Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone Wine Cellar Review

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  • Can hold up to 70 bottles.
  • Dual-Zone Model.
  • Dual-zone fridges usually have difficulty maintaining consistent temperatures.

Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone Wine Cellar Product Description

There is no need for a dual-zone model if you are willing to remove the wine from the fridge before serving, so that it can warm up to the proper serves temperature (depending on the type of wine, it might need to be served warmer or colder than the storage temperature). In cases where you need to store wine but will also be able to pour it immediately, the Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone is a good choice. This wine rack is the same price as the Classic 80 and has the same features, but the Classic 70 allows you to store different wines at different temperatures, and it has fewer shelves. We’ve been told that dual-zone fridges may be more likely to malfunction and have a more difficult time maintaining consistent temperatures, but most wines should still be fine with slight fluctuations in temperature.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • A truly reliable storage cellar at an affordable price If you require a truly reliable storage cellar, then our classic black is the perfect choice. The double zone cabinet for 70 bottles is extremely efficient and protects your wine investments with top notch wine storage technology. Perfect to have in the basement, basement or family room, this wine cellar is perfect for any home.
  • The temperature range of 46 - 66 ° F provides ideal serving conditions for most whites as well as optimum storage conditions for reds and whites. This device also features a flexible thermostat allowing you to adjust the temperature from 41 ° F to 68 ° F.
  • Featuring a triple-pane glass door with UV protection, a black exterior door, and a black cabinet with cool blue LED lighting, this cooler is the perfect fit for any décor.
  • This burgundy bottle holder can hold up to 70 bottles of the same size. A single bottle of burgundy can be stored in the wine cellar for up to 70 standard-size bottles. In some cases, you may be limited in your capacity if up to half of your collection is made up of non-standard burgundy size bottles.
  • This is only for holdings. Aspect ratio 40 - 1/5 inches, 23 - 1/5 inches, 24 - 4/5 inches. Dimensions without handle 40 - 4/5 inches, 23 - 1/5 inches, 24 - 4/5 inches.

Selected User Reviews For Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone Wine Cellar

You wouldn't want to do that! My wine fridge was awfully designed and the customer service was even worse

I had a number of issues with it. In the beginning, there was hired a very unprofessional company and it showed up in my backyard in the back of a pickup truck with one asked me to help him get it into the house from the truck. In terms of design, the fridge is very poorly thought out. The rack claims to hold 70 bottles (9 bottles In spite of this, the grooves are extremely narrow. According to them, their wine cellar holds average sized Bordeaux bottles, but in fact, On my rack, fewer than 50 percent of the bottles I own fit. The racks on which I store the bottles do not allow me to alternate them. As a consequence, I can only store maybe 40 bottles in the fridge per week. I will have to jam them in and have them not sit correctly in the grooves if I get more than five. Further, the slide rails are not attached to the slide racks. There is no restriction on their movements. Pulling out the rack fully may cause it to fall to the ground, so make sure to be The rack stays in place when filled with 9 bottles (or in my case only four or five bottles fit properly) due to the weight of the bottles. However, if there's only one bottle on the rack and you want to pull it out fully, the rack will topple over and the bottle will fall to the ground. How or why they designed it so that the racks are not attached to the rails is a mystery to me. When I reached out to Wine Enthusiast several times, I was told, that's just the way things are. Could there possibly be a problem with the size of my Last but not least, there is a blue LED surround on the fridge. Upon turning on and viewing the fridge straight on, it gives off a subtle back glow that really stands out. The LED strip does not appear completely visible from an angle, so when viewed from the side, the LED strip looks more like neon or a laser than a wine refrigerator. Overall, I feel the customer service is terrible and the fridge is just as bad as the service. There's nothing to recommend from Wine Enthusiast in the wine fridge department.

Avah Porter - 28/06/2021
You can't go wrong with this purchase! I bought this wine cellar for my wife because she wanted it exactly as she had pictured it

Design, space, and the fact that the temperature can be adjusted are among her favorites. You can't go wrong with this purchase!.

Chaim Jenkins - 19/05/2021