W&P Cocktail Canteen, Travel Cocktail Kit Review

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  • Product is TSA - Compliant
  • Compact design.
  • Limited tools included.

W&P Cocktail Canteen, Travel Cocktail Kit Product Description

A handy way to carry all your bar tools along with you on the go, it comes with a canteen (which can be used as a shaker) to keep them secure. It is certain that you will use the funnel, collapsible jigger, expandable bar spoon, dropper bottle, and peeler whether you are shaking or stirring. Besides being TSA-compliant, this set is also made with environmentally friendly materials.

  • Designed for cocktail enthusiasts and avid travelers, this multi-pack includes portable tools for both.
  • The set includes a full-size Cocktail Shaker, a collapsible shot glass, a telescoping bar spoon, a mini funnel, TSA-compliant glass dropper bottle, and a peeler/zerter combo.
  • Stainless steel and glass are the materials used.
  • The product can only be washed by hand.
  • It is made of stainless steel and glass.

Questions & Answers

It is true. The Peak Everyday Ice Tray comes with the lid (even though it is not shown in the picture).
It's not clear to me.
Neither the canteen nor the strainer includes a strainer. Despite the screw-on lid being well-made, it is not very sturdy Despite being insulated, this container does not come with a strainer-top. The opening is too small to fit a standard Hawthorne.

Selected User Reviews For W&P Cocktail Canteen, Travel Cocktail Kit

Jigger is good, but there is brown gunk on it (3/5)

There is a nice shaking cup with a strainer and a good cube tray with a lid (although it is more of a loose cover than a On either end of the jigger, however, there is brown gunk under the rims. There is what appears to be rust on the rim, and when I slide a toothpick under the rim, a dark brown color shows up. This jigger does not have any markings inside, so it is very simple and not good for measuring half ounces (one side is not marked. In one case, the number is 75, and in the other case, it.

Frankie O’SULLIVAN - 25/06/2021
What a great idea! It is the perfect travel companion, I will bring it along every time I travel! My home computer is so well suited for it, even though I use it at work (5/5)

I am so impressed with the quality and ease of use of the tools. My friends have all recommended this book to me.

Saint McGowan - 16/05/2021
There's nothing to worry about (2/5)

Although I like the modern design of this set, the ice cubes it makes are too big for the other glasses I have.

Marlee McMahon - 25/02/2021
It broke down (1/5)

The glass broke as I loaded ice into it, so I wasn't able to enjoy the set. I replaced the glass with the thicker, cheaper version from Crate & Barrel since the glass was at room temperature and a crack developed around the base and up the side.

Macie Bowen - 14/02/2021
I love it (5/5)

It does what it says on the tin. I love it.

Macy Wiggins - 04/07/2021
I love it! It's an excellent idea to make a drink and ice cubes this way! (5/5)


Matthew Ayers - 10/04/2021