Waring Commercial BB155S Bar Blender Review

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  • Affordably priced.
  • The stainless steel container is durable and gives the mixer a modern appearance.
  • This Waring is simple to use, with only one toggle switch.
  • It's simple to clean – just toss the container in the dishwasher and concentrate on your guests.
  • You can't see what you're blending because the container isn't transparent.

Selected User Reviews For Waring Commercial BB155S Bar Blender

This is way too loud for my taste

In addition to working, the blender comes in a stainless container rather than a glass container. The noise level is so high, though, that it is very annoying. After owning a Waring for a while we liked it so much we decided to purchase another. It was only because we had left ours at the hotel while we were staying in town for an extended period of time. I liked that it was stainless steel and a little smaller (which we liked). There is no longer a model for that model. Because it does not attach well to the base and creates a lot of noise compared to other blenders, I would not recommend that you purchase this blender. Thanks for understanding.

Nyomi Craig - 08/07/2021
This is not a commercial site

This was much smaller than I expected. It is difficult to fix and remove the blender jar from the base. (When trying to get blender jar out of open jar - ) ended at the bottom, where spills occurred. Frozen fruits and vegetables are not able to be handled by this machine. I am not familiar with any of the other professional brands I use. The only positive features are easy cleanup and stainless steel construction. Milk shakes come out great with this. However, this policy does not apply to frozen vegetables or.

Aron Rush - 15/01/2021
The Blender You Are About to Buy Is Not Good! There's just no way I can understand why a pitcher in this day and age wouldn't have a bottom! In what way should it be cleaned? I don't recommend anyone buy it because of what has been said above! No matter how many good features it might have, this is the only reason!


Johanna Bradford - 27/01/2021
For frozen drinks, the best blender is at the bar! Unless you're a fan of frozen drinks, this bar blender will be your best friend! A fantastic margarita can be made by crushing ice

In addition to having one for years, both my sons have one as well!.

Adelyn Pham - 15/03/2021
I absolutely love it

The blender I'm using is great! I have made three of these, and I had a great time making them No other brand would ever be purchased by me.

Mary Figueroa - 14/01/2021
It is made of minimal plastic, simple, strong, elegant, and it works! I am enjoying this blender a lot

Although a bit larger than anticipated, this is nothing to be concerned about. It is small enough to fit into a kitchen cabinet easily. When I make fresh fruit and frozen fruit smoothies, I only use the high setting. A plastic-eating chicken leg had been on my wish list For quite a while, I had a free blender for quite a while, but I It's a good thing that this blender is available for me. It is my understanding that plastics are largely safe but I do not like to purchase products that are made from too much plastic because general consumerism generates enough plastic and byproduct waste to sustain a human civilization. This stainless steel blender is beautiful, well designed, sturdy, and very environmentally friendly. In order to do our share as humans, let's try to consume less consumer plastic.

Layton Ayers - 19/01/2021
This blender is fantastic

I don't like fancy things. Does what he's supposed to. Worked just like the 40+ year old one that finally gave up It is a pleasure to work with you.

Lauryn ROBSON - 07/02/2021
This blender is fantastic! Great blender, that's for sure! Smoothies taste great with this! What I like most about it is its power and easy cleaning! I am very happy with my purchase!


Samantha Kaplan - 17/02/2021