Winco SPR-42S Single Speed Rail Review

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  • Stainless steel.
  • There is only one high-speed rail.
  • Only one brand is available.

Winco SPR-42S Single Speed Rail Product Description

It has a 42-inch speed rail, which means that you will have more space at your bar corner with the Winco SPR-42S. One of Winco’s newest offerings is a 42-inch long single-speed rail that is capable of holding ten 34 ounce bottles filled with your favorite alcoholic beverage. If you have a bar or kitchen, it would be a great idea to buy a few of these rails. The speed rail allows you to store your staff’s favorite drinks in an easy-to-access location, ensuring they can prepare drinks faster than ever before. Due to its premium stainless steel construction, this speed rail can easily withstand everyday use that is extremely intense.

  • It's a single.
  • I chose stainless steel because it is durable.