Viski Admiral Crystal Whiskey Tumblers Cocktail Glasses Review

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Sturdiness 4.1 
Easy to hold 3.8 
Value for money 3.7 
  • A great option for formal gatherings.
  • Contemporary and sleek design.
  • Shine may reduce.

Viski Admiral Crystal Whiskey Tumblers Cocktail Glasses Product Description

These crystal tumblers from Viski will complement your evening splendidly, however you choose to use them. As their pure crystal composition sends thousands of prismatic rays of light diffusing through the tumbler, the tumblers give off that fancy look sought after by entertainers everywhere. Designed with a contemporary look that is aesthetically pleasing and reflects class and sophistication, these tumblers are perfect for casual and formal events alike. Adding these to any wet bar will add a vintage feel to it. Because they are designed in such a way, they may be paired with virtually any decanter or barware. With their pure crystal construction, these crystal drinks glasses give off a very upscale appearance that will easily attract the eyes of your guests. The multi-faceted sides of the tumblers reflect the light brilliantly into your favorite beverage. Having a 9 oz. capacity. With the right amount of liquor you need to keep you and your guests quenched and happy all evening, these are the perfect glasses for holding just the right amount of your favorite liquor. Don’t forget to break out your fancy glass for your favorite drinks if you want to enjoy the finer things in life. Scotch glasses are perfect for relaxing at home by the fireplace after a long day’s work, or while you enjoy a beverage in the evening. This practical and stylish glassware is perfect for enjoying your favorite drinks.

  • These iconic rocks glasses are an iconic gift for whiskey lovers - serve your favorite spirit in style. These glasses are designed with facets carved from pure crystal at the base for a traditional appearance, while the smooth rim ensures an enjoyable drink.
  • This set of crystal cocktail glasses will become your go-to glass for daily enjoyment, perfect for classic cocktail drinks or whiskey cocktails. This set is large enough for double old fashioneds, but also suitable for neat pours or whiskey on the rocks.
  • GLORIOUS LEADFREE CRYSTAL - These beautiful tumblers are the perfect hostess gift to celebrate with your favorite bourbon, rum, or rye. Whether you're sipping on wine or spirits, the faceted shape of the cocktail glasses adds a touch of elegance to this traditional style.
  • GIVE THIS SET OF TWIRLERS TO WHISKY LOVERS, A GIFT FOR FATHER'S DAY, OR TO GROOMSMEN AS AN ELEGANT GIFT - WOW your friends and guests with elegant glassware. Make an impression on your visitors by sharing a glass of Scotch in a high-quality crystal lowball glass. GIVE THIS SET OF TWIRLERS TO WHISKY LOVERS, A GIFT FOR FATHER'S DAY, OR TO GROOMSMEN AS AN ELEGANT GIFT - WOW your friends and guests with elegant glassware. Make an impression on your visitors by sharing a glass of Scotch in a high-quality crystal lowball glass.
  • VISKI DESIGN with CRYSTALS - Viski expresses a high level of sophistication and style. Design is at the heart of every product, whether it's a slender champagne flute or a red wine globe. Through their collections, Viski explores a variety of timeless drinkware styles.

Questions & Answers

Tumblers are made of crystal cut in a manner similar to a prism The quality of these cards is not as high as that of Waterford or other luxury cards Those who are engaged in the manufacture of American brilliant crystal or cut The tumblers are beautiful, inexpensive, and have a long service life.
My knowledge of this product is limited, since I never purchased it. I would guess no, honestly. I have never had a container of whiskey overturn. There were a few glasses that got spilled.
The crystal I used is thick and quality, and I carefully placed it in the dishwasher.
Three and a half inches tall by three and a half inches thick.

Selected User Reviews For Viski Admiral Crystal Whiskey Tumblers Cocktail Glasses

The tumbler is a good buy for the price (4/5)

don't claim to be an expert, but these tumblers appear to be either crystal or cut glass even though they are clear. The glass is just a mold The rings are beautiful, but lacking in the great sparkle, but they are heavy and attractive, and about what I expected for the price. It was all I wanted -- a nice bathroom tumbler. These are it.

Lexi Huang - 01/03/2021
I can't help but smile (5/5)

I decided it was more elegant to use the decanter and glasses because my husband likes to drink bourbon every night on the deck. It makes the liquor sparkle when viewed through the cut glass.

Kingston Pittman - 14/05/2021
The set is made of glass (5/5)

It is his favorite thing to do. His search had found him exactly what he was seeking. A great price for good quality. We also have the matching decanter to go with it.

Madeleine Gross - 02/03/2021
It is fine to consume but not fine to look at (3/5)

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for (or don't Even though they are fine as drinking glasses, they are by no means I found a pair that is twice as clear and bright on Amazon for $10 more. This is a perfectly serviceable product, but we returned it for a more stylish option.

Addisyn Rivers - 13/07/2021
I'm in love with A very high quality product! The glasses match those we already had when our previous ones (5/5)


Dean Carpenter - 26/02/2021
I did not like the I have deducted a star because of the way the package arrived (3/5)

I was surprised to receive the box the day before our anniversary, when these were the things I intended to gift. You can imagine how disappointed I was when the box looked I was not disappointed with the product. My husband liked the glasses as well.

Adelyn Christensen - 03/08/2021
That's fine (3/5)

Unlike the thin glasses you would find in an old pub, these glasses are thick. They seem to be thick and lack sparkle, so I am unsure if they are crystal. It would be fine as a piece of glass to place a drink in.

Catherine Crowley - 02/02/2021
I liked the look of the product (4/5)

The price is right and it looks expensive. Very nice tumblers.

Lexie Gould - 19/01/2021