WDF Silver Plastic Champagne Flutes Review

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Easy to clean 4.8 
Light weight 4.7 
Value for money 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Durability 4.5 
  • Unique design.
  • Gives a great champagne taste.
  • Stem is extra-long.

WDF Silver Plastic Champagne Flutes Product Description

At WDF, we offer an extensive line of quality disposable plastic tableware at discount prices. We carry plastic forks, knives, spoons, plastic plates, cups, bowls, dessert ware, serving trays, etc. Be your own party supplies company. The night dishes are not to be washed. If you have disposables, just forget about them. I wish you a successful event. Getting rid of your hands after washing large quantities of plastic champagne flutes will save you time. The silver disposable cups should be cleaned by hand and stored in a dry place for future use if you like to continue using them. The microwavable and dishwasher are not appropriate for it.

  • MaterialThese silver plastic champagne flutes are made of food-grade plastic that is safe to consume, it has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, the cup holder and the body of the cups fit closely.
  • Silver champagne glasses are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable drinking experience. It is difficult to disperse champagne bubbles. Plastic champagne flutes are embellished with silver glitter to reflect the champagne body, and plastic cups are trimmed with silver to reflect the champagne body. Enhances the beautiful shine of the ring and makes it more elegant, and can easily match different.
  • These elegant plastic champagne cups come elegantly packaged in an exquisite gift box, which counts as the perfect birthday gift, wedding gift, or simply a way to express your fashion taste. It is the only gift selected to highlight your tastes.
  • These elegant silver glitter champagne glasses add elegance and beauty to any event, even in the most simple daily gatherings. You don't have to worry that the glasses will be boring or monotonous, you can use them for weddings, special events, parties, bars, and any other occasion.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We will not only provide you with high-quality silver glitter plastic champagne flutes for parties, we will also provide you with online customer support In case of product details, product quality, or any other questions, you can contact us at any time, and we will do our best to assist.

Questions & Answers

It was for my baby shower that I purchased 5 boxes of gold diamond dinnerware. It is a favourite of all my friends. The photos I have would be available for you to see.
Yes, I am. This is a very durable and strong construction!
This seller packaged the plates well so that they would not easily break. The plates and packaging are sturdy and durable, and the packaging was very good.
Ideal for a dinner party to celebrate a wedding anniversary. A very high quality product! My friends and I will be buying these rose gold plastic plates again for Christmas.

Selected User Reviews For WDF Silver Plastic Champagne Flutes

Real china seems to be the case (5/5)

These disposable plates look like authentic china without all the hassle of cleaning and maintaining it.

Anderson Moreno - 27/06/2021
You did a fantastic job! It was a real treat to see these! It is exactly as seen in the picture (5/5)

They came out fine in the dishwasher and I put them back in the box for future use. My mom insisted on reusing them, so I put them back in the dishwasher. It even came out well on the cups.

Walker Harrington - 28/04/2021
The fastest way to clean up after a party is to This is the best ever! I was surprised at how well this set turned out (5/5)

Although this set could have been easily washed by hand and reused at least a couple more times if desired, we just needed something sturdy enough for a single use. It came with exactly the number of items described, and everything was in perfect shape and packaged beautifully. (Next time I'd definitely save the plates!)*br>*br>*br>It came with exactly the number of items described, and everything was in excellent condition. We were pleased that the quality of the products was excellent, and the tiny hors d'oevres forks that came with our order were a pleasant surprise. I found them to be the fastest and easiest cleaning method. There has never been a party like this before The items were great, and I will definitely buy them The case is still plastic (but keep this in mind. You are unlikely to be able to eat tougher foods with the knives and forks. P. )*br>*br>. Buy napkins while you're there! This is the only thing in the set that is not included.

Dax Bright - 29/06/2021
A very good price for a very good product (5/5)

Our Thanksgiving plans this year were to make it as simple as possible. Despite my lack of fine china, my table looked just as nice as if it was made from such something. I took a garbage bag to the point of "Hallelujah", no dishes, silverware or glasses needed to be washed after dinner. Including everything listed in the set is a handsome box. The cleaning kit was as cheap as if I had bought paper, which meant I didn't feel bad even if it was thrown The leftovers will be handy for any dinner party I throw in the future.

Jadiel Oneill - 18/02/2021
This is an elegant and beautiful design (5/5)

As a sweet 16 gift for my daughter, I ordered these. They look really good in Party City, and they seem to be sturdy. I noticed them there. Those are beautiful on the table once they are set and they give the table a very elegant appearance. In spite of this, they are not very durable or strong. However, it doesn't matter because I won't be reusing In case it gets discontinued, I would buy for another occasion or if it's available in another color.

Mariah WALLIS - 28/01/2021
My search for the right answer came to an end (4/5)

I ordered these with a Thanksgiving dinner in mind Having a party at my house was my first time hosting. This is an absolutely stunning pair of earrings. There were some broken utensils that came with the order, but I had already ordered extra flatware separately, so I didn't mind. My mouth is watering just thinking about.

Zaire Sparks - 22/04/2021
There is no disappointment with these! To enhance the party theme, but still to fit within the color scheme of things (Oakland Raiders), I bought these (5/5)

A nice elegant touch was added to everything they did. However, someone managed to take this picture for me even though I didn't get a chance to take any. It's a great price for these lovely plates! They're a little thin, but apart from that, it's a great deal! In my case, though, the set I purchased did not even appear on the count, so double check their status when they first arrive. I didn't examine mine until the day of the party. It would be nice if I could check ahead next time. Even so, I would definitely buy more of them in the future! In addition, the packaging is also great, so these should please a lot of people. It was mentioned by someone that even more elegant events they had attended didn't look as good as this one, so it was definitely a bonus!.

Demi Albert - 28/07/2021
A plate full of food can be carried with it and it can also be used to cut (5/5)

My wife and I ordered this set for a rehearsal dinner that we are hosting at our house for 34 people! There are attractive dishes, a solid and robust design, and they are much more dressy than regular plastic plates. Luckily I was able to throw out the used ones and I still have enough to use for a dinner at Christmas. The product is excellent and I would purchase it.

Allyson Baldwin - 04/04/2021