Wine-Outside Unbreakable Wine Glasses Review

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Durability 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.5 
Giftable 4.3 
  • Comes with the capacity of 18 oz.
  • Have rounded edges.
  • Clouds can be seen while washing.

Wine-Outside Unbreakable Wine Glasses Product Description

Following the prolonged lockdown and restrictions due to the pandemic, people want to be outside and enjoy the outdoor life. It’s time we choose Wine Outside Unbreakable Wine Glasses to celebrate the start of the holiday season without having to worry about breaking any glasses. Despite their exceptional durability and shape, users can easily transport these glasses outside, making them the best wine glasses for picnics. These stemless wine glasses are described as ‘classy’ and feel comfortable in the hand. The company claims that their stemless design is BPA and EA-free, ensuring safe use without any hidden issues. People eagerly seeking the best stemless wine glasses should consider this product.

  • You're looking for truly unbreakable outdoor wine glasses, but you don't want to sacrifice the style and feel of the glass? It was created by Wine Outside to be one of the best and most convenient stemless wine glasses in the world. You can enjoy the looks and feel of high-end glassware but don't worry about breaking it since the body is shatterproof. This dishwasher safe outdoor wine glass does not break when you squeeze it or melt in the dishwasher like many other unbreakable models on the market.
  • A 500-wash test of our outdoors stemless wine glasses passes with flying colors. Our glasses are both commercially and domestic dishwasher safe. This collection is made of 100% BPA-free Tritan plastic. It won't stain, fade or cause cloudiness even after hundreds of spins in the dishwasher, giving you years of use out of your purchase. It will be just as good as new for many years to come if you use your original Wine Outside set of 4 plastic wine glasses.
  • Some plastic wine glasses have hard, sharp edges that make drinking from them uncomfortable. ROUNDED-EDGE DESIGN Many of the plastic wine glasses have rounded edges. The best part is that it's As part of our effort to keep the quality level of the tritan glassware, we enhanced its design with rounded rim edges found on any high-quality bottle. Get the benefit of premium design without having to worry about the hassle of normal wine glasses. Beverages like cocktails, beers, sodas, water, and more can also be used in the bottle!
  • We want wine or cocktail glasses that we can hold in our hands at all times, not ones that feel unnatural or disposable. Our glasses all have a weighted bottom to keep them from tipping over. That's why our glasses are heavy plastic, so you can enjoy drinking wine to the fullest.
  • FRAGRANCE FREE AND BPA FREE Our original Wine Outside set of 4 unbreakable outdoor wine glasses are made of USA Eastman Tritan and are completely safe for usage on a daily basis. Make great reusable wine glasses for the home bar or for picnics, beach, camping, parties, and similar events where you need a durable heavy duty plastic glass. This set also works nicely as outdoor wine glasses.

Questions & Answers

Hey there, All of our Tritan wine glasses have very barely visible seams. A mold is used to make these.
Glass is definitely more beautiful than plastic.
These glasses are 4 inches high and 6 inches wide It is 1/4 of an inch.
A pound and a half.

Selected User Reviews For Wine-Outside Unbreakable Wine Glasses

If you have a dishwasher, you can run it on sanitize (5/5)

In light of the pandemic and having friends over OUTSIDE, all of my dishes and glassware have been run through my dishwasher's sanitize cycle. There are instances when I've had outdoor plates and glasses melt and warp. This does not apply to these! I loved the way these looked (like real glass) and they remain cool even when I run my dishwasher at full blast. At the moment, they are still clear and look great. I don't know if they will last a long time without clouding. This is a really nice gift for my husband who is hard to please with things like this. I like the grip, the feel, and the look of them. The product is excellent and I am very satisfied with it.

Vicente Sweeney - 21/02/2021
The company is fantastic! My first reaction to these sunglasses was that they were smaller than I expected (5/5)

I gave them a lower rating due to that. I have to admit, however, that I had to rethink my decision due to the amazing customer service I received from this company. A set of wine glasses looks and feels great in the palm of your hand. Each glass is the same size and shape as a regular glass, and makes them very comfortable to hold in your hand. As a result of having washed them by hand in the past, I have never put them in the dishwasher as they get cloudy & brittle As much as I wanted to keep these, I did not want them damaged. After washing and drying, they leave a very sparkly finish. Besides being shiny, they are the perfect size for swirling your wine to release its aroma. In addition to cold drinks, they are good for iced teas. I was approached by ) to address my concerns and was offered The glasses were kept, I did not take the refund, and I am extremely grateful to Sarah Boggs for providing extraordinary service!.

Leonel Russo - 25/07/2021
When they get cloudy, they get hazy! Originally purchased to be used around our pool area, these glasses were intended for outdoor use (1/5)

My surprise at how many marks and hand prints I found on them would not wash off with a gentle sponge and dish detergent. As soon as I used the product, this happened. It's also really easy to get water spots on them when you wash them in the dishwasher & A new copy is required The garments have been washed and dried by hand. This is a really nice set of glasses--both in design, size and weight--and I'm really disappointed that I bought two sets of them (8 glasses). This is something that if I had noticed on anyone else's review, I would not have purchased the products.

Maison Frazier - 25/05/2021
Accidentally breaking a wine glass is a thing of the past (5/5)

Because I own one already, I decided to gift this item to a friend. Taking these to a gathering with friends is a good idea or even traveling with them. Because it is not made of glass, I am less concerned about it breaking like a glass wine glass. The glass can fit quite a bit of wine and is a good choice for those looking for a large wine glass.

Rebekah Maynard - 17/06/2021
This is a good option for As I've dropped them and thrown them and performed other terrible things that would shatter lesser glasses, I do not want to be too harsh on these, because they're pretty good glasses that are really durable (3/5)

It is because of the looks that the stars are 3 stars. The seem and the injection spot for the mold can be seen when you look closely at them. They look like glass at a distance, but closer examination shows them to be glasses. The most important thing is that they do not feel like glass. It is easy to tell that they are plastic the moment you pick them up. The plastic may be well made, but the plastic is.

Rhett Carr - 28/03/2021
It's pretty and durable, and makes a great gift! The patio is the perfect place for these glasses and they are These are just the right size and look like glass in the hand (5/5)

The smudges are slightly small (more white than red) but I like them because they make things warm up even more quickly in the summer so it makes me want to refill them frequently. This is definitely something I would.

Ayleen Ray - 04/02/2021
No matter what the seller claims, this glass set cannot be placed in the dishwasher (1/5)

Neither of these can be washed in the dishwasher. When I was shopping for glasses this time, I wanted dishwasher safe ones since I have bought plastic wine glasses in the past that changed color over time. Despite both the description and the packaging claiming they are dishwasher-safe, they don't appear to be. In preparation for using them, I put the glasses in the dishwasher before they were first used. Despite only washing them once, the rugs are damaged as you can see from the attached image. The scam is so obvious.

Scarlet Armstrong - 19/03/2021
You need good sunglasses for the outdoors (5/5)

It was of course instinctive for me to take it out of the box and do it right then! A super durable material. My pool will be a great place to use these in the summer. Thanks for your kind words!.

Koa McCoy - 20/05/2021