Wine Aerator and Wine Saver Pump with 2 Vacuum Bottle Stoppers by Barvivo Review

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Durability 4.7 
Giftable 4.6 
Value for money 4.6 
Easy to clean 4.5 
Easy to use 4.5 
Flavor 4.1 
  • Performance is Unmatched.
  • Exceptional Design.
  • Stunning Packaging.
  • The issue of availability is a worry.

Wine Aerator and Wine Saver Pump with 2 Vacuum Bottle Stoppers by Barvivo Product Description

You can aerate and pour your wine with ease with this aerator. It makes a cheap bottle of wine taste 3x better than it was – You can even enjoy just one glass since preserving it with a stopper is so simple.

  • You will be able to present a cool wine accessory as well as serve wonderful tasting wine to your friends. You'll not only be able to impress them with good tasting wine but you will also be able to serve them an expensive wine. decanter users will admit that this premium pourer offers a more fragrant and more flavorful wine after aeration than most decanters do. And since it doesn't drip like most decanters, even the decanter enthusiast will be amazed by how well it works. Whether you are planning a dinner party or serving wine to your guests, this set has everything you will need.
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  • This unique and exquisite Barvivo gift box makes a stunning difference to your best friend's birthday party. Imagine your friend's delight when you hand it to him. With the compelling box and the story that unfolds upon it, you and your loved ones are sure to create lasting memories. A great icebreaker at dining parties, it is a wonderful and fun topic of conversation. It is fashionable, festive, has great storage and says "I care!". People will save this box because it looks amazing, stores all its accessories perfectly and says "I care!".
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Questions & Answers

Dear Juan, Thank you so much for your inquiry. *br>*br>Stainless steel is indeed the material of choice for our wine pumps. The quality is exceptional and the durability is outstanding. Please note *br> Alternatively, if you think it would be more comfortable for you to test it yourself, you can order it and test it out yourself. If you don't like it, you can always return it. I hope this helps )! Should you have any other questions, please get in touch with me. A wonderful day is in store for you, my dear. I would like to extend my best wishes to Brigham*br>Customer *br>FEEL LIKE A LUXURY WOMAN WITH BARVIVO*br>*br>Simple luxury should be a privilege available to all.
Thank you very much for getting in touch with us, we appreciate it. The set seems to have satisfied you, so we are glad to hear that! If you need more stoppers than what is included in the set, we do indeed sell spare stoppers as spare parts. The following link will take you to the purchase page Please visit our website. The Amazon website. In addition to the stoppers we are running low on some products. I am glad to inform you that we will be completely restocked by the end of July or the first week of August. Would you like to be added to our mailing list so that we can notify you when they return? You are welcome to get in touch with me if you wish, and I hope to hear from you soon. I would like to extend my best wishes to Brigham*br>Customer *br>FEEL LIKE A LUXURY WOMAN WITH BARVIVO*br>*br>Simple luxury should be a privilege available to all.
Set includes 2 Vacuum Bottle Stoppers - these prevent the rest of the wine from evaporating during the aeration process - and preserve the remaining wine. Whenever we finish a bottle, we make sure to drink it all The Wine Enthusiast magazine recommends that you keep your wines between 14 and 18 months after they have been aerated Cheers! Enjoy your cake within a couple of days.
It happened to me as well (see my previous It is impossible to reinstall the O ring. Suction is no longer needed.

Selected User Reviews For Wine Aerator and Wine Saver Pump with 2 Vacuum Bottle Stoppers by Barvivo

There is a bit of a mixed bag here (5/5)

There cannot be any doubt that the aerator spout works perfectly, but the "corks" don't work An agent from the vendor called to let me know about the problem I was having with the seal of the corks. I received a new set of corks as soon as possible without any prompting from me. In addition, I love the aerator, as well as the spare seals and tubes that come with it! I give Barvivo major props!.

Ashley Morgan - 03/05/2021
This is good (5/5)

There is a difference between what I expected and what happened. In my opinion, the aerator seems to use air to make the wine more aerate, so I thought it was the one aspect of the kit that I found On the other hand, it seemed that the wine pump and vacuum wine stoppers did not work. It's kind of irritating to have to guess when you should stop since you cannot tell when you should stop from using the pump. I don't understand why the stoppers leak, they hold for about a day and then leak again, leaving the wine exposed to the air, which is antithetical to the whole purpose of this product. I have contacted the seller and asked them to send me another set of stoppers so that I can evaluate them. Thanks for following up on my order, I will update when the replacements arrive. Another star for the good customer service. *br>*br>Update It seems that everything is working well now that the replacement part has been received. It has great customer service which is worth the purchase by itself.

