Westinghouse Thermal Electric 6-Bottle Wine Fridge Review

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Excelente inversión 4.8 
Nivel de ruido 4.8 
Control de temperatura 4.8 
  • Temperature range of 46°-66°F.
  • Cooler replicates a stable storage environment.
  • Limited storage capacity.

Westinghouse Thermal Electric 6-Bottle Wine Fridge Product Description

A thermoelectric counter-top wine cooler ideal for wine enthusiasts, the Westinghouse 6-Bottle Wine Cooler is sleek and elegant. As a mini-cellar, the cooler replicates a stable storage environment where whites can be kept or reds can be aged. Having a temperature range of 46°-66°F and a lack of vibrations ensures optimal conditions for all wines, even the best wines. Those who are just beginning their wine collection will find that a six bottle capacity is perfect. Wine bottles are kept horizontally on removable chrome racks, like the ones you’d find in a wine cellar. Gray-tinted glass on the door enhances the beauty of the cabinet; an integrated lighting system allows you to easily view the contents, making it a stylish showcase. It is easy for the appliance to blend into a confined space thanks to its recessed handle. Moreover, we like the ability to customize the interior configuration by simply removing one or both shelves, which allows non-standard bottles to be accommodated. Whether you want to control the temperature or turn on the interior light, you’ll have easy access to the device thanks to its elegant touch screen.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Red or white wines are perfect for this 6 bottle capacity.
  • Thermal electric cooling at ultra quiet 38 dBA, for temperature range of 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • With a touch panel adjustable thermostat control, temperature can be controlled easily.
  • View-through glass door and interior light in grey tint for ease.
  • Storage shelves made of chrome wire.

Selected User Reviews For Westinghouse Thermal Electric 6-Bottle Wine Fridge

I like this a lot! A little over six months ago, I invested in this wine cellar

I had no issues with delivery, it was very easy to set up and fits under my counter perfectly. It is possible to buy a Westinghouse wine cellar in different models. Cooldown may only reach 54 degrees for some. In my case, I chose a chiller that chills at 46 even though I usually set it to 55, since my preference is red wine. Despite my high expectations, this performance was quite good. Fortunately, I am not too bothered by the noise. Although I can sometimes hear the fan running, I don't find it to be unreasonable, and I don't usually notice it normally. Since it is thermal electric, it is affected by the ambient temperature in determining its cooling ability. It might not be able to hold the 55 mark in the summer if the room gets too hot because I didn't turn on the air conditioning. Clearly, this is not a flaw in the product. A thermal electric wine cellar is prone to causing this problem. It may be better to select compressor style wine cellars if the wine cellar will be kept in a room that tends to get rather hot. As well as the appearance, the product is quite attractive. It is ideal for those with sensitive skin as the interior lighting is nice and bright. There are also buttons to control the temperature. The purchase has been a good experience for me. A good value for the money.

Hayden Stanley - 06/06/2021
A 13-month absence from work caused the employee's employment to be terminated

As a small wine cooler, it did a great job for its I just couldn't get it to work The temperature has not cooled down and is stuck at 75 degrees. The failure of several fairly nice bottles of wine cost us quite a bit of money. Despite the fact that electronics aren't expected to last forever, I do anticipate that they will last That was a big disappointment.

John Livingston - 12/03/2021
Has a constant temperature of 55 degrees! Three months ago I purchased the item

I like the way it is constructed and how it looks. To date, it has kept the 55 degree temperature consistently and we verified it with a small portable temperature device inside. It is on the floor, in a corner of the kitchen, and there is little noise (hum) coming from it. It is now possible to stack bottles since the trays have been removed. The temperature setting is very easy to adjust, and the menu is very simple to use. It is a good I am very pleased with my experience so.

Zora Madden - 26/06/2021
You need to run for your life! A few weeks after I bought this joke of an appliance for my birthday, it started making a loud revving noise as if a car was revving up its engine

It was so loud that my wife and children were woken up Those who have seen the image of this satanic box should wash their eyes and repent for seeing such an absurd engineering product.

Jadiel PARKINSON - 17/01/2021
Fits well in a gym of this size

My dinning room wine collection would have been bigger if it had been a bit bigger, but it works perfectly in my gym down the hall. This one is bigger so I'm buying another one. The delivery was so fast I couldn't believe it.

Moises Yoder - 04/05/2021
A great chiller for wine that is silent, looks great, and cools it effectively

This wine cellar is perfect for the counter top. Is the perfect size for our counter top. This fits in perfectly with the There is a subtle and elegant quality to it. I love how quiet it is and how much it fits 6 bottles on it.

Luella Lin - 02/07/2021
Honestly, it wasn't even a day after I purchased it that I realized I loved I found it to be very small and compact and it was able to hold my six bottles of wine perfectly

It happens on a daily basis.

Landry Oneal - 08/03/2021
I recommend this Wine Cooler because it has a great price

I use this in my RV and it has never failed me. There is lighting, which makes it far easier to see, and it does a good job of holding the temperature. We only have to take up a very small amount of space in our RV because of its small size. I highly recommend this wine cooler for small spaces if you need a cool place for your wine.

Ruby Calhoun - 03/08/2021