Waring Pro Ice Crusher Review

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Easy to use 4.4 
Easy to clean 4.2 
Sturdiness 4.2 
  • Made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Quick crushing.
  • Can hold a lot of ice.
  • Easy to use.
  • Expensive.

Waring Pro Ice Crusher Product Description

With this option, you can crush up to 30 pounds of ice per hour but still fit it on most countertops since it is small and powerful. It’s stainless steel exterior as well as simple design will not be an eyesore on your counter if you decide to leave it out. You won’t need to keep pulling out the tray and transferring crushed ice to a bowl as you pull out this tray. It holds up to 12 cups of crushed ice. Rather than making soft shave ice, it produces hard crushed ice, making it a good option for cocktail making.

  • A stainless steel housing with a brushed finish.
  • The blades have been made from stainless steel and the mechanism is commercially available.
  • Ice is crushed in an hour at a rate of 30 pounds.
  • 12 Cups of crushed ice can be stored in the container.

Questions & Answers

You can also get Sonic ice at home, but not to the same degree.
A 19 inches tall when the ice feeding funnel is in place (the funnel fits inside the ice bin to keep the ice cool). storage is enabled, the funnel stands 15 inches tall, is 9 1/2 inches deep, and is 53/4 inches wide. It fits perfectly between my countertop and bottom It might help if you read this.
My favorite part of this ice crusher is the stainless steel handle. I make my own frozen ice cubes, so the ice comes out hard for me. You'll get softer and smaller cubes of ice if you buy your ice from the gas station. A five star rating from me goes to this machine. I would not over stuff this with ice cubes, as someone else stated in a review. You just need to gently rock the machine side to side in such a case.
Possibly, the only way to accomplish this would be to keep putting chips through and through it again and again. The time spent on this would not be worth it. The one I have is awesome, and it's really easy to use!

Selected User Reviews For Waring Pro Ice Crusher

This project took 15 months to complete (2/5)

Is this a stupid design of a product? I mean, it's nice to have some consistency. Having finally gotten around to fixing this, I decided to take another look at it. A retaining pin on the front of the blade had to be cut to remove it. It is not surprising that the blades have hexagonal holes (as expected). In addition to the hexagonal shaft being nylon (or some similar plastic, see pics), I was taken by surprise by the hexagonal shaft being nylon. Of course, the pressure generated while crushing the ice made some of them round. Waring, what were you thinking! I see what you're thinking it'll last until it's out of warranty, then we won't give a damn. There could not even be a way for me to weld the blades onto the shaft without making a metal hexagonal sleeve for the motor shaft (the way Waring should have designed it Please note *br> I spent 15 months on this The "blade" began to slip before another one started sliding. There is apparent problem either with the shaft or the blade metal (it is impossible to tell because the retaining pin that holds the blades on the shaft cannot be removed) It appears one of the others has "stripped", however.

Antonella Wright - 16/01/2021
The product is great, but there are some warnings (5/5)

There are a great many very positive Waring Ice Crusher reviews that demonstrate how well it works when used properly. These awards deserve to be given. If you look at the negative reviews (typically 1 star), they add a cautionary note. When large ice cubes are fed into the feeder, negative product reviews will sometimes state that the crusher can get stuck. Eventually, spinning the blades in this way repeatedly over time may cause them to slip to the point that the machine cannot be used. My life was transformed by this experience. In the past year, I have bought another unit because I especially like the way this one crushes ice, but I made sure that I also purchased a bunch of ice cube trays that make small cubes so the blades don't have to work nearly as hard. The trays can be used in a variety of ways to achieve Among the options available on Amazon, I bought the Camco 44100 Mini Ice Cube Tray. Now I am confident that I can continue using this product for many years to come with little or no issues.

Zev Meyers - 27/05/2021
This is an awesome ice crusher! This ice crusher was a gift I gave my husband for Father's Day (5/5)

Since I gave it to him a day early on Father's Day, he could take it for a few early runs before Father's Day. FANTASTIC! It works like a charm! It is easy to use, is easy to clean, and is easy to assemble. The machine was used all day long, and a couple people even fed the crushed ice back though for even finer crushing! There were different kinds of ice used in everyone's cocktails and drinks. The purpose of this is not to make snow cones. Still, that's okay, we don't want something like.

Jolie Reeves - 17/07/2021
It's the fourth time since 2013 that my ice crusher has failed me! The Ice Crusher is a great product when it is working well (2/5)

This is my latest order, received in November. A new record was just set on March 8th, 2020. The 13th of this month. That's right, it broke after 4 months. You can use it. We are going to be putting 7 blue plastic ice cube trays out daily]. In seconds/cube], until I am able to My insulated mug is filled with crushed ice, then I add filtered water -H) I REMEMBER It is DATE. THE WORING ICE CRUSHER QUICKLY GERANS, but it delivers good results for a short time If it does not crush ice, it will also not melt it ALMOST AT LAST! "Why do I come back?" Is there a reason for me to come It is impossible to find a comparable Ice Crusher within 200% of the price. SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE ONE WITH A STRONGER MOTOR AND A CRUSHER WITH A DURABLE HOUSING. BLADES THAT ARE SHARPER. I'll buy this if you send me an email! The warranty period is over 5 years.

Kieran Schneider - 12/02/2021
This is one of my favorite things to use Ice crushers like this are fantastic (4/5)

The grinder has been criticized for getting stuck with ice. You're welcome. That's not at all a Make sure your ice cubes are not stuck in the chute while waiting. Just be careful how you add them and move them around. This is my daily fix for our refrigerator's broken ice maker. I love crushed ice in my drinks so I use it every day. Even though I am still able to make ice cubes in a tray, I prefer to purchase a 20-pack I crush enough to fill a gallon of water every week, then I put it in a lb bag- Any person who wants one can pick one up from my freezer in a quart-sized Ziploc bag. Since I have had it for almost 6 months now and I use it every day, it is essential to me. It doesn't matter if they're stuck in the chute or not - getting them out isn't a problem. Turn off the machine, push the ice cubes around or turn off the machine, remove excess ice from the hopper, remove whatever ice is in the waste bin, and run some water through You can always count on the ice to come out setting, but for home use, it's perfect.

Giovanni Gordon - 18/07/2021
It is great for Heavy Users to use for six months (3/5)

It came highly recommended by a friend. I use crushed ice a lot and have been constantly replacing the ice crusher on my refrigerator. I have been very satisfied with the product since the beginning. The only problem I have is that the crusher is massively taller than it needs to be and the ice bucket is much larger than it needs to be - you would have to sit there for well over five minutes if you wanted that ice tray filled. Wouldn't it be easier to just dump the tray into a larger one when you were in need of that ice? This company consistently makes good crushed ice (not shaved) which I find to be a major advantage. The truth is, I am a heavy user and regularly use this and probably chop up 80 ounces of ice each day (i. e. ,. A day, I eat over 5 lbs of ice). We experienced problems with the ice crusher for more than six months after we purchased it. There seems to be a problem with the chopping mechanism and the blades are not rotating. As a result, if you plan to use the machine heavily, you may want to purchase a better-performing machine Although you'll need to pay more for a high-end professional model, you shouldn't have a problem using it occasionally.

Levi Bautista - 21/04/2021