Wintersmiths Ice Sphere Makers Review

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Sheerness 5.0 
Giftable 4.8 
Easy to use 4.5 
Value for money 4.1 
  • Made of high quality and BPA free silicone.
  • Eliminates bubbles that can affect the quality of the ice spheres.
  • Produces large sized balls.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Expensive.

Wintersmiths Ice Sphere Makers Product Description

The Wintersmiths Ice Ball Maker may be a good option for you if you are searching for the best ice ball maker. The Wintersmiths chest has dimensions of 7 3/8′′ x 4 7/8′′ x 13 3/8′′, and it is made of durable food-grade materials. Users love the quality and the perfect balls, but some note that it is expensive. quality of this product is that it eliminates air bubbles to give you a crystal clear ball, which will not break up after you put your drink in it. Additionally, the product is manufactured in the United States. Generally speaking, customers have high opinions about Wintersmiths’ ice ball maker and highly recommend it as one of the best ice ball makers on the market.

  • It is important that ice be large and shape, as this will keep drinks colder for longer.
  • Air bubbles present in ice can lead to your drink breaking up, so you want to remove them to prevent this from happening.
  • Food-grade materials are used for long-lasting durability.
  • This product was made in the United States.
  • 6 7/8" long by 2 3/8" wide by 10 3/4" tall.
  • A patented design creates ice that is so clear and dense it is patented.

Questions & Answers

In addition to ordering the cube, you can also buy it.
By cracking this inner water reservoir, you risk damaging the It is typically recommended to freeze them within 24 hours The water must be kept above the freezing point for 30 hours. Any longer will result in it expanding and cracking.
It seems that everything that is in the kit is included. There is no need to disassemble the box it is all ready to use as described by others. It is possible to make ice balls right away. In addition to the plastic storage tubes, I did buy some extra balls for the event so that I could make enough balls for everyone. I've been using it for nearly a year, and it works great.
Having ice balls isn't cool. My daughter and wife told me to stop telling people about them. that I think about it, I'll call them ice spheres 2) They are 2 1/2". The system works well.

Selected User Reviews For Wintersmiths Ice Sphere Makers

The appearance was round, clear, and sexy, but it was Icy, sexy ice cubes that are giant, round, and 98% clear (5/5)

The con is This is a bit of a challenge to use, it is quite time consuming, and the price is too much. However, once you get the hang of it Yet I had to wait four days until I was able to figure out what I had Some 16 or so deformed ice balls later, I really started to see some results. put them together, they are definitely sexy additions to a glass with a little bit of clear crystal on it and some deep amber-colored drinks inside. *br>*br>Learned Please note *br> Water is fine as long as it's cold Because of the heat, I think some of my frustrations with how it froze may have been related). *br>- Make sure the water you use is purified, like a PUR pitcher if you can. Regardless of how difficult it is, slide the halves in one at a time. You ensure that there will be no air bubbles. *br>- Put enough filler in each of them so that the top groves or half-groves will be filled In general, there are always full moons around*br>- It usually takes me 26 hours or more to arrive, but I usually wait at least 24 hours This product specifies no more than 28 ounces of whiskey (FYI, the product does not say over 30 ounces. ) So there you have it, hopefully you can follow these tips and make some perfect whiskey additions from the very beginning! I wish you all a great night. Please type P. It is my first time using the cube molds, I only have experience with spheres.

