W&P Peak Silicone Ice Tray Review

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Value for money 5.0 
Easy to remove 4.6 
Easy to use 4.6 
Easy to clean 4.5 
Flavor 3.5 
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with lid.
  • Difficult to remove ice.

W&P Peak Silicone Ice Tray Product Description

The silicone-wrapped stainless steel interior of this 12-cube tray ensures spill prevention and ensures that the lid is securely fastened as well as the benefits of flexibility and rigidity.

  • The design was thoughtfully created to make it easy to silicone-wrapped steel interior rim helps to maintain the rigidity of the tray during use and ensures that it is easier to fill and transfer to the freezer with no mess.
  • MATERIALS OF THE BEST QUALITY High-grade silicone is produced in a low-emission facility to meet the LFGB requirements (the highest European standards in food safety), and is BPA Easy to clean because it can be placed in the dishwasher.
  • Crafts 12 1 1/4" cubes, creating generously sized, perfectly square cubes without ever losing precision or quality. It is important to choose large cubes for ideal chilling because they have a large surface area, which means that drinks don't dilute too quickly (and look wonderful).
  • By holding the lid on, you eliminate freezer odors and keep your ice fresh. As the cover rests on the tray, there is no fiddling with snapping it on during the filling process, the cover peels off easily for ice removal, and the trays stack for space saving storage in the freezer.
  • Pop 'em out Because each compartment is individually molded, you are able to take one cube at a time without needing to twist or There is also a raised lip so that any excess water runs into the tray.
  • Infuse ice with herbs and fruit for the next level. You can freeze juice and coffee to make every day drinks more festive, and milk and broth for longer shelf life. You can also freeze baby food in portion sizes to extend its shelf life.

Questions & Answers

Despite its dishwasher safe label, I would not put this directly in the dishwasher. In my case, I wash by hand.
12 1 1/4" cubes of ice can be cut out of the Everyday Ice Tray.
you can do just fine. Just know that if you wash your silicone ice cube tray, make sure you use cold water since hot water can sometimes cause the tray to smell rubbery.
The website (wandpdesign) states that the products are oven safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe!

Selected User Reviews For W&P Peak Silicone Ice Tray

It would be great if the lid remained My favorite part of this ice tray is the shape (3/5)

My only reason for picking this tray is that I wanted one with a lid. The cubes are a nice size, and the silicone makes them easy to remove. This cover does not snap on or attach in any way to the tray. It simply sits on top of it. Because it does not even 'seat' well, I can't easily tell if it's straight or not. It will not seal shut, so if you're looking for something like that, this is not for you.

Talon Kim - 09/06/2021
I wasn't able to hold the As much as I wanted to love this, I couldn't (1/5)

In the past, I have froze fresh herbs in olive oil and thought it would be perfect. However, when I placed it on the dishwasher top shelf, it creased and drooped. The square does not stand out There's nothing you can do. It wouldn't be my choice to buy again.

Colby Goldstein - 10/06/2021
It was weird (2/5)

I really wanted to like it, but it wasn't for me. I love how easy it is to use and how cute it is It tastes like chemicals when I eat my ice cubes made from silicone. It makes my drinks taste gross even after I use it every day and clean it really well. When I first purchased it, I washed the tray very well, and I continue to do so before I refill it. In response to our question, people recommend vinegar soaks and baking it in the oven to try to get rid of the flavor and odor. So, before you bin it, I think it wouldn't hurt to try. Still, I find it very disappointing. These nasty cubes won't make smoothies taste any better to me, so I bought them for smoothies, but I won't be drinking them To stop the ice from melting into my drink, I usually keep them in my drink bottle and chug them until the ice melts a little less and my beverage tastes better.

Thaddeus Bruce - 11/03/2021
The design is excellent, but the odor is awful (2/5)

Over the past three years, I've been using this blue tray and another black one. In the past two days, I pulled out the blue one from the freezer along with some lemonade and cranberry juice. As soon as I smelled it, I reacted. The smell is musty and acrid. The smell I thought I smelled was just that of the freezer from something that had been in there for a long time. It's the silicone rubber that's making the tray smell. In addition to washing soda solution (sodium carbonate), baking soda solution (sodium bicarbonate), sodium percarbonate solution (like OxiClean) and mild bleach solution, I also used vinegar as a deodorizer. One minuscule reduction in odor was found with none of the products. A previous attempt was to heat the tray slowly over a long period of time at a low temperature. This did help a bit, but the smell, the stench, and the odor still lingered. There is no odor in the black tray. It is perplexing. Generally, I think this is a great product, but their silicone needs to be reformulated. I am very disappointed as silicone is supposed to have an incredibly long life. I hate throwing away things, especially ones with a well designed surface. Could I possibly get a replacement from the manufacturer if they see this?.

Priscilla Flynn - 02/01/2021
It is nice to have an ice tray, but only okay to have a lid (4/5)

A great feature of this ice tray is that it makes square ice with no rounded edges. like how it looks when the ice is perfectly square. It was not too difficult to remove the ice but I feel like I could do However, the lid does not seal the tray so things may fall into the ice but at least prevents things from falling into the ice. the lid would secure to the ice tray since freezing smell can still seep into the ice through the cracks between the lid and the tray. Apart from that, the ice tray makes great square ice! I use distilled water or RO water to minimize contamination when making clear ice, and they look great.

Alessandro Warren - 17/03/2021
A smell of chemicals lingers in the ice, causing it to leech something (1/5)

While the design of this ice tray is excellent, the materials used seem suspect. I received a strong chemical smell when I received the tray. A thin layer of oily film appeared on top of the water after I washed the dish by hand. I then made ice, put an ice cube into a glass with water, and as it melted, it covered the glass. Still, I thought, I still hadn't done it as well as I should have. A second batch was made after it was run through the dishwasher. The film has the same smell as the smell on the smell. Afterward, I washed it by hand again. I then soaked it in boiling water for a while. The film has the same smell as the smell on the smell. It's time to go.

Elianna Rose - 18/04/2021
Taking ice cubes out of the tray is easy with the best ice tray (5/5)

Describe the period. As I searched for the perfect cocktail ice cube, I used many silicone ice trays. This is done. The best option is by far this one because of its clever cover (it would be cool if it snapped on, but we know from experience However, it remains are extremely easy to remove from the There's nothing better than when a company puts their best effort into developing a product that answers its purpose. Don't let OXO get away. However, one note - the cubes are slightly bulged but if you plan to use the cooler method to create clear ice, it shouldn't be a problem at all. The bottom sides of the trays work perfectly as designed, so I simply cannot bring myself to punch holes in them.

Parker Owens - 29/07/2021
tray (5/5)

I really like the design that went into the making of this product. The wires embedded within the top of the tray make it incredibly stable with the food in it when it's in the freezer. Yet, the cubes can be popped out easily since the cube cells are so flexible. My favorite design makes me think of the event I would like to throw when we are able to gather with family and friends There are no plastic parts in this silicone, so there are no risks. It is possible that the lid may not seal against leaks, even though it prevents odors from other items in the freezer and provides a base for other trays built on the same design to be stacked on it. I did not expect it to because it wasn't mentioned as a feature, but I would appreciate it if the designers could figure out a way to avoid the use of In any case, maybe it can't be done and I'd rather use silicone rather than leak-proof.

Maverick Whitehead - 23/03/2021