Virginia Boys Kitchens Black Walnut Wood Cutting Boards Review

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  • Reversible.
  • Knife Friendly.
  • Offers a mess-free counter.
  • Integrated side handles.
  • Quite Expensive.
  • Poor quality control.

Selected User Reviews For Virginia Boys Kitchens Black Walnut Wood Cutting Boards

Rips and corners that have not been sanded (1/5)

This product did not fulfill my expectations for the 40 bucks I spent on There's no denying that the wood is beautiful, but why didn't the rounded outside corners and drip grooves get sanded? As I was treating the grooves before I used the tool, I got a tiny splinter in my finger.

Imani LAW - 08/03/2021
It is important that the wood and packaging are in good condition (2/5)

The packing of your package disappointed me. This is not a cheap option. It was also not well attached to the sealing sticker. The actual folding was done. The cutting board that was delivered to me may have been returned by someone. In addition, I do not use the cutting board at the moment because I have no wood oil. It would be helpful for me to read what you said! Still, I knew quite a few people who bought kitchens from the cutting board, virgina boys. As well as tips on how to season the board, they provided me with a bottle of a specific As much as I appreciate your recommendation, I also select unrefined coconut oil.

Arthur Richmond - 22/05/2021
The quality of its big brother is nowhere near that of its little I wouldn't recommend buying it (1/5)

My 8 x 12 and 11 x 17 are both in good condition. At the manufacturing facility, the larger boards were sanded by hand to achieve a smooth finish. Open grain and rough spots were present on the smaller board, as was a badly/roughly cut drip rail. I kept the 8x12 board after sanding, much oiling, and waxing it, so I feel comfortable using it. I wish they had taken as much time and carried out the same impeccable quality control on that board as they do on the larger, more expensive board. I should not have needed to sand it further. Of course, you need to take care of the skin by oiling and waxing. One of my VBK cutting boards is perfect, and the other is sort of lame. You can tell when they get it right when they do. In case you are still on the fence, I would suggest trying the 11x17 size. The update is There is no point in buying the 8x12. As a result, the grain is open and the wood chosen is The best advice I can give is to Likewise, that's a bad thing. As long as one is okay. It would have been better for the other not to leave the store. I guess if you want to buy American you have to spend a lot more.

Moises Barry - 14/06/2021
A sanding and finishing process is necessary on this product (1/5)

A cutting board such as this is the worst purchase I have ever made. To keep it from splitting, we have to sand it and oil it constantly. What they sent us is pictured on the left. After we sanded and oiled the product on the right, you can see the result. In response, they sent me a card apologizing and a new review board asking that my rating be changed. In contrast, the second board was similar to the first. It needed to be sanded and finished. A beautiful board is the result once this process has been completed. The following are the pictures I sent to them and the email I sent thanking them for the replacement, but I have not heard back from them since then. The maintenance of a cutting board takes time and effort, but a product should not have to be finished before it can be used!.

Louise Chapman - 24/01/2021
A great piece of art and an outstanding company (5/5)

This is a unique small cutting board and the company's service is nothing short of remarkable. We gave this to our grandson as a gift and he loved it. As a health conscious person, he makes small avocado and tomato salads or other small salads for a healthy snack (instead of junk food). Despite its small size, this cutting board was a big hit with him, and the company is one of those crafts that have become increasingly difficult According to Amazon, I've given them as many stars as they will allow.

Halo Alexander - 26/06/2021
There is NO FINISH on the board! It is necessary to clean and season the wood before using it (3/5)

As you can see from the description, the board is unfinished. I wish I would have paid closer attention to the description. While the company says that they cannot afford to season them, how much would that really cost? Even if the product lasts, and I am worried since so many reviews indicate that it warped, I will not purchase another one for the mere fact that I worked so hard to use it!.

Santino Livingston - 07/07/2021
An excellent quality cutting board (5/5)

This walnut wood cutting board is raw and has detailed instructions on how to season it. This product was purchased with Howard's Butcher Block Oil and was used along with some Wood Conditioner to prepare the wood for use. As a result, after applying five coats of oil and one coat of conditioner I left the board to dry overnight, and when I woke up it had turned into a smooth, My pleasure) and I have enjoyed the board a great deal. Even though it is a simple tool, good craftsmanship is essential.

Livia Sosa - 15/05/2021
This is a good product (4/5)

I liked the look of this product, and it is quite The way it looks on my counter is very appealing to me. Despite its robust construction, it is very stable when in use. You can give a unique gift to someone you care about.

Jamie Lim - 24/06/2021