Viski Raye Angled Gin & Tonic Crystal Glasses Review

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Light weight 5.0 
Value for money 5.0 
Giftable 4.1 
Sturdiness 3.2 
Durability 3.2 
  • Best for gin and tonic cocktails.
  • Have a wide opening.
  • A bit expensive.

Viski Raye Angled Gin & Tonic Crystal Glasses Product Description

The glasses may be designated as gin and tonic glasses, but they’re also great for other fun drinks, like Aperol spritzers and gin fizz drinks. It is important to serve these cocktails in a wide balloon glass as it allows ample ice (important for these types of cocktails) and a wide mouth rim enhances the aroma of your choice of Spirit. They are also convenient to hold because they have a stem, which is shorter than those on wine glasses so they can be distinguished from them.

  • Cocktail enthusiasts will love this unique twist on traditional gin & tonic glass created specifically to enhance the unique botanical profile of the gin & tonic, adding a touch of class to their home bar or kitchen.
  • GUARANTEES LONGER COLD PERIOD - The balloon shape of this glass will help keep your gin and tonic cool a while longer as well as enhance the aroma and flavor in your drink so you can fully experience the fragrance of your favorite gin.
  • The perfect addition to your home bar - these cocktail glasses can also be used as dessert glasses, espresso glasses, and so on. They are particularly suitable for drinks with a floral profile, as their large capacity makes them excellent for frozen cocktails or beer floats.
  • GLASSWARE STYLISH, A PERFECT GIFT FOR OPENING A NEW HOME - Anyone who enjoys a great drink experience deserves A lovely graduation, housewarming, or wedding gift, these 14-ounce cocktail glasses feature delicate curves and an elegant design.
  • VISKI DESIGN with CRYSTALS - Viski expresses a high level of sophistication and style. Design is at the heart of every product, whether it's a slender champagne flute or a red wine globe. A timeless drinkware style is explored in each Viski collection.

Questions & Answers

It is approximately 2 23/32 inches long, or almost 2 3/4 inches tall.
A martini glass, not at all like a wine glass, they have very short stems.
There is a crystal glass on display here.
Yes, of course! You can put them in the dishwasher, but remember that they are a bit delicate in general, so handle them carefully. These people are important to me. Visitors have been complimenting me quite a bit!

Selected User Reviews For Viski Raye Angled Gin & Tonic Crystal Glasses

Meeting me on Manhattan will be a lot of fun (5/5)

My two most favorite cocktails are the Brandy Alexander and the Manhattan. A coupe glass is the perfect indulgence for me. Glass is delicate and fragile at first glance, but it holds up well - just handle with care during washing and drying. These are perfect images, both clear and distortion-free. I see no imperfections in the pair I received. There is no flex in the stem or base. I like the way they sing with their nice crystal voice. *br>*br>The coupe feels nice in my hands. It feels better than the martini glasses that I was using at that time, since this is shorter and There is a slight taper to the rim, which I like. This bowl appears to be deep but is actually quite shallow. Despite not being as petite as a Nick and Nora glass, I think the two are interchangeable since they both have an appealing shape. This looks very clean and has a lot of art deco influences. I'll help you. A stylish look. I give it five.

Joziah Jacobson - 17/06/2021
I like how they look (5/5)

These coupes stood out to me because of their size and stylish appearance. Suitable for cocktail servings of normal size, these glasses offer just a bit of headroom You can move freely in this space. Whenever you walk around, you should take care not to spill anything. Furthermore, they allow you to choose between a somewhat larger drink and a smaller one. The glasses have a very small amount of maroon on them It has a greenish They're not enough tint to warrant returning them, but I wanted to point this out. They're visible against a white background, but you have to look at them closely to see it. Most people won't even notice the difference. *br>*br>As others have said, the glasses are very thin, so durability might be an issue in the future. As a whole, I think they are a great pair of glasses, and I will probably get two more.

Cain Wong - 08/04/2021
But this is classic (5/5)

By drinking wine from these, one can see why they are classics in the first place. You should not use these for wine if you are interested in having the best shape of a glass to enhance the notes and flavor of your wine. However, for what are they meant? Was that fun? As with all other cocktails, they are quite nice. They are very small, as were the originals of this type. Are you most likely going to use them for martinis? Are you interested in The classic shape is nice, but I don't think it should be used for champagne or wine unless it's inexpensive and you don't care what it tastes like. I wanted to try this classic shape, so I did it and discovered why the shape was replaced and is no longer relevant. If you want that shape these are the best option, the best of both worlds, since they are a take on the classic shape and for that reason are most likely better than the exact classic shape. The feel of the material is sturdy. This is why they deserve 5 stars, since they are the best at what they do.

Alexis Hammond - 14/04/2021
It looks good, feels good, and is a good size (5/5)

I have no complaints about it. These coupes look very beautiful and are very durable. There are a lot of drinks you can put in them. I much prefer these to champagne flutes (a coupe is an original champagne glass) since they can hold a lot of different drinks. Despite my initial hesitation, I find myself loving these things more and more as they get used to me. I love the way the thin crystal is slightly razor sharp around the edges, which makes it feel so clean and crisp to the touch. This product has been exceptional in terms of durability. They have taken a few rather hard knocks while trying to get a cocktail glass, and they seem to be none too concerned. In the near future we will purchase a second set since right now we only need two.

Nolan Nash - 18/07/2021
It took forever for the package There was no word on when it would be delivered on Monday, nor was there any other information (3/5)

day or two later I received an email saying that the item would be delivered on Wednesday. I received the set one week later. The packaging on the inside was torn, but nothing inside was damaged. Glasses are taller than my tablet, making them taller than me. Air bubbles also exist in them, and they are very thin. These are branded Viskis and are sold in packs of two. It is claimed that they are spritz glasses, but I am not so sure. For cocktails, they are not that good. As well as breaking easily, they are also brittle. I wouldn't recommend it.

Gatlin Watts - 18/03/2021
A fragile item that cannot be used (1/5)

My husband bought it for me as a present for his birthday. Glasses of such a high quality are rare and beautiful. As a result of pushing the fill button on the ice maker or by putting them in the dishwasher in the past, I have broken glasses. The items were too fragile to be used in either of those ways. By simply filling both of them with cold liquid, I have broken them both. They are too fragile for me to recommend!.

Anders Beck - 05/05/2021
I would like to buy some of these Despite being a small frame, these glasses (Viske Raye Angled Crystal Coupe) are well made and have a good There are a few things they are not It's too much- Not thick/not thick It's too much- A thin film (4/5)

A few ingredients I plus one The 4-ounce version of this liquor would be great for cocktail making, ice-dilution standard) You might find fruit juices and other nonalcoholic ingredients in the range (unless you're into an especially large martini). The only complaint I have, and the reason I downgraded the product by a star, is that each of the two I received had two or three tiny pin-sized holes in them The glass is filled with bubbles. This would not be noticed or dismissed by most people. Due to the expensive nature of these glasses, I would expect them to be completely defect-free.

Jimena SMART - 10/06/2021
The glass is full of air bubbles (1/5)

Air bubbles are visible in the glass of the one I received. Replacing it with a new one.

Manuel Hernandez - 01/01/2021