Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator Review

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Style 4.5 
Temperature Control 3.8 
Value for money 3.8 
  • Offers mechanical temperature control.
  • Integrated fan.
  • Glass border are build up of stainless steel.
  • Costlier.

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator Product Description

The Whynter 33-inch beverage refrigerator will chill your beer quickly! It uses brushed stainless steel and a slick door handle for easy operation. This chiller can handle the chilliest of chilling tasks with temperatures ranging from 30 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. comes with an LED lighting unit you can turn on and off by hand, which makes it a beer fridge you could keep in your bedroom during the night without waking you up. The door is clear, so you can tell if you need to stock up at a glance.

  • There are 120 standard 12 oz. bottles in this case. Canned goods.
  • Setup on a freestanding base.
  • Door that can be reversible.

Questions & Answers

Despite its quiet nature, it is possible to freeze large bottles near the back, and overall I am extremely pleased with this refrigerator.
The manner in which the shelves are arranged will affect how much space you have It is true. Place all of the provided shelves in the appropriate locations Not at all. As shelves slide out when a bottle is on top, there is enough height to hold a 2 Liter I did not find it necessary to add more width / height.
My refrigerator's coldest setting stays at 35 degrees if I set it to the coldest setting. When I have company over, I usually place my fridge on the medium setting and then let the beer cool down before serving.
The color blue.

Selected User Reviews For Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

This is junk (1/5)

This mini fridge has been with me for nine months now and I have only actually stocked it with beverages and utilized it a few In a matter of months, it completely began to disintegrate. Previously, the mini fridge I bought at this price lasted me about twice as long as temperature gauge on the inside is stuck in its fixed position and cannot be changed because the plastic seal on the inside completely blew away. The email address was not changed (and I have never even attempted to change it) I tried emailing their product support and did not hear Money is not to be wasted.

Leandro Dunn - 29/07/2021
The perfect accessory for my wet bar (5/5)

A high quality product. Because of my preference for bottles over cans, a few of the shelves have been removed. It is nice and cold to drink the beverages.

Adalyn HYDE - 10/07/2021
These beer coolers are great! Units of this type work very well (5/5)

By flipping a door on one of the units, I turned one into a bar unit by installing two side by side. There are two coolers that look like one, and they are much more expensive. Cold drinks are kept in the bar for a long time, thanks to the bartenders. This is a unit that I recommend. I like how it holds a lot of beverages and keeps them all cold when I want them to. It is important to leave room under all the shelves of the top shelf so that the fan can circulate the cold air from top to bottom of unit when putting cans on that shelf. experimented with different loading options in order to find one that let the air flow freely. In our experience, packing the top shelf without leaving any room for air flow resulted in very cold cans at the top, while leaving a bit of air space on the lower shelves helped keep them more comfortable. It is behind the plastic in the bottom of the unit where the cooling elements are located, and you can force the cans against each other tightly on the bottom to get significantly better cooling than leaving space between the containers and the elements. All in all, the units do a great job in keeping things Due to the fact that I can adjust the temperature to meet the needs of the contents, I ordered two separate units. A glass of wine can be a little warmer than a glass of beer or water. It's just a matter of loading and adjusting the temperature to suit the contents. A heavy glass door on the units prevents the cold from entering the unit. A nice look is created when the led lights are on. The lights are on switches and do not automatically turn on when the door is opened. To turn them on or off, you must manually switch them on or I have found the units to be very quiet so far, and they have performed flawlessly. The packages were packed well with very heavy cardboard boxes, and no damage occurred during shipping. I am interested in seeing how these hold up, and I am sure they will be of good quality. Door handles are heavy and of good quality, and doors can be changed in either direction easily. Among the many compliments I have received regarding these coolers is their excellent quality. As you can better control the temperatures with the two units, it is a better solution to have two. As a group, they resemble one unit when mounted in a cabinet. The price you pay for what you get is impossible to beat. Should there be any issues, I will update this post. I'm very happy with the result so far!.

Emilio Winter - 21/05/2021
I like it a lot (5/5)

It seems to be working so far. After first taking a look at the condition of the shipping box, I decided it had to go back. More than one transfer would be a strain on the system. Due to a hard drop, the product was damaged, the hinges were bent, the door fell off, and the rear corner was bent. A total of five door bearings were found underneath the My job involves working on refrigeration equipment, so I am no stranger to repairs. It warmed up quickly on the exterior 3 sides, and I heard refrigerant entering the It was still charged so it was on the plate. Having a forced air evaporative and fan motor was the deciding factor for me to purchase this unit. Comparing a static unit with a box, the latter cools more quickly and evenly. Using our LED light as a kitchen area nightlight has proven to be an excellent decision. There are plastic feet on the front, but a metal base sits on the floor at the rear of the unit. SLIDE the unit only on the table top or it will damage the tile or wood. The bottom of the box was open, so something may have fallen out. As a whole, I would give 5 stars to you since there was shipping damage and it's not the fault of the The third century.

Lorelei Harrell - 24/05/2021
to be able to circulate air effectively (5/5)

Thanks for the fix, it works I am satisfied with the results after five In the initial install, the box was set under the The top of the hat opens on each side by about 4 inches. I am not sure that there was enough fan/ventilation, and the auto shutoff didn't work A tripped off circuit was the result of excessive heat build-up You need to heed the note to allow for adequate air circulation in the area around and on top of the unit. Attempts to install under the counter have not been successful.

Kaitlyn SYKES - 10/05/2021
It was in good condition when it arrived, but I was nervous about how the package would look when it arrived (5/5)

In contrast with the poor reviews caused by shipping damage - I was really pleased with how my unit was packaged- It is double boxed with rubber inserts at the base corners, and custom cut foam that protects Boxes are constructed of heavier duty cardboard on the top and bottom. This glass door protection is for the security of the Previously I worked for UPS and our packaging was considered sufficient to be used- It is unclear how much more they could do without shipping on a pallet and charging upwards of double the price. This product looks nice, and it is cooler than Frigidaire, NewAir, and GE around this price range. Drinking cold drinks is more important to me than chilling wine. With the glass door and handle it has, I liked it. The fan is certainly nice, as some other units had inconsistency in cooling, but the fan brings it into balance. My door (top) has a small scratch that only I will notice, but I shouldn't have to worry. So, I assume that it was already there since it was underneath the protective film. The disappointment is a bit of a bummer, but again, this is a picky issue. Regardless of whether the LED lights are on or off, it's always on. Will update if anything breaks, otherwise it's a 5 star product. Take a good look at the packaging when you get it and make sure you let it sit for four hours before using.

Nash CONNOLLY - 02/08/2021
Beverage fridge that's perfect for you (5/5)

installed this in our kitchen island. You do need to ensure that there is enough space to allow for air circulation and so the fridge doesn't overheat on hot days. It was impossible to fit everything inside the fridge because there was a lot of empty space. Drinks go perfectly with it. In addition to removing some adjustable shelves, we also cleaned and painted the interior. The delivery was fast and the price was great, too. It's great to be here.

Milena Morrow - 14/03/2021