Winco PFBT-11W Flair Bottle, White With Lavender Tint Review

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  • Suitable for beginners.
  • May deal with breakage if used incorrectly over time.

Winco PFBT-11W Flair Bottle, White With Lavender Tint Product Description

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Questions & Answers

The liquid holds up well in them.
The 750-mL bottle will fit 12 glasses. The rubber pouring spout that comes with it is hard to remove, so you may want to buy separate pouring spouts for it.

Selected User Reviews For Winco PFBT-11W Flair Bottle, White With Lavender Tint

Compared to actual competition bottles, these are much smaller (2/5)

There are much fewer bottles in this set than in a competition. Use them to practice for competitions, but don't use them to practice for competitions. When you stall with this, the weight and base are completely out of alignment. The best way to tape up some empty liquor bottles is to use a little bit of tape. A large practice bottle does not seem to be available on Amazon. It wasn't until I read the description that I found out what they were. It's only 750ml and 3 X 11 compared to your basic The majority of bars offer liter bottles for one dollar. In competitions, 1 is used instead of 75. We have 75 bottles of wine. They have much wider bases and are also much heavier than before.

Gunnar Harrington - 18/01/2021
Great job, I love I recommend this toy as a good practice tool (5/5)

While playing with some friend's juggling toys, I got the chance to try out one of these. I was surprised at how similar it was to a real liquor bottle. A few hundred pounds, but not too much. Almost right in terms of balance. This is an indestructible material. It has a pour spout crafted from soft rubber My practice with it has been a lot of fun so far.

Abby Logan - 23/05/2021
This is the stuff of It is not attached to the bottom of the bottle (2/5)

The design of the bottle is seriously flawed if you intend to put liquid in it! The glass also shattered the moment it was dropped. The bottles used in this garbage were solid but I'm not sure what they were thinking when they made them! You're better off spending a few dollars more to get the best We don't usually see you like this at WinCo, but you've done it again.

Deacon Weber - 28/07/2021
Product and service were both excellent, as was the delivery time (5/5)


Jedidiah Carpenter - 06/02/2021
At the bottom, there are leaks (1/5)

As it arrived on time, I put it away until my 1st day of Flair bartending class later that day. I found out later that the water comes out of the bottom when you fill the bottle with water. I have been let down.

Declan Stone - 09/03/2021
Water leaking from the seal on the bottom (2/5)

The product and quality of this item are great, however, only after I placed some liquid inside was I able to find that it was leaking from the bottom.

Jacob Bautista - 19/05/2021
Size and weight should be realistic (4/5)

Using this bottle as a practice bottle will be helpful. The glass-like material has the same look and feel, but it cannot be broken. In spite of the fact that I have only mastered a few basic tricks so far, the bottles have allowed me to make this much progress. I highly recommend this book!.

Elijah Owen - 28/03/2021
I like it a lot as a A friend of mine is competing in a bartending contest, and after she has dropped the bottle so many times, I am wondering if these are still in one piece (5/5)

It still appears to be in good condition. The bottle can be filled to simulate a real bottle in both size and weight.

Eithan Mendoza - 20/01/2021