Viski Raye Gem Crystal Highball Tumblers Set of 2, Lead-Free Premium Crystal Clear Collins Glass Review

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  • Eye-catching design.
  • Makes awesome grip for hold.
  • Complaints of getting damaged pieces.

Viski Raye Gem Crystal Highball Tumblers Set of 2, Lead-Free Premium Crystal Clear Collins Glass Product Description

It has quickly established itself as one of the most exciting brands on the market, thanks to its stylish designs and high-quality construction (it was formed by two mixologists after all). As an example, consider the following: The lead-free crystal Collins glass is a classic. It is perfect for drinks like Gin & Tonics and Cuba Libres thanks to its angular crystal design. Please note that these are very fragile and should be washed by hand. On top of that, their glass is noticeable for its seam. Due to this, these glasses are easily the most photogenic in the industry. In addition to the glass, there is a set of two on the market.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Build a crystal tower that's lead free.
  • A design of your own.
  • The capacity of the bottle is It includes two shot glasses and is comfortable for long periods of time.
  • We are known for our flawless gemstone shot glasses, a collection of crystals united by their crystal clarity, precise angles, and refined lines.
  • In its history as the purest, most elegant form of art, glass traces its roots to centuries of glassmaking tradition in Venice.

Selected User Reviews For Viski Raye Gem Crystal Highball Tumblers Set of 2, Lead-Free Premium Crystal Clear Collins Glass

It has a seam, but it is a very beautiful glass (4/5)

I was pleased to find that the glasses were packed in thick bubble wrap, so they were intact when they arrived. The clarity of the glass is amazing. The pattern is magnificent and the notch is notch. Compared to the bottom/bottom portion, which is very hefty, the top/top portion is thinner and less robust. Besides the seam on the side of the glass, the only thing I didn't like is that I didn't feel the need.

Angela Guerra - 18/06/2021
The design is great (3/5)

The first night, however, one of the windows broke. I told Amazon when I was washing these by hand, and they sent me a pair of new shoes. In the event I did not return them, I was charged. My mind did not make sense of that. A bunch of tiny pieces of glass broke off. The dishwater was thankfully not sharp, so we did not cut ourselves.

Anika MORLEY - 06/07/2021
A seam that is unsightly (1/5)

A seam runs down the center of either side of these highballs, which is not acceptable. The quality is so poor. You will learn these things about yourself if you wear these highball glasses There's a line that reads, "I'm broke", "You're not good enough for decent glassware", and "You probably bought it at Walmart, on sale!". It will be my duty to return them tomorrow. ".

Charleigh Hayes - 21/07/2021
The pieces look gorgeous, but may not be as sturdy as they appear to be (4/5)

It's hard not to be impressed by the attractiveness of these crystals. Vodka Tonic is a great combination with them for me. Despite that, here is what happened after only 5 weeks. Due to the fact that I always clean them carefully, I have no idea how I did it. In the meantime, the other glass looks fine. They have not been Now that I am concerned over the durability of a replacement, I would like to order one.

Rafael Mercado - 05/07/2021
The glasses have a nice hand feel and are very attractive (5/5)

They are heavy. These are thick glasses that don't condense as fast as other kinds. I love how they feel in my hands and how gorgeous cocktails look.

Zoya Espinoza - 17/02/2021
This is a durable, beautiful bag! We immediately ordered two more, despite the fact that there are no reviews and I've never heard of the brand (5/5)

These look lovely in the photo, so I took a chance on them, despite the fact that there were no reviews. My fingers are crossed that another size will be available soon!.

Jakari Swanson - 11/05/2021
It should be used with care (5/5)

I like the look of the glasses, but they are very delicate.

Kameron Boyer - 20/07/2021
A massive seam is visible down the glass and there is a pink tint (3/5)

Glass is sturdy, and it is packaged in a premium manner, making it perfect for gifting. It does, however, have a very noticeable seam on one end and a very pink tint on the other.

Macie Suarez - 03/07/2021