Viski Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Review

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  • Simple and elegant design.
  • Durable and sturdy built.
  • Large capacity.
  • No accessories included.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

Viski Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Product Description

Glasses designed to match professional grade equipment used by bartenders are available in sizes up to 500ml, made from lead free crystal. Unless you’re a cocktail lounge, you wouldn’t be surprised to see this accessory in use. With this crystal mixing glass, your bartender will be able to showcase ingredients as they are stirred, highlighting gorgeous liquor and making ice sparkle.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • With this 16-inch lead-free crystal mixing tumbler, bartenders will be able to mix drinks properly. Designed and sized to match the professional grade equipment used by bartenders, 9 fl oz is the perfect size. It won't surprise you to see this bar accessory on display at the best cocktail lounges.
  • An excellent cocktail mixing glass has a thick base to provide stability so you won't have to worry about the glass sliding around. A good mixing glass is sturdy enough to hold the bar spoon in one hand while you measure and make the drink with the other.
  • Your favorite drinks will be transformed into a drink that will amaze your guests. It is easy to make shake cocktails, but they also provide an entertaining show. The holidays are now easier to enjoy than ever before, which makes it a great way to have fun.
  • It makes ice sparkle as you make it, and liquor sparkles as it makes it sparkle, more than just a mixing glass, crystal displays ingredients as you walk, highlights liquor, and makes ice sparkle as you mix it.
  • A mixing glass is a must in every home bar -- as a gift for a housewarming gift, a cocktail lover gift, a father's day gift for Dad, a wedding gift, or a hostess gift. Pair with a fine braided bar spoon and a pretty cocktail strainer for the perfect cocktail presentation.

Selected User Reviews For Viski Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass

glass for mixing your drinks in the bar, but it should only be hand washed! This mixing glass is nice with a heavy base, and a decorative hatch pattern on the outside

It looks elegant on the bar, and it It would be better if the box stated that it was for hand washing When it comes to commercial bars, a bar that isn't sturdy enough to stand up to the dishwasher will be of little use. Although I may have seen it on the product before I purchased it, I didn't see the mention of hand wash.

Calliope Haley - 21/02/2021
The hawthorn strainer would fit nicely in this but the diameter is a little small

That is a very beautiful piece of artwork. There is an elegant barware line from Viski. Your guests will be impressed if you serve an old fashioned or Manhattan in this glass. It just seems too big to me. One thing I don't like is that it's a bit too small. Typical hawthorn strainers are 25 inches narrower. Turning the hawthorn upside down or using a Julep strainer works for me. My only problem with this is that it irritates It is only for those who are high standards and enjoy the art of cocktail making that you should purchase this piece.

Rylan Whitney - 10/01/2021
I like this mixing glass a lot

During the pandemic I experimented with making cocktails and I bought myself a mixing glass for the occasion. Despite it's weight and quality, the Viski glass does its job quite well. A bonus is that it looks great as well.

Aaron O’NEILL - 06/06/2021
There is no way 800ml will fit in the bottle! I like the weight and quality of the product

The amount is however nowhere near We are getting close to 500 A 550ml bottle. I have been saddened by my return. I am still being hunted for the right beaker size.

Jamari McGrath - 19/03/2021
Their happiness was made all the more evident by the gift

I gave this item as a gift for a request for a similar item and it was well received by the recipient.

Enrique Jordan - 13/05/2021
3rd time of use results in a cracked screen

My cup cracked while being hand washed, did not drop or set too heavy on it. I used it three times, hand washed it, and did not set it down too heavy. It was a very pretty piece, but I regret to see it go like that. I have no idea what caused it, I don't consider myself an aggressive stirrer.

Van Randolph - 07/01/2021
A part of the coating peeled Due to the lateness of the delivery, I contacted the manufacturer and they offered me a replacement item that was equal in value

There was pleasant customer service, but it was unreliable. It is a shame that Viski products look so nice, but their quality is marginal and the mixing glass is just a total disappointment!.

Kinley McLean - 29/04/2021
This glass is excellent for mixing

This is an excellent mixing glass, made of crystal of excellent quality. Please note that the mouth of this glass is "Extra Large" and will not hold a julep strainer, so this glass should only be used for hawthorn. Until now, this product is amazing.

Elena Walsh - 04/07/2021