WinterCastle Silver Pro 18-piece Bartender Kit With Bamboo Stand Review

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Giftable 4.7 
Easy to use 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Value for money 4.5 
  • The wooden stand have great stability.
  • Comes with free 50-cocktail recipe ebook.
  • Critics remarks it as a broken rack.

WinterCastle Silver Pro 18-piece Bartender Kit With Bamboo Stand Product Description

There are 18 ounces in the Boston shaker’s recipe. In addition to being beautifully weighted for better shaking, the 28 oz. tin also perfectly fits into the bottom tin. This tin will keep your shakes leak-proof. You will also receive a free eBook containing 50 classic cocktails within the bartender kit. You can mix your favorite drinks with no worries since all bar tools are made of high-quality, 304 stainless steel.

  • The ultimate cocktail set This set of top quality dishwasher-safe bar tools will help you create any type of cocktail you can imagine! Enjoy the perfect mix with this Boston style cocktail shaker, and impress your guests with the most delicious drinks you have ever tasted. Try mixing 3 different cocktails using 3 different strainers to show off your mixing skills. Smooth, effortless stirring is made easy with this beautifully spiraled and balanced bar spoon. Your free copy of the "50 Great Cocktail Classics" eBook will make you the expert in classic.
  • I would absolutely love to have this on my kitchen counter or bar counter. It looks like it would look fantastic! With this patented bamboo stand, you can easily organize all your bar tools in one place for years to come. The stand is designed with side handle cut-outs to allow you to easily pick up and move the tools without having to worry about them falling.
  • AMAZING GIFT IDEAS Give a perfect gift to a cocktail lover - you will not be disappointed! A lifetime of great memories for any occasion - birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, wedding, anniversary, housewarming.
  • A bar set to last a lifetime Built for extreme durability and to be the only bar set you'll The brushed stainless steel pieces have a stunning mirror finish. The stainless steel is 304, which is highly resistant to corrosion. It is easy to separate shaker tins and they make a sure seal that is leak-proof. Measurement rings on the double jigger for precise measurements. Ice chips are reliably removed by a Hawthorne strainer that is tightly wound. Ensure that your drinks are as pure as possible with a fine mesh strainer. With the full-length caps on 4 liquor pourers, the contents do not evaporate or get contaminated.
  • With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you don't have to worry about anything. Here at Winter Castle, we strive to provide our customers with quality barware of the highest standard. Our customer service representatives are happy to replace or refund your purchase if you are not happy with the quality. Invest in the best - buy with confidence!

Questions & Answers

Two of the shaker tins are weighted, yes.
On the printed booklet that is included in the box, you can find instructions on how to access the eBook.
With the 28 oz shaker tin, a tight seal forms around the 20 oz tin in the set, but a pint glass would not hold tightly.
Due to the copper color of the stainless steel, It is recommended to wash this color by hand.

Selected User Reviews For WinterCastle Silver Pro 18-piece Bartender Kit With Bamboo Stand

It is a great weight, a great quality, and an excellent first product (5/5)

My goal is to teach myself how to make drinks using this set. You have received all the information you requested. I have checked everything and I feel that it is durable as well as high Black is the color of the set I bought. There was only one thing I didn't like, which was that the cups were a lighter purple The rest of the night was spent washing everything and making I'd like a Raspberry Daquiri and a Gimlet for my cocktail. I have no complaints about the pourers the shaker didn't leak, and the strainers did their jobs properly. A label is on the inside of Jigger, so it proves useful. I would recommend this purchase to everyone. This product would be ideal for self-gifting, father's day, Christmas, birthdays, or as a gift to someone special.

Dorian Duran - 30/01/2021
How well do you think you would do as a bartender? The truth is that I Stayed there for three days and didn't do anything - It is possible to place orders at home (5/5)

Then I found myself drinking just for the sake of drinking. There was no such thing as that Things aren't going as well as they should. However, now that Winter Castle has been released- This kit contains 18 pieces that will help bartenders get the job done. As part of the training process for making classy, fancy, fruity, sour and frozen cocktails, I now have an excuse to drink without feeling guilty about it. Don't allow those who won't get up to move any more side-eyes. has now become a learning process and I try to solve mixing problems.

Lyra Allen - 01/01/2021
As pictured, it was not what we expected (1/5)

Bartending is my purpose for buying this - My wife and I have been bartending in New York City for 5 years and we would like to replace some worn out gunmetal sets. As described, this strainer is very inexpensive and does not meet its purpose. The spring is sparsely wired and the shape of the tea strainer will cause the tea's purée or seeds to fall directly into the tea. The item will be returned and I'll go to restaurant depot, as I should've done the first time.

Lea Gonzales - 13/07/2021
The package was broken when it was delivered (2/5)

As a gift, I bought this but we discovered that the bamboo holder was broken when we opened the box. There was obvious glue in the joints, so we thought maybe we could make it ourselves -- but when we attempted to assemble it and put the components in, it fell apart. I'm not interested in it. When I consider how much it cost, I expect more.

Malcolm Eaton - 17/06/2021
It was a gift of great value (5/5)

gave this to my boyfriend as a gift, and he really The jigger and the three strainers were his favorites, and he also loved all the pour spouts and the quality of the spoon. Out of all the sets I looked at, this one seemed the best for the price. A good amount of care was taken in packaging, and nothing was damaged. It was the E that he loved There was a recipe book that went with it.

Maximo Booth - 05/07/2021
The product I bought is of good quality (5/5)

I had previously purchased (and promptly returned) three other brands of the same set before I found This set is about $10 more expensive than the other sets I tried, but it feels like it is $100 more expensive, as it performs and feels far better than its competitors. I am glad I did not settle for a similar product so I could experience its quality. It is especially nice to see the engraved measurements on the 2oz jigger. This set is unique. I haven't seen anything like it. This is a highly recommended book!.

Amelia David - 09/01/2021
This is the perfect home bar for you! Even though I don't drink much (anymore), I thought this would be neat to have when entertaining or at You'll get instructions and a PDF (delivered by email by the seller personally) of recipes along with it, so you won't have to worry if you're not an experienced cook! You only need the alcohol to complete it! Comes with everything pictured, so you are ready to go! (5/5)


Scott IQBAL - 16/05/2021
Base is of poor quality, and the rest of the product is of high quality (5/5)

It feels good to wear each piece and it looks good too. There is only one problem with the puzzle the base broke when the puzzle was removed from A new base would be great! I'll give 5 stars if I can! The first update has been released Yesterday, I received a new stand in the mail, along with a personal message from the owners! I am very happy with the customer service I received as well as the quality of the stand.

Marco Koch - 29/05/2021