Vista Bar Double Jigger Review

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Sturdiness 4.6 
Easy to hold 4.3 
Accuracy 4.2 
Easy to read 4.0 
Sheerness 3.0 
  • Silicone window allows for viewing when pouring.
  • Laser-etched measurement markings.
  • Slip-free food-grade stainless steel base.
  • Measurements may be hard to see.

Vista Bar Double Jigger Product Description

Double jiggers will usually hold a large amount of liquid at one time, but the Vista Bar can accommodate even larger quantities. There are six ounces of tea. This means you can not only use it for storing shots, but for serving wine also. With the wide opening on the bottom and measuring marks on the sides, you can also see how much liquor you are already pouring.

  • You can demonstrate your bartending skills by eliminating guesswork and pouring delicious drinks every time with our double cocktail jigger. You understand your ratios and shake cocktails like a pro with our double cocktail jigger.
  • The jigger is generously sized for heavy pours or batch cocktails, with a 1 oz base and a 6 oz jigger, as well as standard and metric notations as specified per your request. It is ideal for medical use since it has a food-safe silicon viewing window.
  • The stainless steel jigger is made to last - It is made from classic stainless steel with a gleaming finish and etched measurements. You can bartend efficiently and professionally with a sturdy, reliable metal double jigger instead of a plastic jigger.
  • A HOME BAR ESSENTIAL FOR MIXOLOGISTS - All great drinks begin with correct Invest in this classic stainless steel jigger for your bar when it comes to the best tool for the job. You will thank your drinks (and your guests) for this.
  • THE BASICS DONE BETTER - With stylish, functional barware, glasses, and entertaining accessories, True helps you entertain with simplicity and style. The streamlined design of True is combined with functionality for a top-quality experience.

Questions & Answers

On this jigger there is no measurement smaller than 1oz.
In short, yes. Under the second bullet point under "hardwood" it says "Food." Rubber, silicone, and other products that are safe to use The stainless steel material".
If you are going to use this item with a boiled, heated, or at high temperatures liquid, you should omit it from the list. In essence, this is a cocktail jigger that is used to measure either alcohol or any other liquid Buying any item made of stainless steel with only one layer of stainless steel might not be a good idea if you want to drink hot drinks.
My guess is that the top part of the box is the line for six The number may be You can sort from 1 to 6 here.

Selected User Reviews For Vista Bar Double Jigger

Jigger with large capacity that I have found to be the best (5/5)

Finding it difficult to find a jigger that holds more than 4oz as well as that won't wash away the print, I stumbled upon this one. A solid metal plate with numbers and lines etched into it was the perfect option. It is exactly what I wanted, with a capacity of 6oz. Furthermore, the silicone window for visual measurement makes it a great tool. This product is fantastic, but I would have to say the silicone window is a little disappointing. If a person stands with their back to the window and looks down through it at a steep angle (me standing upright with the jigger on the counter), the window is more opaque than if they looked through it directly. You see. It is not a problem with darker liquids, but with clear liquids it is necessary to be more attentive. To hold my jigger at eye level, I learned to hold it at eye level If you are pouring clear liquids, make sure the liquid is level. I don't mind at all. I think that having a brighter light source than basic bar lighting would be equally useful I don't care which way you look at it I have found this to be the best jigger with a larger capacity.

Danielle Edwards - 17/03/2021
We bought this to use in one of our restaurant bars (1/5)

The purpose of this purchase was to use it in one of the restaurant's A clear portion next to the numbers has come off after four months of use and can be seen when liquids are poured on them. A second problem is that the measurement is wrong. The amount actually is one oz over what is measured with a 1 oz shot pourer.

Aleah LEES - 02/04/2021
The shot glass is nice (3/5)

There is just one thing I dislike about it as you pour your liquor into it, you cannot see how much is being poured. My eyesight is failing me when I try to read the measurement from inside the cup. I am old, so it may just be me. The measurements couldn't be marked on the inside because I was unable to find a way to mark them.

Paige Decker - 14/05/2021
The job was done (5/5)

Printed in high quality, and easy to read because of the clean part. I would appreciate if you could save me some wine since the server cannot use excuses to overpour.

Kamila Yu - 11/01/2021
A precise measurement of beverages is possible with this device (4/5)

In the cup, I would like to be able to see the measuring lines.

Beatrice Franklin - 05/07/2021
If you like, you can sharpen the measurements to make them more noticeable (5/5)

I'm going to use these in my restaurant. Thanks! Red and white wines must be served in these glasses when servers pour. We pour a full 5 ounces and it's just right for our There was so much wine that we wasted.

Thaddeus Giles - 22/02/2021
The icon is a bit hard to see, but otherwise works well (4/5)

It works well, but it's hard to see through the plastic how much liquid is in it. I am now referring to the inside markings, which have the disadvantage of being reversed but are easier to measure.

Maci Bonner - 07/05/2021
He loves it! It was a gift for my husband and we are very happy (5/5)


Sylvie Jacobson - 29/01/2021