X-cosrack 18-Piece Rose Gold Bartending Kit With Rotating Stand Review

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Giftable 4.9 
Easy to clean 4.7 
Value for money 4.5 
  • Food-grade stainless steel is used.
  • Four color options are available.
  • Can be washed by hands only.

X-cosrack 18-Piece Rose Gold Bartending Kit With Rotating Stand Product Description

There is nothing complicated about this kit since it comes with everything you need to make the perfect cocktail, from the Old Fashioned to the summer staple mojitos to pina Coladas.

  • Bartender Kit of 18 Pieces » Patent No. Cocktail shakers can be used to prepare drinks using many types of liquor, including Whiskey, Scotch, Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Rum, Rum, Brandy, Sake, and others. Remember to keep the protective film on the product when returning it.
  • Bar Manager Tool Stand, 360 Degree Rotation Type, & Lovely Gift » This bar set is suitable for a variety of places home, bars, birthdays, bridal showers, graduations, etc. You can also provide it as a gift to your family and friends on holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and birthdays. A great present for a friend or family member whose favorite pastime is making drinks and mixing wine. This is a practical solution.
  • With sophisticated materials & electro-rose gold design, which features a stainless steel core and hand painted finish, this rose bartender kit will remain beautiful for an extended period of time. It has an inner component that does not leech harmful chemicals nor affect its drinks' flavors at all. If you want your mirror finish to remain high, wash your hands and polish them.
  • Customer Care That Can't Be Beat » Too Big? Do you think it's too You don't like the way it works? In case of any troubles with your order, please get in touch with our customer service team for a fast and hassle-free resolution - 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Please find our contact information on the product box or click on the seller name under the add to cart button for more information.

Questions & Answers

There is a corkscrew included in the set.
There was a plastic cap on each pourer.
The rose colored set was not ordered, so please accept my apology.

Selected User Reviews For X-cosrack 18-Piece Rose Gold Bartending Kit With Rotating Stand

This is one of the best sets! After washing it by hand, what should I do since it oxidized after I washed it? I love this product, but if you could send me another one of the attached items, I would appreciate it (4/5)

How can I improve my writing?.

Raphael Buchanan - 15/02/2021
Getting stuck means the shaker cannot operate (2/5)

It is a shame that this did not work out for us even though it is an extremely beautiful set. Despite my background as a bartender, I found it difficult to separate the three pieces of the shaker after making a drink with my partner. It was impossible to open it and we ended up with a massive explosion once we finally did. That headache is awful! After my stressful attempt to make a cocktail in this shaker, I'm in need of a drink. So I guess I'll have to wait until a different set of wheels arrives!.

Magnolia Barton - 26/07/2021
You can have your own bar at home (5/5)

In total, my family and I bought this set to fit in with our new home bar, and it's been a great investment. Of course, I would prefer if the jiggers had markings that showed which side measured which measure, but that's understandable. There's something odd about the cocktail fork as well, since it has a fork on the other end as well? Though I am sure it serves a purpose, it does not really make much sense to have. I am excited to use the mixing set, it has nice color, metal is decent for a mixing set, and I am looking forward to using.

Julian Maxwell - 26/06/2021
Using the template is a pleasure and helpful (5/5)

My friend absolutely loved it when I gave this to her as a gift. I love how it looks on her new kitchen counter.

Lia Romero - 03/07/2021
One million ten (5/5)

The perfect way to end the day! I really like this set &amp it's affordable What a lovely shade of pink.

Baker Farley - 07/03/2021
It's just a matter of buying It comes with pretty much everything you'll need for your cocktail party, as well as being compact, portable, and 360-degree rotating for easy access (5/5)


Emerald Snyder - 11/05/2021
I am so glad I found this place (5/5)

In a nutshell, How would you react if I told you I was in love with you. Whenever I put this piece on my bar cart, I get so many compliments on how beautiful and convenient it is.

Ellis Moon - 02/03/2021
This is a very attractive and useful tool! A bar cart is used to store the bar set (5/5)


Sean Walton - 02/04/2021