Viski Cocktail Shaker Set Review

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Fácil de limpiar 4.7 
Fácil de usar 4.6 
Ideal para regalar 4.5 
A prueba de pérdidas 4.2 
Excelente inversión 4.1 
  • Keeps the drink chilled.
  • Its made of high quality material.
  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile to use.
  • Elegant design.
  • maintaining the shine is no mean task.

Viski Cocktail Shaker Set Product Description

A favorite of bartenders everywhere, Viski’s no-frills cobbler shakers deliver consistently cold and smooth cocktails every time. Despite taking up little space, the tins fit together well and are comfortable to hold and shake. While they look simple, Viski shakers provide a high level of performance thanks to straightforward, thoughtful design and sturdy construction. They fit together very well with little effort, and no aggressive gluing or jamming was required.

Shaking them up did not cause them to leak, and they easily pop open afterward. Keeping the tins moving only takes a couple of seconds, and once they are frozen, the contents are quite cold. Although the cans are lightweight and comfortable to shake, the hollow walls do not provide any insulation to keep them warm. When it comes to efficiency and ease of use, Viski shakers are a great choice. Separately, you still have to purchase a strainer and a jigger.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Shaker - Made of stainless steel, this shaker has the highest degree of durability, no matter how rough or often it is used. The easy maintenance and waterproof properties of steel make it ideal for use in bathrooms.
  • With up to 24 ounces of liquid capacity and a strainer included, this bartender quality shaker makes a great addition to your barware collection and is the perfect bar accessory for a night out with friends.
  • Martini Mixer with Unique Rocket Design - This martini mixer comes with a unique rocket design. Rather than a mundane drink mixing experience, create a memorable one.
  • Barware gift - take something that can be boring and send it to the moon with this cool shaker! You can make a great gift for that special person in your life.

Selected User Reviews For Viski Cocktail Shaker Set

I absolutely love the look of this, but using it isn't as easy as I wished

The first thing I notice about this shaker is its beauty. The rocket is on its way! This pizza cutter matches perfectly with my Star Trek set The following URL Go to http//www. The Amazon website. What is amazon. com/gp/product/B004FQDWP0/ref=as_li_tl? Use UTF-8 encoding Camp code 1789 Created with Creative=390957 B004FQDWP0 and creativeASIN=B004FQDWP0 Links with linkCode=as2 Tagging Todd Medblo- 20 & 21 Pros FXBQNKANI6EA4HHP *br>*br> Please note *br> I FEEL LIKE A ROCKET *br> This is the kind of club where you can shake a cocktail, but if you're more concerned with form than function, I suggest looking metal cap system can be difficult to work with if it is wet, and the stainless steel within quickly looks dingy and dreary in a kitchen environment. The cons are Please note *br> To maintain a shiny appearance, you need to work at it-- It isn't very convenient to have to attach and remove the caps every time you want to make a drink.

Sam Hardin - 22/03/2021
The feel and smaller size of the 500ml bottle are perfect for me

Exceptionally high I'm a cocktail bartender in Orlando who drinks a lot of craft cocktails. I've used several cheaper Parisian shakers, and this one stands up well to the expensive ones. All of the items are quite heavy, including I appreciate how compact and lightweight it is and I love the feel of it. A large enough cup to hold two drinks. While it is quite polished, the look is not too white gold nor too shiny as some may prefer. There is a tight seal in place around the product, so some drinks have caused more bubbles than others, and in attempts to break the seal, lolz have popped off from their caps. It has definitely been a quality product so.

Grayson Oliver - 08/04/2021
The design is sleek, easy, and The purpose of this purchase was to experience more aesthetic mixing

It does not leak much when dry shaking egg whites. It does leak a little when wet shaking, but not as much as a tin setup would. One of my favorite things is that it breaks apart very easily. The hawthorne strainers are compatible with this adapter. It seems to have worn a little bit where the two pieces meet, but otherwise it seems to have held up well.

Zeke Leon - 05/05/2021
It is not feasible

After gifting this to a friend, I'm not truly happy with how practical the shaker is. This shaker does not have a handle to hold the top in place, so you'll need to use two hands. Even though I have been using a shaker for 15 years or so, I still had some spillage. The necklace looks lovely as a gift, but its practicality leaves a lot to be desired.

Mariam Johns - 16/07/2021
The plating on this item has a small flaw, but otherwise it is a beautiful piece

It is a beautiful shaker, but my shaker is missing a small portion of the gold finish on the top. In light of the fact that it was given as a gift, I am returning the defect Unless playing is detected soon, it will continue to flake off over time. In the photo, missing playing can be seen to the left of the light reflective area.

Gavin Reynolds - 13/05/2021
This professional cobbler's shaker is sturdy and professional in quality

The cobbler shaker is high quality, heavy duty, and easy to use. It fits perfectly on the table and is As I expected, everything has worked out perfectly. The liquid is nice in my hands, stays together when I shake it, and separates easily when I pour it. Please ignore the review of the black bag from the other guy. I received a brand new, heavy-gauge stainless steel cobbler shaker with a Viski brand on the bottom that was very well packaged. It is of very high quality and I am very pleased with it.

Alayah Hicks - 14/06/2021
The item had to be returned to the manufacturer

There was rust inside the cabinet so I had to send it back as the finish wasn't great. It's a pity because the size of the container is perfect for shakin' with one hand alone.

Mccoy HOUGHTON - 16/03/2021
There was a problem with the strainer built into the machine

Shakers like this can be found at a reasonable price. Measured twice, weighed correctly They are thin and thin-walled, and they can fit in the palm of a little hand. I even had no problems getting the top off of it (some shakers are hard to remove). I just tried it a couple months ago, but it completely fell out after only a couple of months and not very frequent use. Like it wasn't properly soldered in or something like that. It is very disappointing because the only way to replace the lid is to replace the whole thing.

Paxton Hendricks - 06/02/2021