Viski Copper Weighted Stainless Steel Barspoon Review

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Value for money 5.0 
Sturdiness 4.8 
  • Trendy look.
  • This bar spoon is long stemmed.
  • Lacks durability.

Viski Copper Weighted Stainless Steel Barspoon Product Description

A stainless steel spoon electroplated with copper would make any bar feel more warm and stylish, so this Viski model would be suitable for you if you prefer something more stylish. spoon is long enough to fit into highball glasses, small pitchers, and carafes with its 15.75-inch length. This stirrer has an inverted spiral shaft and a weighted end to provide balance and stability. It also has a spiral shaft that extends all the way to the spoon for efficiency in mixing. Besides silver, gold, gunmetal, and black, the Viski is available in a variety of colors to match your decor or other bar accessories. It is possible for copper to react with highly acidic liquids, but in diluted drinks like mixed drinks, where a copper-plated bar spoon only is in contact with the liquid for a short period, this is not a problem. Essentially, straight lime juice would need to be with a copper mug for hours before there would be a problem with reactivity. This bar spoon should be used in order to stir, and be removed afterward for safety reasons.

  • Stylish.
  • MANDARIN MIXING POON FOR MIXOLOGISTS - The best drinks need the very best ingredients, but they also require expert barware. Find the perfect barspoon for craft cocktails in this stainless steel barspoon with a polished copper finish.
  • A LONG STEMMED BARSPOON - Designed for the smoothest mixing, this cocktail mixing spoon has a twisted handle and a It is 75 inches in diameter). Combine over ice directly in a tumbler or jug of nearly any size.
  • The balance is just right - either too light or Barspoons come with an optional teardrop-shaped spoon the size of a teaspoon, which makes them even more balanced. Whether you're mixing cocktails at home or working a long shift, it feels great and works well.
  • THE NEXT BIG THING IN DESIGN - This stainless steel barspoon features a polished copper finish for a refined look in barware. Mixing spoons for cocktails are a part of our Professional Collection, which is stylish, timeless and uniquely designed.
  • The reliable bar spoon is made of stainless steel and offers a classic and stylish barware look. 15 inches is a comfortable length for use in large mixing glasses even though this bar spoon is 15 inches long. Although the bag is 75/40 inches long, it is slender enough to be kept in a small space.

Questions & Answers

More than 1 foot high. I expected it to take longer than it did. I would guess the package is about 16 inches long.
It appears to be made of metal, and I believe it is copper-plated.
I'm not sure. Due to the fact that I gave this as a gift, I am uncertain if it is made of solid There's a feeling of solidity to it.
You can view some video examples and see that it is not a spoon but a swizzle with a layering end. Stir the drink using the cylindrical end instead of the flat end, using the weighted end to ensure that the drink is really being mixed by the movement of the ice in the glass, not the force of the flat end. Use about half a minute to thoroughly mix the drink. This avoids the addition of air to the mix when chilling the liquor. It is important to chill to the maximum possible with as little dilution as possible. It's a pity I'll never again shake a Martini, sorry, Mr. Bond 007 You can also use a "mixing wand" instead of a spoon.

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The metal is Gunmetal, and it is approximately 10. 1mm thick. A mix spoon with a 16-inch length and a nice A great way to layer is also to fish wayward ice or garnishes from it through the layering end. This end measures 1 1/2" by 2". There is a smooth, cylindrical weight that runs smoothly into the spiraled handle of the stirring end. The container that I use has a capacity of 30 ounces. There is a Boston Top on the shaker of my YETI, and this spoon is long enough to add some stirring to drinks in the shaker without having to shake it. Whenever I drink a Martini, I don't shake it. Because I'm using a Yeti shaker, I can put off my cocktail refills just long enough to call for more without too much Due to the fact it will be in my home bar, I cannot comment on how durable the finish is, as I wash and polish everything at the bar by hand, but at least it looks great. AWESOME! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!.

Ariyah POWER - 18/05/2021
With a high degree of accuracy There is a large craft cocktail bar in Orlando that I really like (5/5)

They are a good weight and are in good condition. The products have been used for a week or more in a high-profile environment The party bar in Orlando makes a lot of craft cocktails and I enjoy I like their weight and how sturdy they are. Overall, it feels like brass to me, and I love it, because most of the rest from cocktail kingdom are maleuable, and these aren't. My spoons have been stirred, double stirred, scooped, and some have even been stirred with hot water, and everything has worked out. My 40cm monitor is the perfect size for me, and the dark gold color goes well with the ambient lighting in my office. There is less shine and more matte to it.

Karson Goodman - 16/06/2021
The best barspoon I've ever had! This is a great It easily breaks ice cubes due to its weight (5/5)

well, and the best part is that it's gold. In particular, I found the length to be perfect for tall What a great gift! I gifted it to a friend and she loved it!.

Meghan Morton - 13/05/2021
My favorite color is Gunmetal Black, which complements the length and weight of the piece! It's great that the color is so vibrant! For a change I decided to try something other than silver I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked (5/5)

As opposed to silver, it appears to be really shiny. With its sturdy weight, good finish, and good feel, this spoon is a great option. When I use it, I'm in love. owned the silver version for approximately a year and it seems to be holding up well, so I expect it to hold up similarly to This is great for stirring, I highly recommend getting one!.

Braelyn PARRY - 21/02/2021
It is of a high quality (5/5)

A very nice piece of work. Buying this as a gift for my friend who uses copper features in his bar was a great idea. The quality of the product is good. They arrived within a short time. br>Good price for what is clearly a very nice product.

Mckenzie Rowland - 04/02/2021
A perfect match to mugs (5/5)

I bought two of these to add to 2 copper mugs as a wedding gift which the newlyweds can use to make A perfect addition to the recipe as it included all of the ingredients. The gift was the favorite of the couple!.

Nevaeh Bishop - 01/03/2021
Adding this bar to your home will enhance it (4/5)

I cannot believe how big this thing is! The size is larger than expected, but the function works well.

Brooklynn Cooley - 22/07/2021
A quality product (5/5)

VISKI keeps everything within reason at a quality brand, but at a reasonably low price. Any Viski product can be recommended.

Gideon Franco - 03/04/2021