Jayla Sanchez - 21/02/2021
Oh my goodness, what a magnificent ball of greatness (5/5)

It's Ice! To get the freezing times right, I had to try several times, but once I did, the ice balls turned out so good! That is exactly what I meant. The first time I tried it was a bit My instructions instructed me to pull the tray out after 24 hours in order to see if that was enough time I will then try to work the time up from there. The 28-hour time frame was not enough for it to freeze. It ended up taking the full 30 hours to do so. Keep in mind when you do it for the first time that there will be water at the bottom that did not freeze when you pull the tray out of the tray "housing" In that sense, it should be like that. As you pull out the ice forms (tray), continue to pull them out. There will be no water in the bottom of the housing, so the balls will be completely frozen. Additionally, you must do a little future planning on the freezing time because you don't want to be at work or at home when you pull them out after 30 hours since, as indicated in instructions, leaving it in the freezer for more than 30 hours may result in damage. As a result, I make mine at 1100 p. m. On Sundays I take them out when I get home from work, so I can take them out when I get home from work. One time, I erred in my calculations and had to phone my spouse to take them out of the freezer because I wasn't home at the time. The amount of $120 is entirely too much to waste on a mistake. While the price of this product is high, it's definitely worth it when you see the crystal clear ice ball when you pour your drink. In my next batch, I'm going to add a piece of lime. I had fun!.

River LEES - 08/07/2021
Several times of use led to cracking / no replacement was provided (1/5)

This is a cool unit for ice, however, at this price, it wasn't very long-lasting. Water is leaking out of the unit before it freezes due to a crack on the bottom. Instead of wasting a lot of time and money on them, buy some other cheaper brand since they don't stand behind their product even when their prices are inflated. I just got the email from Wintersmiths about the update on 3/6/2018. *br>*br>Hi Rick - We appreciate your contacting us. We are very sorry to hear you have an issue and can send you a new one. made the Ice Chest components to be quite durable and we haven't had any issues with them in the hundreds of tests we've produced. The manufacturing partner that we work with and we have been coordinating on the way to fix this issue have both heard about it from a small percentage of our customers. It's still recommended that you keep the freezing time under 30 hours, though, so that the insert doesn't have to deal with It is possible that you will only need 20 hours of freezing time and less with ultra-efficient freezers. In an ideal world, we would have fully-skilled healthcare providers Depending on the type of ice ball and the amount of water in the bottom reservoir, this process may not take as long as for others. How do I find out where to ship the replacement? Can you confirm the best address to send it? Once again, we thank you for your support and apologize for any inconvenience caused! My thanks to Chris, the Founder of Wintersmiths*br>*br>Update 11/23/19*br>Company offered me a replacement try, which I did not receive. In response to this, I purchased one from their site along with a square cube insert, which has worked well until I ended up with frozen water on my freezer door. My company will see if it can send me one or more plastic trays so I can continue to replace My last attempt with the new insert failed again on 6/7/21 today, so I had to purchase my own replacement. The email was forwarded to We did not receive any.

Cillian Krause - 17/04/2021
This ice maker makes beautiful spheres of crystal clear ice every time (5/5)

At first I was reluctant about paying so much for specialized ice making trays, but it was well worth the money. In a good way, the cool thing about this is that the ice melts much slower than ordinary ice spheres, meaning your bourbon doesn't get watered down as rapidly. Several knockoffs are available online for much less money than Wintersmiths, but they are made in the USA and are made from food-safe materials. China is just a country where I cannot trust anything to do with food. Tap water is required for this device. Our home is located in the mountains and we have well water that is amazing. My choice for filtered would be filtered for its flavor if I were in town. A number of reviewers suggested using warm or hot water, although the site recommends it. The tap water is so cold that I top it off with a cup of boiling water from the tea kettle since the well water is so cold. It would be rude not to enjoy your Bourbon in style, especially as life is so short.

Jad PICKERING - 10/07/2021
I've made this previously and if the rubber bottom of the holder were polished more often, it'd be perfect (1/5)

These ice balls are great, however the bottom of the rubber holders for the balls may fill up with water and then freeze. Having to dethaw the ice ball to make more pots of ice balls for more people takes a while. 24-hours is the time it takes to make They never freeze all the way through after 24 hours. I tried 48 hours and they were still not frozen. Then I left it in the freezer for a longer period of time and the result was The only difficulty is I cannot make them as fast as they are used up. There is also a price of.

Collin Villarreal - 11/01/2021