White Double Side Bar Glass Brush Washer Cleaner with Suction Base Review

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Score By Feature Based on 32 ratings

Easy to use 4.4 
Value for money 4.2 
Suction power 3.3 
  • Unique second brush helps cleans lipstick stains easier
  • Easy-clean with preferred cleaning pressure
  • Durablity differs on the usage intended.

White Double Side Bar Glass Brush Washer Cleaner with Suction Base Product Description

The suction cup allows for the brush or sponge to securely attach to sinks. It can also be disassembled and installed without any tools. Its PVC body and PP bristles make it extremely durable and ensure a high standard of cleanliness. The product is BPA-free and toxic-free.

  • This cleaning brush has dual brushes so that you can easily and quickly clean your glass cups.
  • The sunction cup follows a lot of force on the sink and is very firmly attached.
  • Easily disassembled and installed without the use of tools thanks to a detachable brush.
  • This brush was well made, with PVC as the body material and PP as the bristle material. There is no BPA or toxic plastic in this brush.
  • A quality product that you can rely on.

Questions & Answers

Yes, you are right.
Plastic seems to be safe from being scratched by these brushes. Although I don't think the brush could fit in a baby bottle opening, I suppose it would be useful.

Selected User Reviews For White Double Side Bar Glass Brush Washer Cleaner with Suction Base

I found it helpful and convenient (5/5)

As a person who suffers from chronic pain in her hands and arms, I really appreciate this product. It is pretty much asking for trouble if one holds a scrubber on a stick while gripping a soapy glass. There is the possibility of this shifting if it is stuck to the sides of the sink, but it is rarely the case. Normally it would go downward but the curvature at the bottom would keep it from doing so. There is one other thing to keep in mind, which is, when cleaning glasses in the opposite order, make sure you check which way the big brush connects and rotate it, or it will eventually unravel. Screw it back in, it's nothing to worry about.

Jayda Yang - 21/01/2021
This is great (4/5)

If I were a Brewster person, I would be able to leave it in the sink of my dish cleaning session for the most part. It sticks okay, but it could be better. Because I am not gifted in organizing, I struggle to find a place for my stuff Thank you for my purchase. I'm happy with it.

Raelynn Bailey - 22/02/2021
There is a possibility that my sink is shaped differently (4/5)

My kitchen sink isn't my favorite place for this to be. There is no way to keep it in place, and it is difficult There is a great brush on it, and the other features are great. However, I do not have a lot of space for a sink. Due to the fact that similar items are found in small bar sinks, I didn't think it would be a problem.

Aisha Peters - 14/03/2021
The perfect way to clean glass jars for canning (5/5)

It's amazing how well this brush works! The cleaner is perfect for cleaning glass and canning jars. I actually have two of them. Knowing that the suction cups won't come free easily and you have to slide the brush out of the sink rather than pulling it straight up when you're finished will prevent you from getting the brush stuck.

Nikolai Duran - 10/06/2021
I don't like it (3/5)

I received the product in good shape when it seemed like the product would be good. However, there were no dent or damage to the package. The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was that the brushes were bent to the point of not being able to straighten them so the entire set doesn't No response was received from the company after I contacted them.

Muhammad Shaffer - 07/02/2021
Here we go! That might seem like a good solution, but you would be better off with a traditional I used the product for a few times before it fell apart (2/5)

The suction cups are also not very strong.

Adrianna CONNOR - 28/07/2021
There is a small sink here (3/5)

This brush has been in my possession for two months, and I have probably used it five The sink in our kitchen is small, so it is difficult for us to get it to suction. I don't recommend for sinks that are As it comes up around the edge of glasses, it does seem to reach areas that sponges cannot.

Chase Bolton - 18/03/2021
I love the way it cleans the dishes! Glasses, jars, coffee cups, and even some bowls are ideal for it (5/5)

There are even bits of silverware in there. A hand brush doesn't work for me as well as this one. I am satisfied with its performance and am well satisfied.

Kannon Liu - 21/01/2021