Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Review

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Control de temperatura 4.7 
Nivel de ruido 3.0 
  • Very affordable.
  • Made by a trusted brand.
  • door is only half opaque (bottom opaque protects wine bottles for longer-term storage.

Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Product Description

You’re looking for an affordable option and don’t need the large capacity of the Eurocave, this 18-bottle wine cooler from Wine Enthusiast (the maker of our best wine refrigerator for the money) is a good option. While the bottom half of the bottles is opaque to protect them from light, the top glass half lets you know when the bottles are ready for use. Reviewers on Amazon say this fridge still protects your finest vintages at a much more affordable price, making it one of the top picks.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Cooling with compressed air has been proven to last up to 2 times longer than thermoelectric cooling systems. The compressor wine coolers work efficiently and quietly so that you can enjoy consistent temperatures in your home no matter what the ambient temperature is.
  • Dual zone wine cooler that can handle all your various wine collections - Your range of wine needs varying temperatures, and this dual zone wine cooler will handle them. A split zone lets you store and age red wine in the lower part of the rack while setting just the right temperature for whites and roses in the upper part of the rack. You can also set them both to a single temperature and use it as a single zone wine cooler.
  • Simple to Use A digital touch screen on the front makes it easy for you to monitor the inside temperature of the wine collection. A clear LED display always makes it clear what the temperature is.
  • There is no better size to hold up to 18 burgundy bottles and it is ideal for collections of smaller sizes owned by collectors with discerning tastes. Shelves made of metal remain in place and make bottles easy to access and so they can be easily read so you can select the perfect bottle. The 32 bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler measures 18 bottles in each zone. Three times thirteen is three times three times thirteen. You will need 4 x 18 pieces. This item measures 49 inches tall and weighs 9 pounds. The weight of the bag is 5 pounds.
  • We warrant each wine refrigerator with guarantees from both the Wine Enthusiast and Wine Storage Advisor, a business with more than 40 years of wine preservation, storage, and service experience. Parts are covered for one year, labor for three years, and sealed system parts for three years only. All warranties are handled by Wine Enthusiast's customer service department.

Selected User Reviews For Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

I found it too loud, but the temperature was accurate

This seems to be a consistent and accurate temperature measurement. The only downside is that the compressor makes a very loud buzz every time it turns on, which happens every 3 to 5 minutes. It is very annoying to hear the noise. The thing you will want to do if you purchase it is to store it far away so everyone can't hear it.

Jamal Henry - 20/03/2021
The best money I ever spent! You definitely got your money's worth with this service! Regardless of what we are drinking - whites, reds, and even bourbon - we can now store them all safely and make sure they remain at the PERFECT temperature when we need It is incredibly useful to have dual temperatures

It has quickly become a household staple in our household and I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys wine or bourbon and is unsure whether to try it or not.

Harmony Mora - 28/03/2021
This is a sleek, quiet, and effective system

So far, so good. I was able to set it up in no time. I've liked the way it's maintaining the temperature and how quiet it is. The temperature of my wine has really made a difference in how I am enjoying it. As it turns out, the storage space has more flexibility than I anticipated. It is possible to fit bigger bottles if you switch around the direction of bottles. I am very pleased with the overall result!.

Alfredo Acevedo - 04/01/2021
This is an excellent product because it's pretty, functional, and loud

With its sleek design and remarkable temperature retention, this is a stylish wine cooler. Upon receiving the first unit, I was forced to run the compressor literally every two seconds We're available 24 hours a day, five minutes a There's also a loud noise coming from this sucker. The customer service at Wine Enthusiast was great, and they answered my questions directly. A replacement was sent to me without question. There is a few times per hour where Unit #2 is triggered, but not as frequently as Unit 1. There is still a lot of noise. It would be great if I were able to get my money back. I wish I could, but I can't. Now I guess it is time to learn to cope Each star goes to the amazing customer service of Wine Enthusiast as well as to its stunning looks. It's crazy how amazing they are.

Elena Nguyen - 14/05/2021
White, red, and rose are the colors of the French flag

In order to keep separate our wines (red, white, and rose), and either keep them at room temperature or chilled, we purchased this machine. With this machine, you can control the temperatures of two different sections with different temperature controls. In the upper level is red wine (room temperature) and in the lower level is white wine and roses (chilled temperature). I have only had it for a week, but I am impressed with how easy it is to set up and I hope we will be able to use it for many years to come.

Camden Arnold - 14/02/2021
Is good at what it does There is a lot of noise

It is dual in nature I like how the temp wine fridge looks, the rack spacing is generous, and it keeps wine at serving temperature no matter what color. *br>*br>But what I didn't look for was how gurgly it sounds when you are actively trying to cool it. Having become accustomed to it now, we sometimes dismiss it almost as a white noise in our homes, but when we encounter it for the first time, it is definitely noticeable. Despite its relatively quiet operation when not actively cooling, the fridge can still be heard when it isn't active. Light from the interior of the cabinet helps pick out the right bottle and provides a nice backdrop for those displayed towards the bottom in the "presentation" rack.

Bobby Bernard - 24/03/2021
Temperature control is fantastic and is very quiet

It holds the temperature very well and does not make any noise. It fluctuates sometimes, but it is only for a few minutes and then it returns to its original state.

Zion WHITEHOUSE - 19/07/2021
I like the look of this compact wine refrigerator

In general, I am pleased with the purchase. There is a little sound when it kicks in but other than that it looks clean and keeps the temperature fairly constant.

Elodie McCullough - 02/05/2021