • The 18 Piece Bartender's collection includes an 18 oz Shaker, Hawthorn Strainer, Jigger, Mortar, Mixing Spoon, Ice Tongs, 5 Liquor Pourers, 4 straws, corkscrew, and recipe book. Get into the spirit of shaking, mixing, and having a good time. It is important not to remove the protective film from the product when returning (*note*).
  • Premium Quality Material and an Electric Gold Finish - The entire shaker set is made of food grade stainless steel, so it won't break, bend, or warp, and is BPA and chemical free, so it won't leach harmful chemicals into your drink. This gold bartender kit has a modern color finish that will maintain its beauty for many years to come. (Color coated items should be washed by hand to prevent surface scratches.)
  • Adapts to Any Skill Level - This cocktail making kit is perfect for you whether you are ready to take the plunge as a bartender or just get started with mixing kits. All the tools you need to create a quick and elegant cocktail right in the comfort of your own home are provided by these cocktail accessories. With their help, you can mix drinks made with a wide variety of spirits, such as whiskey, tequila, gin, rum, and brandy.
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Selected User Reviews For X-cosrack Gold Cocktail Shaker Set

It is royal

We bought this to put on our bar at home, and it looks.

Sariah RAHMAN - 28/03/2021
This coating is easy to apply and is scratch and chip resistant

This was the most comprehensive bar set that I could find that met my aesthetic needs. Considering that the strainer, muddler, and Hawthorne jiggers are great, there is a downside in that the jiggers do not have markings which is not It seems as if the pourers are It is amazing how well it holds the set! Let's talk about the ugly stuff. I keep finding pieces of the tools in my drinks because the finish on some is chipping. Various items, such as the shaker, bar spoon, straws, and bottle opener, are chipped. It makes sense how the bottle opener works. As soon as I reached out to the manufacturer/supplier, they replied as follows I would like to thank you for your excellent support. Second, I am sorry that we cannot repair the damage to this product. Due to the fact that this is a colored product Because it is a coated product, you should clean it by hand during use to prevent The repair suggestions we can provide are unavailable. " We apologize for the inconvenience. " Every piece of barware I own has been hand washed. In other words, if you don't like coating in your drinks, stay away from it. Barware from Pina or Oxo would be a good choice. The stuff they have is awesome! Stainless steel is the best choice.

Dane George - 22/04/2021
Discovering after more than one use

Discolorations have been observed on the shaker, jig and stir! Besides the coating not lasting for long, the product is solid and sturdy.

Elijah Gibbs - 17/05/2021
Very good product, I highly recommend it

In a nutshell, bought this product to accentuate the bar I am creating in my apartment. It is exactly what I have been looking for. There are various styles of metal they have, but I wanted the black because I like black so much and the quality is great. Packaging was excellent, so I did not have to worry about damage in transit and the item was shipped very quickly.

Callum Bradley - 01/01/2021
The glass scratches easily, but the value is good

Now that I've had it for about a month and a half, I'll be sure to post an update. My first impression is that the matte black finish is amazing. In spite of the finish being scratch-resistant, it does scratch easily (especially around the snap-in Home bartenders should be able to find all of the tools they need in this kit. I can't get the bar spoon/fork combination to sit right in the stand, so we just put them in a drawer instead. It's not so good for my OCD that they move around a lot. All in all, this is a great set and I wish we had bought it earlier for all of our need for panic bartending.

Cristian Barber - 27/05/2021
Gifts like this are perfect! Buying this for my husband as a gift was a good decision

It is something he really enjoys! In addition to the book, the kit came with instructions on how to make One of my favorite features is that my husband is not the most organized person, but I know he's never going to regret getting this. My counter is organized and does not take up too much space with every item in its place.

Valentino Hendricks - 20/03/2021
This is a fantastic bar kit

it for all the reasons you listed! For some reason, one of the plastic covers/tops for the cork stoppers has been removed. I cannot contact X because I cannot find the information there A composite warlock. I am hoping they will respond to my review so that I can get a complete set.

Jaime Duffy - 27/02/2021
There is a piece missing

However, I will not be able to open a bottle with the one I received. A second problem with the wine opener is that it is difficult My intention was to keep it and just hide the bottle opener slot, but I probably should have returned it.

Tripp Cervantes - 05/03/2021