VIVOHOME Ice Crusher Review

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Easy to use 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Sheerness 4.6 
Value for money 4.6 
Durability 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.5 
  • Highly efficient.
  • Made from high quality stainless steel.
  • Affordable.
  • It's stylish.
  • Can be complicated to use especially for a beginner.

VIVOHOME Ice Crusher Product Description

It features a stainless steel blade that will not wear out or corrode and is durable and resilient from wear and tear. You can enjoy refreshing snow cones during summer holidays and tropical vacations at this location. With a capacity of 143 pounds, it can produce a lot of power. It is reasonable to expect large crowds to share the shaved ice within an hour. Easy to Clean and with a Powerful motor in order to handle even tough ice and difficult liquids, the VIVOHOME is well suited for the kitchen. Designed to prevent water from getting inside, this Ice Crusher’s switch has a water-resistance feature. Your home, fairs, restaurants, canteens, and others can benefit from this product.

  • Food-grade corrosion-free stainless steel used as the hopper and blade, offering food safety Easy-clean mechanics make life simpler, saving energy and time Stainless steel bowl included for catching shaved ice, which is made of food-grade stainless steel.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE - Full color tempered glass top with heavy cast aluminum base provides a relaxed working environment Vibration and noise are reduced to ensure a comfortable work environment.
  • The blades stop rotating when the hopper handle is opened, and the power turns off automatically as soon as it is opened to avoid injuries A water resistant on/off switch for peace of mind.
  • The elegant and clean appearance of this ice machine makes it more appealing to display in your kitchen, allowing it to be used in homes, fast food restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, canteens, snack stands, and festivals and fairs.

Questions & Answers

where I can drain out the water that went over the top of the excess ice. I don't use In my experience, two cups of ice makes the exact amount of ice needed for a 16-ounce It is rare that an ice hopper will be left with any ice. This item is used by me in my ice cream truck a lot, and it does the job well. The machine can shave a cup of 16 oz.
Ice is just shaved with the device, but you could use it like a hammer to crush it.
As for moving, the machine itself is heavy enough to not move during operation. Once the handle of the machine is opened, the ice is caught in the pan, which is rotated once the handle is pushed down.
The majority of the trip is That's the way snow is!

Selected User Reviews For VIVOHOME Ice Crusher

My return request has been initiated (1/5)

I am returning this product. This is something I would never recommend. I cannot tell you how excited my family and I were Tonight was the first time we have used it. Clean and wipe down, run two cups of ice through to test for any debris before using the machine. I followed directions about cleaning and wiping before use, dusting, etc. We enjoyed our shaved ice and syrup as a family, including four small children. The other day, as I was cleaning my son's bowl, I noticed something floating in it. You're in for a treat metal The same thing was in all the bowls. Once the ice melts, you'll be able to see it. The metal seems to glitter like tiny metallic specks. I am ashamed that you sell a product that does not meet safety requirements! Buying a product without reading the reviews or asking questions would have been a mistake. This isn't just me! Lots of people have noticed it as well! Tiny metal shavings have been consumed by my children! My anger is out of control. This is not safe in the slightest and a refund will not make it better! I urge you not to purchase this product!.

Amaia Casey - 26/07/2021
A heavy-duty vehicle Although it is a legal duty, it is not entirely hygienic (3/5)

There is a very high possibility that this is an industrial plant Having the power that it brings is what makes it an A-grade product. The design is rough, but it exemplifies There is no way this design could be compliant with US food safety regulations. To me, it has a rough factory-like quality, a kind of unfinished edge. It is very impressive to see how much shaved ice and snow it will produce, and to see how fast it will do it. I'm very impressed with the consistency, which is far superior to all of the "cheap" ice shaver I've used. In spite of being on the higher end of the price spectrum, this one seems to be worth the price I paid $35 earlier this month for an identical competitor but the price has gone up since then. *br>*br>I am less impressed by the fact that this only shoots directly into the steel pan, and some of it goes elsewhere, as well as shooing back out of the inlet and everywhere else as well. After it has been dropped off, you should arrange for someplace to leave it. There isn't enough space of the "snow" channel to get to parts of it for cleaning, which is especially disconcerting. It is impossible to reach the part of the spinning disk behind it, and bacteria might The surface is not too easy to clean easily, and keeping a flashlight on it makes it look Is there stuff off the shop floor of a China plant contaminating the snow with metals, lubricants, and other things? In spite of my best efforts, I don't see much way to clean it out. I guess I will have to keep my fingers crossed about possible contaminants or return it, but I am not sure which is the better plan. There is a beefy and powerful motor in the car. One of the internal capacitors dangles from the motor and clatters with a clunk if you turn it over, but aside from being a chancy design, you aren't likely to encounter problems if you don't shake it often. There are a lot of things I want to do, but I'm torn between the highs and the lows There is an increase in snow volume The best part is that it is clear-cut I don't understand the whole concept of the machine being a food processor The grade is not on par with that of the United States. I have eaten a lot of chancy foods in my life, and it is the height of summer in Hawaii, so we'll see what happens. However, if you purchase this or any of the same product by another name on Amazon, you might want to consider the points I have raised here before placing an order.

Nicolas Hancock - 20/07/2021
Can't figure out why the reviews are mixed (5/5)

A second one is on the way for my kids' I'm in love with this machine! It is hard to understand why there have been so many contradictions regarding this machine. I suffer from severe dry mouth due to my medications, and the only thing to soothe it is shaved ice. I easily shave at least ten pounds of ice each Another ice shaver that I had previously owned lasted about two years and it was very similar to this one. This machine is quieter than my last one and seems to shave ice like a professional machine. It seems to shave the ice cubes better than my last one did. I find that it helps to put ice cubes in the machine and let it cool it down, which will ensure you will have very fluffy ice once it is cooled down. I find I can shave what I need throughout the day once it is cooled down. If you want to keep your drinks cold, use foam cups or prechill an insulated mug or any cup made to keep drinks I then fill with shaved ice and store them in the freezer until I am ready to use them. I have these things down as a science, as my family would say. You can always expect the coldest shaved ice and it won't melt as fast! When people talk about the mess they make while shaving, I put a towel under mine and have learned to turn my bowl while shaving to reduce the overspray. It's important to keep in mind that a professional machine may run for more than $1000 dollars.

Elliot Shields - 02/08/2021