WITANHURST Electric Wine Opener Kit Review

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Easy to use 4.4 
Giftable 4.2 
Value for money 3.4 
  • Comes with a ergonomic grip.
  • Offers great durability.
  • Stylish and eye-catching design.
  • Long charging time.

WITANHURST Electric Wine Opener Kit Product Description

The gold-and-black model is a stunning addition to any wine collection (both plastic and synthetic) and literally removes wine corks on contact. The device comes with a built-in battery and a hidden foil cutter to make tidying up a breeze. This beautiful wine opener can also be displayed in all its electric glory with the handy charging stand.

  • Stylish and luxurious design that will make any home, bar, or kitchen look opulent.
  • Immediately removes the cork from the bottle when it is in contact with it, and then it spits it out without the need for pressing.
  • Corks made of all types of material are supported, including plastic corks.
  • As part of the top cover of the corkscrew, you'll find a magnetic foil cutter so you'll always have one on hand.
  • This Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery has a capacity of 500mAH that can open up to 60 bottles on In addition to the wireless charging stand, you will also find a compact charging base.
  • STUCK CORK HOW DO I get it out? Press down on the reset button on top of the opener until the reset feature is triggered, which will allow the stuck cork to be removed. Make sure your opener is fully charged before you attempt to reset it. More details and troubleshooting are provided in the TROUBLESHOOTING section below.

Questions & Answers

The cork may come out of the corkscrew very occasionally, but almost always it will exit the corkscrew at the other end. It doesn't bother me if the product fails from time to time since it almost always works. It is important to be patient while the mechanism operates and not to exert force.
The reverse corkscrew can be activated only by tipping it 45 degrees.
It might be cheaper to get a used one on Ebay if it cannot be fixed.
You may have to push the red reset button under the foil remover to reset it. You have to hold down the mouse until the cursor As a rule of thumb, make sure it is fully charged.

Selected User Reviews For WITANHURST Electric Wine Opener Kit

The UPDATE paragraph is quite interesting (but you may want to review it) (5/5)

There's only one major issue the foil cutter is a joke at best. You will have to purchase another foil cutter separately with four Let's move on to the next step. In comparison to other brands, this opener has a lot more mass (weight). There may be a reason for this in better motors or Opening bottles with it is effortless and Furthermore, the "Open" button does not need to be held down. A cork is easily ejected without fuss when you hold down the It is intriguing to learn how Eject processes work Turn it upside-down). As a matter of fact, there is NO pushbutton. Due to the fact that I have wore out two other brands in the past 15 months, I am ready to try something new and improved. Several other brands also have charging stands, but they are very rare. Seriously, who would want to have a great time, only to find that their corkscrew is completely disarmed, and then to run around looking for a charging cable for their Android mobile phone. As a rule, I prefer keeping my corkscrew on a stand while charging - there are very few models available that meet this requirement. The following is an update for The power consumption of the thing dwindled to zero after 59 days of daily usage twice a day About 1/4" into the hole and stops there No point in shipping it back since it doesn't take up much space on a box This stuff ends up in the rubbish bin I now turn my attention to one that is I have given you a fair.

Jay Burns - 14/07/2021
During the first five weeks of employment, nothing happened (1/5)

The product that I received on June 9th was a gift. It was absolutely incredible when I received it for the very first time! I really like the look of this wine opener and I like that it works so well at first. The system had been functioning until 2 days ago, but no longer does. As far as I can tell, it appears to be charging fully and all of the lights indicate a full charge. It will still not work, however. The first time I saw this opener, I was so excited that I thought I had found the perfect opener for a wine bottle. This amount of money will never be recouped!.

Lilith Blackburn - 13/07/2021
This worked well for me (5/5)

The product has only been used a few times. I found it to be very user-friendly. The only complaint is that it runs over the charger and has to be turned on and off repeatedly. It should have been as simple as removing it from the charger, pushing on the bottle to uncork, and flipping it over to take out the cork before it is turned back on. It is too soon to tell how the battery will perform, but so far it seems very.

Lian Ayers - 27/01/2021
The wine opener works well and the customer service is excellent (5/5)

I've used better wine openers before, and this one is the best. My counter looks very classy with this counter clock. It is very easy to use. There is a reasonable price for this item and it is a good value. I am very happy with the customer service! I found it some how attached to the top of the refrigerator with a magnet, and somehow, my cat got hold of it, played with it, As soon as I requested a replacement, I received a response that one was being sent at no extra cost to me. It was a pleasure doing business with this company and I highly recommend the wine opener!.

Isaias Mathews - 19/01/2021
It is magical! I think this is the best opener I've ever heard (5/5)

Seeing the faces of my friends when I tip the bottle upside down and the cork spews out is my favorite part of it! I love the way it looks on my counter and is beautifully made. It is the only thing that does not fit all bottles that is the only very minor issue. This is one of my favorite books, and it would make a great.

Raven Underwood - 13/06/2021
A different one would be better (1/5)

A 2 month trial proved to be a great success. The wine I got my father for his birthday, who is a wine lover, went bad in no time. I feel bad I only review the products that I find faulty, but there are much.

Lilly Clements - 09/07/2021
It was a waste of money (1/5)

Using it for the first time, it worked just fine. Using it for the second time, the opener didn't As a result, we tried every suggestion we found online (apparently this occurs regularly). It just took a bit of digging to get the cork out. However, it has now reversed and no longer opens bottles in any direction. I love it. Total waste of time and There is still work to do on this product before it is marketable.

Sylas Sampson - 19/05/2021
This is a great wine to serve in your favorite glass (5/5)

A friend of mine asked me to purchase this for their housewarming party since they're big wine drinkers and have a gold and black theme. While the party was going on, they opened it and used it.

Calvin Oneill - 16/07/2021