WantJoin Electric Citrus Juicer Review

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Score By Feature Based on 8 ratings

Noise level 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.2 
Easy to use 4.2 
  • Solid built-up.
  • Full stability.
  • Super effective.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • It's paint may get chipped.

Questions & Answers

There are no major complaints about the product's quality. The surface of the paper is very I like how it feels when I use it.
There is a filter on it. I don't think the juice is too bad after being filtered.
I agree, the app is very user friendly. The juice is squeezed by pressing the orange. And there are two juicing cones included.
Citrus fruits in large sizes come with two cones that make it easy for you to squeeze them. The problem with small fruits tends to be more severe. I like it, but it is not great.

Selected User Reviews For WantJoin Electric Citrus Juicer

The second time I used it, it broke (2/5)

Once for limes, and once for a cucumber. A lime's large head is too thick for narrow ears, while a lime's small head is too wide. The sound was jarring and grinding. This activity is stopped after 25 minutes to allow it to During my second use of the press, the top cup broke. . . three days after the return period had ended. I do not recommend it.

Maximus Thornton - 04/07/2021
The engineering is fantastic, This is a great design (3/5)

The only problem is, its made of inferior materials and I will be lucky if it stays in good condition for more than six.

Raegan Chavez - 06/05/2021
The first time I used it, it broke! disappointed with this product, I used it to squeeze some limes and half way in between the limes getting squeezed, the top part holding the lime in place so you don't have to twist it starts to fall apart! The only time I used it was when In my opinion, at the price, it should last more than a single use since it has only been used once, so customer unsatisfied (1/5)

Would rate it a half star for how well it functions.

Kenia Andrews - 21/04/2021
A lemonade life saver for the summer (5/5)

Since I have been using a hand press for a while and the weather has been so hot in NYC, I have been using it often. I have therefore decided to get a juicer for citrus. When I first tried this, I had to squeeze 10 limes and it only took me 10 minutes The process takes 12 minutes including the time to rinse, slice, juice, and clean the parts. I did not put them in the dishwasher because I didn't see anything saying they were dishwasher safe, and the juice collector is made of thinner plastic than the rest. The price is extremely reasonable for this quality.

Scott Lin - 21/05/2021