Viski Raye Gem Crystal Martini Glasses Review

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Easy to clean 4.0 
Easy to hold 4.0 
Value for money 3.9 
Giftable 3.5 
Durability 3.2 
Sturdiness 3.1 
  • Elegant design.
  • Durable and sturdy built.
  • Quite expensive for a set of 2.

Viski Raye Gem Crystal Martini Glasses Product Description

Its geometric facets resemble the cuts of gemstones, which is why it is described as beautiful cocktail glassware. The modern and sleek look of these glasses makes them the perfect addition to a bar cart and makes any drink more interesting.

  • FACETED CRYSTAL GLASSWARE - This elegant cocktail glassware is designed with geometric facets that are reminiscent The modern design of these glasses looks great on a bar cart and is sure to make any beverage stand out.
  • THE PERFECT COCKTAIL BAR SET - If you are serving a classic Manhattan, you need this faceted martini barware set. They are shaped like the iconic conical straw and feature a large mouth, which maximizes the aroma of your drink, while the stemless design makes them ideal.
  • With these popular classic cocktail coupes, you can celebrate with your favorite classic cocktail and gemstone facets. Available in three sizes, they are beautifully designed and versatile. While geometric facets and a sturdy bottom give these glasses weight and sophistication, sturdy bottoms give them a sense of stability.
  • BOW DOWN TO FRIENDS AND GUESTS WITH ELEGANT GLASSWARE - These martini glasses will make the perfect gift for craft cocktail lovers, or as a gift for dad on Father's Day, or as With a shaker and your favorite gin, you can make a cocktail out of these striking glasses!
  • VISKI DESIGN with CRYSTALS - Viski expresses a high level of sophistication and style. Design is at the heart of every product, whether it's a slender champagne flute or a red wine globe. Through their collections, Viski explores a variety of timeless drinkware styles.

Questions & Answers

There is no information about this.
Welcome to the 7, A glass of five ounces has a volume of about three fluid ounces. At the top, it has a diameter of 5 inches. Best, best of the new retailers in the west.
It appears I don't have a lot of picky tastes Answering your question is proving to be a difficult task for me. If it is rounded, there is not much of a rounded lip, unlike a beer glass or drinking glass that I have. It also seems like it is more straight cut (the edge is thin). It is my hope that this helps.
In short, yes. There are 2 glasses in the set.

Selected User Reviews For Viski Raye Gem Crystal Martini Glasses

Our two glasses were fine until the rim came off on its own, perfect in a circle, after the first washing (1/5)

We bought two and liked them but the customer service was terrible. The glass appears to have some kind of flaw. Nevertheless, we were not able to get a return response and will have to return the other.

Halo CHAMBERLAIN - 29/06/2021
These martini glasses are beautiful, but they are very fragile (3/5)

They are very lovely to look at and I like that they won't tip over like regular martini glasses. Unfortunately, they are highly fragile. In fact, a glass in my order had already been chipped upon arrival. A new set was sent me after I sent the old ones back. I chipped one of the glasses on my own (despite washing hands carefully). The set was intact, but one of the glasses quickly cracked. I really can't recommend them because of this.

Anderson Kramer - 11/05/2021
The quality of the product can vary (2/5)

There is no clear explanation as to This is the first time I have bought them. I found this to be very durable and strong. Purchasing this product on two different dates and finding the glass to be very thin and not very durable has been a frustrating experience. In my experience, I can easily tell which glasses are the original ones and which ones are the later additions. As if night and day have collided. In the current situation, the glasses are very thin and break easily with normal activity (putting them in the dishwasher, putting them on a shelf). I would recommend avoiding the current glasses until quality is restored.

Zayden Blake - 03/08/2021
This is a beautiful, elegant and stable piece of furniture (5/5)

These were purchased to replace a pair of 'joy jolt' glasses that had been damaged in a dry cleaning process. There is no comparison between these and the old ones. This frame has a solid and stable base and a thin and refined It is crystal clear in color. I am still in love with these despite using them for several months.

Mariam Melton - 24/03/2021
This is exactly what I needed (5/5)

Before attempting these, I had purchased two other brands of stemless martini glasses and returned them both. You can call me a "glass snob" if you want, but like my wine glasses, I wanted a lead-free product The top rim of the crystal glass should be free of any thick rim. Besides being a little more fragile than the cheap-looking glasses, these are more expensive Feeling thicker, not at all Although they are not crystal, I find them to be more elegant and classy. I really like the way they look and feel. As soon as I finish writing this review, I will order another set.

Anakin Mayer - 01/06/2021
It's thin and delicate, but it looks nice (1/5)

It broke on the very first day of using one of the martini glasses. It is heavy on the base, but thin and easily broken on the rim. In spite of that, I'm giving the glasses one more chance by purchasing a replacement pair. IF I have any other issues, I will update this review. The new set of glasses came with one broken glass. Once again, very easy to break. Thickness needs to be increased.

Addilynn Davis - 28/01/2021
The glasses are great, and the price is right! For the past six months or so, I have been looking for a nice set of martini glasses (5/5)

In addition to being attractive, we needed them to be useful, as well as Despite my large collection of glasses, these ones were the perfect match to my needs and fit in my already overcrowded cabinets. It was definitely worth it! I would buy it.

Rafael Hutchinson - 11/01/2021
The glasses are excellent, but there has been a In three months of use (only hand washing), I found one on the drying pad with a ring around it This is a triangular section with the top broken off (3/5)

As well as this reviewer, another one raised the issue. We really like the weight and appearance of these glasses, but they will not last as long as we.

Pearl Stanton - 15/07/2021