Vremi Electric Wine Opener Review

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Easy to use 4.4 
Giftable 4.3 
Durability 3.0 
  • Comes with a smooth handle.
  • Doesn't make much noise.
  • Bad battery life.

Vremi Electric Wine Opener Product Description

This electric opener comes with a heavy-duty cork remover so you can quickly and easily remove the cork from your bottles. Additionally, it includes a rechargeable battery and is designed to pop those corks effortlessly. An electric opener like this one is a great deal for under $10. Furthermore, it comes with a wine pourer and a foil cutter to make removing the foil quick and easy.

  • With a simple push of a button, the electrical corkscrew will remove the cork from wine bottles quickly and effortlessly. Devices are built with rechargeable batteries that allow the device to open up to 30 bottles at a time.

Questions & Answers

my set came in an attractive light green box with its own little slot for each piece.
Mattie, I don't own the particular electric wine opener you mention, but I used to have one of Basically, you will need a thin flathead screwdriver about 8 or 10 inches long to get up in there and break the cork off piece by piece, as well as thin long nose pliers to hold the cork and reverse the direction of the motor once you get in there. I hope this gets the cork out for you, Richc.
Having had very bad luck with this unit and synthetic corks, I cannot reccommend it. Power is not enough in this unit.
It was not my purchase, I just browsed it on Amazon, so I am not able to offer detailed feedback on this item. If you want to make sure the product is compatible with Italy, I would suggest you contact Vremi. My 120v electric shaver was powered by an adapter plug in Italy.

Selected User Reviews For Vremi Electric Wine Opener

It has a sleek design (5/5)

The opener was awesome and I was thrilled to get it! Thanks to the fast shipping, it wasn't too long before it arrived. I love it when things come quickly. Thanks to it being rechargeable, I really enjoy using it! RECHARGEABLE! Yes, I said it! There is no need for batteries! This appliance is not only easy to operate, but also makes my kitchen look fancy with its sleek black exterior Hopefully, I'll be able to give this as a gift to all my wine drinking friends for Christmas! A. LATEST UPDATE My parents couldn't get a bottle of wine open with a traditional opener when I was over at their house. The cork refused to budge no matter how hard we tried. It opened the stubborn bottle without any problems for me once I ran to my house and got hold of this amazing electric one.

Kaylani Tanner - 09/03/2021
It lasts months on a charge, and I think it is almost impossible to spoil the uncorking process (5/5)

I bought this as a gift for my wife to go along with a red Wow, this thing is awesome! It is very easy to use, you just push the down button until the system stops rotating when the cork is all the way up, then you push the up button until the cork is in your hand. Easy as pie! Keep pressing the down button until the cork comes out, or the system will stop on its own, don't stop once it comes We have not experienced any broken corks or tearing. Despite its size, this thing can hold a charge for years. This hasn't slowed down yet despite the fact that I charged it 6 months ago, and I've opened on average one bottle of wine a week at minimum. This is actually not my favorite song, but I'm a little nervous about it going out midway The corking process. The best thing to do is to recheck During the next six months, there will be no charge.

Taylor KNOWLES - 19/02/2021
This is awesome (5/5)

It is very easy to use. Wine is not something I drink a lot of. I bought this a few months ago, charged it, and it has been sitting in a kitchen drawer ever since. This is the first time I have used it. The cutter worked very well. I liked how simple the opener was and how easy it worked. This is great if you have arthritis or are disabled and have limited movement in your hands. The opener takes care of To press and hold the button, press and hold it for a few seconds. That was a great buy for me. Now that I think about it, I'll be drinking more wine)).

Myra Young - 05/03/2021
The battery does not hold a I do not like this item! Three months after purchasing it, it will barely hold enough charge to open a single bottle of wine (1/5)

To make matters worse, there appears to be no support for it anywhere online. Amazon should provide a method to resolve this, since this was not sold by a vendor. That's very poor customer service by Amazon for selling such junk! They don't even support their own product!.

Ismael Pugh - 27/04/2021
It costs $10 to get in the door (1/5)

In what way do they accomplish this? The duration of the project was just The email for this was received You can order from Amazon one day after placing your order. It is similar to other devices I have used previously, but I haven't used it yet. Generally, they last a few years, so I expect that to be the case. All packaging is I love it. The body of a wine opener appears to be made of titanium, however Once the useful life is over, there is wasted material, so it is problematic to dispose of. In spite of the fact that the manual is on green paper, the print size on the two pages is so small that it is difficult The thing is very intuitive so figuring out how it works is not too difficult. It is neutral. In addition, the manual states that it should only be used for standard wine corks, not for synthetic or plastic The reason that these devices have a short useful life is probably the long battery life. In the top of the device there is a large status light indicating its status in red or green. LEDs are not subtle on this device. Mr. Electric would be the correct name Assigning a gender to the idea The whole idea just makes no sense. When it comes to manual openers, I suggest sticking with the winged type, which is simple and durable for those who can manage it. Even so, the show is fun, and it only costs $10 to enter. While I haven't used it yet, I have already enjoyed the entertainment I received for $10. I have updated It's a good electric wine opener, quieter than the ones I had previously. I have used it a few times. I'm sorry to report that Mr. Electric passed away today 11/13/2020. As soon as the screw separated from the motor, the motor stopped working. The quality of the product is poor You should stay away from her.

Drew HUMPHRIES - 22/07/2021
Nice product (but there's a small flaw It is similar to a vibration machine) (4/5)

Since I can use this opener only with wines with corks, now I buy them specifically so I can use it. I'm very pleased with this opener, which works very well and is very easy to use! The only minor complaint I have is that it looks exactly like a vibrator or dildo or anything like that. Since I am a guy, I haven't much experience with this, but the size and proportions seem oddly similar. There have been some people who tease me about it, and I can't There is something about this that would tease your lady bits. * NOTICE You should not use the device before charging it fully. If it doesn't work within 10 hours, leave it overnight), so don't get all pissed off. A charge is necessary to yank corks out, and the tool must be able to exert some torque. You will still see the screw turn without it, however the torque will not be enough to turn the screw, so you might conclude you got a bad one. In other words, so. Charging it first is all you need to do.

Amari Barber - 17/03/2021
Despite the fact that it was new when first installed, it did not last (2/5)

On average it used to take us about a week to enjoy a bottle of wine. Having said that, it has been reduced by half over the past year. Starting at the beginning of the year, it started to have trouble pulling the cork all the way out of the bottle and got worse every time. Last week, it wouldn't even pull the cork up more than half an Whenever I use a hand cork screw to complete the process of uncorking a bottle of wine, most of the time the corks will break, leaving pieces in the wine. I've ruined a few good bottles of wine. Due to the fact that we cannot return it, we must once again use the hand opener. It doesn't seem like electric openers will be much of a factor. We're sorry to hear that! In a nutshell,.

Mohamed Baldwin - 16/03/2021
Do not do business with POSs (1/5)

Position of responsibility. I find it absolutely terrible. I have tried several openers, and this most certainly is the worst I have ever used. It barely holds a charge long enough to get the cork out of the bottle, but then it needs to be charged again so that the cork can be removed from the device. There's no reason why this device performs poorly, it's absolutely a POS! I keep the device charged all the time, so there was no way that this could have happened!.

Cecilia Lindsay - 23/04/2021