Mina Blair - 23/01/2021
The wine will totally change for the better once you try it (5/5)

Almost all wines benefit from the use of the aerator. Each and every bottle of it is used by me. Every wine drinker knows that you should let your wine breathe before taking a sip. It is possible to wait an hour or two while you decant (basically, let it sit in a wide container) OR to use the instant wine method right away. This makes a cheap bottle of wine taste like one that is quite expensive, while a young bottle is made to appear as if it has been aged for many When you consider how much you can save by not purchasing more expensive bottles, this is a great investment. I am also pleased to say that the vacuum saver operates as expected. I'm going to keep a red on the counter for a few days. There are times when the wine is even better after a while of sitting. I also appreciate the spare parts that are included For the aerator, some gaskets and tubes are needed.

Uriel Pham - 18/01/2021
The product is excellent, the service is great, and it's a great kit in general (5/5)

I was able to follow the instructions easily (it's real English, not a bad translation) and, best of all, it works as described! It is remarkable how much better the wine tastes and smells with the aerator, and today, I reopened the bottle after tens of days with no signs I contacted customer service that evening after receiving my unit on Christmas Eve since it had a defective aerator (the spout had a chip). They instantly helped me fix the problem. The next day, a replacement unit was sent out to me after they confirmed my shipping address! I was surprised by their timely response on Christmas morning. Upon receiving the replacement, it was in excellent condition and arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Moreover, the packaging is very gift-friendly.

Reina BYRNE - 17/03/2021
If your stoppers are older models, they don't seal A mail was sent to Barviro Even after reading previous reviews about sealing problems, I still ordered this wine set to see how it would turn out (5/5)

It seems like the aerator works fine, but BARVIVO's claim that your wine will taste "3 times better" seems a little faulty. That sounds interesting. To me this sounds a bit overstated, but I will let time and experience tell us more. I, too, was disappointed by the inability of the stoppers to seal. There was almost no resistance between the two sealing rings and the In this case, the vacuum pump is also worthless without seals. I am dissatisfied with this product from the very beginning. I have contacted [email protected], and they assure me that any issues will be resolved within 48 hours. The company. They just replied to my email, so we will see what they say. The next step is to be determined. REASON FOR BARVINO'S REACTION We are grateful for your interest in our organization, and appreciate your reaching out to us. It's a shame to hear that the stoppers on your bottles are too loose. Although they may not fit all 25 oz bottles, they should be able to fit most. Because we only have one size of stopper, we have no choice but to use them as they are. If the bottle opening is narrower, you can try out the seal on a smaller bottle opening and see if it can hold. This should be helpful, I hope. I would appreciate it if you told me what you found. My wishes for a wonderful day go out to you. I wish you the best of luck, Care for our customers The BARVINO update for June 2020 is as follows A joint venture between BARVINO and Our founder sent us 4 new and improved stoppers which are now working I appreciate the excellent customer service.

Erin Hickman - 10/04/2021
It's a very nice and well-designed website! The items are very useful once we figured out how to use the aerator (and then the pump and caps) (5/5)

It is shown in a video (I did not notice the long black piece at first This was hidden inside the nice box that was designed for the purpose). Aerating the wine and adding flavor does its job very well once it is in use. Clean up is easy once the pieces have been used. In the past, the wine has tasted fine the night after it has been served. They are nice items and if you can tell by the design, the two young designers have put a lot of effort into their work. *br>*br>A really great.

Christina HARTLEY - 13/07/2021
Perfect for my needs (5/5)

After opening a bottle of wine and corking it with the wine saver, I had not opened it again for After pouring myself a glass of wine, I noticed that it tasted like the bottle had only been open for maybe a day or two, but I can't imagine a better bargain for a product which is so good!.

Simone PARKIN - 16/05/2021
It works with the aerator, but not with the pump (3/5)

As far as we are concerned, the aerator works fine. It is true. Despite trying this pump on numerous bottles of wine (both expensive and cheap) and trying that to accomplish a vacuum seal, my husband and I have been unable to do so. Our video instructions have been watched and we have done what they say, but nothing has worked. I have inserted the cork all the way and I have ensured that I am pulling the pump up and down in a straight line. I have pumped for 30 pumps and no vacuum still exists.

Max DODD - 15/01/2021