Viski Winged Corkscrew Review

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Score By Feature Based on 95 ratings

Easy to use 3.0 
Sturdiness 2.5 
  • Stylish gold color.
  • Non-stick coated worm.
  • Uncomfortable to use.

Viski Winged Corkscrew Product Description

A metal winged corkscrew with two metal wings is what makes this corkscrew. Featuring a self-centering worm and a built-in bottle opener, it makes serving wine simple and easy.

  • Wine Service Made Easy with Our Winged Gold Wine Bottle Openers - Premium winged corkscrew with self-centering worm and built-in bottle opener made of premium stainless steel. Put an end to unwieldy wine keys once and for all. This is the perfect dish to serve at dinner parties or cocktail hours!
  • Uncork with ease - The nonstick coating on the worm allows the cork to slide out with a single motion, while the lever lets you easily turn the handle. The perfect way to open a bottle of wine will impress your guests.
  • GOLD PLATED FINISH - This beautiful gold-plated finish and classic winged corkscrew design blends functionality and aesthetics for the ultimate home bar You can add some style to your next wine tasting party when you revamp your bar cart.
  • UNIQUE GIFT - Makes the perfect gift given for a wedding or housewarming, a gift that will last a lifetime. You can gift the gift of hassle-free uncorking for the wine enthusiast in your life. It is the perfect gift.
  • A BLEND OF LUXURY, USEFULNESS, AND EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN - Viski presents wine, bar, and lifestyle collections that blend elegant design with functional functionality. A unique line of upscale serving accessories can be found in Viski's copper bar sets and cocktail shakers.

Selected User Reviews For Viski Winged Corkscrew

There is a lot less cost than it appears! I really like this product, but I'm not too sure about the material because it's very light (3/5)

Regardless, it will do the job, but I would have paid a bit more for it if it was just a bit more durable. This mental is not resistant to cracking and is also light and flimsy. Despite it all, it is a beautiful sight to behold. The only thing I can guess is how long it will last as I just received it.

Gunner DAVISON - 24/02/2021
It is not worth the trouble (1/5)

I broke the parts in one week of using them because the arms fell off because the parts weren't put together well or something.

Finn Delaney - 26/04/2021
What an absolute waste of time! The material is extremely thin and cheap (1/5)

It was a gift I was supposed to give but I All the pieces are loose and rattle at the points where they are connected. It weighs half as much as the one I have. We would not want to use it since it looks and feels like it would break if we used.

Aidan Shah - 25/04/2021
I find it very uncomfortable to use (2/5)

It looks fancy. The use of the device hurts the hands. A little too thin on the handles. Since it sits in the drawer, I do not use this opener as often as I would like to.

Elle Taylor - 19/03/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

You're loved.

Estella Chase - 31/07/2021
It is flimsy (3/5)

Despite its pretty appearance, this is a flimsy piece of cloth. My prediction is that the cork will break in the first swell.

Kellan Pacheco - 02/07/2021
The picture is nice (5/5)

This is awesome.

Kamden Bowman - 18/07/2021
I love it (5/5)

My daughter will enjoy receiving this as a gift. I really like this product, especially at such a low.

Jade Dickerson - 15/05/2021