Viski 2.5 Gallon Raye Footed Punch Bowl Review

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Value for money 4.6 
Light weight 4.1 
Sturdiness 4.0 
  • Glass punch bowl with an angled design.
  • Classy Gift.
  • N/A

Viski 2.5 Gallon Raye Footed Punch Bowl Product Description

CAD modeling and 3D printing are currently being applied to a long tradition of glass art, which is part of the 21st century. As a result, a wide array of vessels has been developed that offer a visual experience as pleasing as drinking. The Viski glassware line is a celebration of the craft of winemakers and distillers, made from high quality lead free crystal and designed to offer an elegant presentation of their work. Drinking a fine cocktail is more enjoyable when it is adorned with the clarity, brilliance, and thin lip of crystal. By exposing the tool kit to quality electroplating, we can add a sparkle of copper, gold, and more. In Viski, we believe cocktail craft should be engaging for all senses, so we design our tools to enhance the visual appeal of good drinks. The Viski line of bartender tools is used every day by professional bartenders around the world. Whether you’re supplying a busier craft cocktail establishment or trying to impress guests at home, Viski provides you with everything you need to create great cocktails.

  • ANGLED GLASS PUNCH BOWL - With a distinct but refined shape and a sturdy base, the Viski footed glass punch bowl provides a refined yet elegant look. An elegantly sloped glass design elevates this punch bowl enough to serve as a centerpiece that is both suitable and stylish.
  • The clear punch bowl is ideal for adding liquids and cocktail ingredients to creative batch cocktails. This clear punch bowl is fun to use and looks great. The juice works well for bright party punches that include citrus fruit and colorful ices.
  • This glass punch bowl would be a great gift for your hostess friends who are proud of their home. It is a stylish piece that would be right at home in the most comfortable setting. Even when not in use, the clear glass looks stunning displayed on a shelf.
  • I'm sure it would make a great wedding or housewarming present.
  • There is plenty of room for punch! Holds more than two million records. With a capacity of five gallons, this punch bowl provides room for five gallons of punch and ice. Its dimensions are 12" across x 7" high.

Questions & Answers

There is no doubt it is a Awesome! I am in love with
This is a picture of a 6 x 8 inch card. This paragraph is 75 words long.
Due to the material of the bowl, hot liquids can be stored in it.
Both glass and plastic would work with this bowl. It is simply stunning. The only plastic that I had looked fine, and it was what I had on hand.

Selected User Reviews For Viski 2.5 Gallon Raye Footed Punch Bowl

There is a really large punch bowl here (5/5)

There is a wide opening in the bowl, so it's easy to get the drink without spills. Despite the packaging being secure, it was nice and neat.

Estrella GOUGH - 22/01/2021
A very fragile type of cup, the footed punch cup (3/5)

While I appreciate the simplicity and beauty of these cups, and the way they match the punch bowl, they are incredibly fragile. I initially ordered 10 sets from Amazon, and half of them did not make it to me intact when they first arrived at their destination. There were either broken or damaged when they arrived with UPS, so UPS canceled my delivery and refunded me the This was extremely frustrating and kept having to return broken cups and order new ones so I could get to my initial order of 20 (they didn't deliver the cups all at the same time, they delivered them piece by piece). Although I haven't used them yet, to be honest, I'm terrified to death that all of them are going to break on the first use thanks to their fragile construction.

Daniella Conley - 12/06/2021
This punch bowl is the perfect size (5/5)

I really like how it looks. There was plenty of room in the pail for an ice cream pail full of punch and a 2 liter bottle of ginger ale. It is nice to have a large.

Lexie Rosales - 05/08/2021
I DO NOT recommend buying as a gift! It has been clearly opened and returned (2/5)

I normally don't leave negative reviews, but this item has been clearly opened and returned. The main box was ripped from top to bottom on all Several layers of tape were applied to the top. Clearly, the foam protecting the punch bowl had been torn. As a result of the damage on this item, I cannot even keep it in the box in which it came. I would have been mortified if this had been sent as a gift! If you intend to use this as a gift or if you plan to keep it in the box it came in, do not order. A small dead bug was found in the bowl as well! *br>*br>Let us know what you think of the result I am impressed with how well the overall design of these punch bowls is.

Ben Romero - 21/01/2021
This is a beautifully shaped rose (5/5)

Although I am not a punch bowl guy, I really like how this one looks since it has a contemporary design and is very well-crafted. The glass on my product has one bubble, but when in use it is barely noticeable. This item is probably perfect for serving salads, as well as other foods.

Nia METCALFE - 29/03/2021
I am disappointed (1/5)

The experience was very dissatisfying. Originally, the bowl arrived with a chip in its rim even though it was beautiful, heavy, and well made. It took a while to receive the new one, and the glass is not as thick and of the same quality as the first.

Ulises Li - 27/04/2021
A beautiful and strong specimen! What a great idea! There's no doubt it is a very sturdy and elegant piece of furniture, and it holds a lot (5/5)

We had a party of 12 and it was perfect.

Oaklynn Hernandez - 06/01/2021
Stunning design, with a great level of usability! As a replacement for a Mikasa punch bowl that broke, I purchased this (5/5)

There was no need to change it as this worked perfectly and was much less fragile. There was a wide opening, so filling it and cleaning it was easy. I love the look of the bowl, which appears to be much more expensive than it actually is.

Brinley FitzPatrick - 21/04/2021