Wine Disc Wine Pourer Review

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  • Easy to clean and use.
  • It's portable.
  • Safety to use and food-grade approved.
  • Doesn't stain or leak.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Discolors after a few days.

Wine Disc Wine Pourer Product Description

With Wine Disc pourer you don’t have to worry about stains on your sparkling white cloth. It ensures every drop gets into the wine glass. Operating this tool is extremely easy as you’ll only need to rill up, then insert in your wine bottle’s neck. It’s also portable and you can throw it in your travel bag or the pocket and not miss a high quality wine anytime. It’s absolutely safe and tested for quality assurance. Without a doubt you’ll not regret spending every penny on this product.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • It will never happen again Grandma's white tablecloth will not be stained with red wine.
  • You can re-use the sponge over and over again by rolling it up and dropping it on the bottle's neck, rinsing it, then using again.
  • It is portable. Put a few in your pocket so that you can carry them around easily. The mattress lies flat and is neither bulky nor heavy.
  • Food that has been tested in the laboratory is safe.
  • With Money Back Guarantee, There Are No Questions Asked.

Selected User Reviews For Wine Disc Wine Pourer

After just one or two washings, they start to discolor

I think these discs do what's supposed to be done. You can pour wine without having to worry about After just a few washings the silver paint is fading begin to come off Afterward, you're left with a translucent plastic disc which has a splotch of silver in the center. Over time, the disc will begin to peel into separate layers as you use/wash it. The only problem is that it seems inconvenient and wasteful to have to throw them away after just a few months. If I have been drinking silver paint flakes, then I must have.

Leighton Levine - 14/06/2021
The wine drips do not occur The cost per disc is lower than 75 cents We recommend it

Using these for my Christmas party of 24 people this year was a great idea. Our guests were offered red and white wine and sparkling cider over white plates and counters, as well as white tablecloths. It was impossible for wine to drip. Their appearance in a bottle is nice. If you are willing to take the time to wipe and wipe and wipe away the water spots, these can be washed and reused. In addition, they are also cost-effective a package of ten costs less than 75 cents per disc, and if you re-use them, the cost is even lower.

Elise Galloway - 30/05/2021
Please do not attempt to perform this at home! conduct wine tastings every Saturday at The Wine Chap wine store in Nashville, Tennessee, and offer 6 to 50 people a taste of six or more wines

I am the most sloppily-written pseudo-scholar of them all, plus I'm the most incompetent There's a formula for stained shirts and shoes on either side of the Languedoc. (Sneak around me in black. By using these wine discs, when I remember to use them, I give the impression that I am a member of a renowned French wine family whose roots go back more than four centuries. It is due to the meticulous and perfect pouring that I always appear to be buzzed and seeing double or can consume copious amounts of the quaffable entrants with my guests. The devices are easy to use, simple to use, and make life easier.

Charles Zimmerman - 04/08/2021
This is the brand you should buy, not one of the off brands! As soon as I saw one of these in a winery, I ordered one

In my case, I ordered another Wine Pourer (not this one) and was absolutely shocked when the coating started wearing off after three How was I ingesting whatever was on my tongue It didn't even cross my mind to return, so I left a negative review (*BR>*BR>THIS item "The Original Wine Disc", was exactly what I needed. The quality of the work and the after-restoration are excellent It is like having a brand new disc when you play it ten times! You should definitely try it if you do not like drips in your wine!.

Madisyn Barton - 05/02/2021
Designed for use with a Patron bottle - It is a soap dispenser

The following disclaimer applies to this material bought these discs to put in a dispenser that is used to put soap in a Patron bottle that I purchased with the intention of pouring wine. These are excellent for this purpose (though I can see why they would work well for wine as well). Despite being flexible, they are solid and fit perfectly in the opening of the bottle I have. They do not slip out of the container and I have taken mine out to clean it several times and put it back in without any trouble. In the package, I got 10 cards, so the price was right and I also got extra cards. This is an amazing device. I can't say enough good things about it.

Lana Witt - 25/06/2021
The size was smaller than expected, but the thickness was excellent and the work was excellent

Despite the fact that these discs are smaller than most discs I own, the size did not affect my enjoyment of them. As well as preventing wine from dripping down the side of the bottle, these work as well. Additionally, these seem to be a bit thicker than my old ones, so they will probably last longer. Since I have a couple of different houses and use them with every bottle of wine, I should have purchased a couple of packages.

Noah Zuniga - 29/05/2021
That is an amazing piece of technology! This is an amazing disc - I recommend it to everyone

You should insert the disc (be sure to insert the disc at the top of the open end of the bottle. A) the wine comes out of the bottle and right onto the disc As the wine slides to the bottom of the glass, it goes into the Wow, what an amazing experience!.

Banks Bradley - 12/05/2021
I am very happy with these! I use these mylar discs all the time

It just takes a few seconds to roll up a paper towel and put it in the bottle There are no drips at all when the wine is poured. I love how simple and effective it is. As well as being tough, Mylar is also lightweight. After use, rinse the disc off, then towel dry it. You can then reuse it again and again. It would be easy for a couple to go on a wine tour with them, since they take up no space. Should I ever lose these ten discs or if they ever wear out, I would certainly buy another pack. By the way When it arrived in a mailer, one of the discs was stuck in the flap and covered in glue. The manufacturer immediately sent an entire replacement package to me after I wrote to them. Customer service of that caliber is outstanding.

Kara Gillespie - 14/06/2021